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  1. try removing the nvidia ide drivers also if the drive supports ncq disable it. i am having the same issues and i ahve narrowed it down to this. reasoning winxp and vista are both on the 250 gig seagate both wilkl randomly blue screen and leave error message of paging fault. win64 and win64 server are on another drive that doesnt have ncq and the blue screen cannot be replicated.
  2. i don't supppose this bios goes up to 4v vdimm ?
  3. My computer and i both beg to differ as well as the 120+fps 1280 1024 all set to high in the stress test.
  4. read 3893 write 1819 Latency 37.6 This is actually at 255/10 and 2 2 2 7 1T 3.4 volts
  5. Up the voltage on the ram to at least 3 volts. then try again this smells like a VX *wheres my power* problem to me. I have a similar issue when i try to throw to tight a timing on mine. IF you want to run tight timings then at least 3.2 should get you happilly churning at 200/ 2 2 2 5 and stop any wierd behaviour. And i would strongly suggest haveing a copy of memtest86+ vers 1.51 in the cd drive and test the comp before even trying to boot to windows.
  6. it also depends onwhat tests are erroring. if its straight off the bat then i would suspect the ram/cpu to be faulty at stock speeds. if its test 5 i have found it means the ram needs more juice and test 7 is the cpu/chipset needs more juice. which tests eror?
  7. my guess is the power supply just isn't putting out enough i get a similar problem with my ram if i don't up the 3.3 v rail.
  8. flash to one of the newer bioses that old one had a few issues of note. i use a OCZ 520w powerstream and it is very nice, never had a issue with my 6800.
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