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  1. 1. What do you do for a living/education and how old are you? Automation/ Instrument tech. 34 2. What prompted you to build your first computer? Wanted to see if I could do it. 3. Where did you get information for building your first computer? Got a MSI mother board and read thru the book that came with it and got the rest of the stuff I needed to build it. 4. How was your experience building your first computer? Not to bad other then no post, had a problem with the reset button. 5. How much would you say that you save by building your own computer? Not much, just can't go to a store and buy the ones like I build. 6. Do you feel more confident in your computer experience now that you have built your own computer and why? Yes, just from the troubleshooting. I think I learned more from overclocking. 7. Do you think that building your own computer is more beneficial than buying a pre-built computer with preinstalled software? Yes not bloat ware, just the programs I want. Good luck on your essay.
  2. I use only windows 64. Very stable. I was able to find all the drivers I need with a bit of looking. The most things that run 32 bit work with it, but the last few month a lot of companies that said they would not make 64 bit driver are now making them. The only thing I still have a bit of trouble with is some of the games that use a copy protection called starforce still will not work, so I just do not buy any of those games.
  3. Basic Hi potted means that they put a voltage that slightly higher than the rated input voltage. They do this to make sure that there is no problem with current leakage, or grounding problems that could get someone electrocuted. Most places have to do this to keep UL or other rating.
  4. I would be very intrested in hear how this pans out.
  5. very true, but looking at the benchmarks will give you a good idea that the raptors are just not worth the money.
  6. I run window 64, I have gotten drivers for all but my beklin speedpad n52. See the rig in my sig. It is the most stable system I have had to date. But only 2 games are native 64 bit as of now farcry, and unreal 2004, but this is not as bad as it sounds. Window 64 come with a very good 32 bit emulator. I play BF2 with no problems. I build my system a few months back with the only major head ack beening the raid drivers. I ended up get all my drivers from a combo of nvidia, and planetAMD64 site. Would I go back, no. Like I said It is very stable. hope this helps a bit
  7. Just remember benchmarks don't lie, look at the numbers and decide for yourself.
  8. nothing to worry about there as ace said just a cap.
  9. Will this memory work at all with any of the nforce4 or x200 chipsets. I am thinking about building a cheap system for my mom basic email, websurfing.
  10. I got 2.4 out of my x2 3800. It will go more if I give it more voltage. keep in mind that just a few years ago a 20% overclock was very hard to do and most of these x2 3800 hit that with very little work.
  11. help me understand OEM OS a bit better. The OEM OS can not change systems it was built on, it is part of the hardware it was built with and can not be moved correct? The OS can be on a desktop and labtop at the same time? What are some of the other quircks out the OEM?
  12. 6% scored higher 94% score. NO I CAN'T BE A NERD, i just surf compter forums. hehe
  13. I have always use ati I my machines, wife seems to like nvidia better. I have never had a problem with any ati drivers or cards that was not self inflected ie overclocking, super cooling. The warranty change may make me rethink ati on my next card thou.
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