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  1. soundx98...this isn't entirely true. Download my latest 64-bit coretemp MBM5 plugin...you'll find directions in there for automating this process so that you'll never have to concern yourself with selecting F8 every time you boot. There's a great little utility out there that I've included with my v1.20 release that I use with a command shortcut file and a couple of other shortcuts to completely automate this process. If you place the shortcut in your startup folder, as done in the example setup instructions, the shortcut loads both the MBM driver as well as my coretemp driver so that everything functions properly. Doing the same with the MBMNVdriver should take care of this...it would be as simple as adding one more line to load this driver and then ensuring that the .SYS file was in the same directory (or correctly pointed to). -Kris
  2. Also, I've been unable to get _xhp_'s NV plugin to work with Vista x64....I'd like to give the Rivatuner plugin a try but it seems the only link here for it is down: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...8&postcount=359 Anyone willing to upload it again for download? Thanks, Kris
  3. I've updated my MBM5 coretemp plugin to work with 64-bit systems (had to make a 64-bit driver). I also demonstrate, using the files included in my download, how to get MBM5 running on a x64 system without the need for any crazy hacks. I hope someone besides me still like to use MBM5 and runs Vista 64-bit: http://www.thetechrepository.com/showthread.php?t=74 -FCG
  4. Anything over 260FSB for me causes PCI-e lock problems. I am pretty sure of this as I can neither get into the BIOS (freezes up) or boot Windows if I go above this point. Strangely...and maybe this will help someone...I can get into the BIOS above 260FSB if I set the NB voltage to 1.6V and NO more. But with 2GB of memory I need 1.8V to get into Windows. Hence my problems. I have a feeling that the 925XE-T2 board would help us if DFI would ever release it.
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