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  1. Ok, I think it's fixed now, and I'm almost a little embarrassed. I think the problem may have been my RAM volatage. My G.Skill likes to play with 2.8-2.9v... but when I reset the CMOS and loaded optimized defaults sets the RAM voltage to 2.6. By setting it to 2.9, and also upping the chipset and LDT bus voltage a bit too, it got through the setup like nothing bad had ever happened before. This is quite perplexing since it ran Memtest86 test 5 like a champ and I've reformatted on the defaults several times before... oh well, atleast now I know what the problem is, and I don't have to buy a new mobo, CPU or RAM Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
  2. Yes, my drives are recognized by the BIOS, I've tried different channels on the sata drives, and no, it's not OC'ed right now. I failed to mention that specifically, but I'm just running the optimized defaults. I don't think it's an HDD problem since it hangs before the disc can load anything into memory... man this sux. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Well, I'm trying to reformat the HDD, but the setup never gets to that point. It hangs while loading the files into memory to even start the setup program... you know how it says, "checking hardware configuration" yadda yadda yadda, "Press F6 for third-party RAID/SCSI drivers", it hangs immediately after that. I've tried my SATA and IDE drives... I don't think they're the problem since the HDD is never actually used at this point. Thanks for your help... I won't get to try anything for a few hours since I'm at work right now.
  4. It runs Memtest #5 just fine, I don't remember how many runs I did, but it was quite a few with no errors reported... however, I haven't tried using 1 stick yet... I think that will be my next approach. Would anyone recommend trying a BIOS flash to something newer? or older? Thanks for the help
  5. This couldn't have happened at a worse time before all my final projects are due, but to make a long story short, Window's gave up the ghost and I'm trying to reinstall Window's. The trouble is whenever I boot to the Window's CD, it begins to load all the necessary files to start the setup, but it hangs and/or gives an error about being unable to load a file. To make sure it wasn't my disc, I've tried 2 32-bit XP discs, 1 64-Bit disc, and even Linux Fedora Core 4 and they all hang during the setup process before anything actually installs. I've reset the CMOS, loaded optimized defaults, the whole standard procedure and nothing seems to change it. I thought my RAM was screwey, but a long run of Memtest86 shows nothing out of the ordinary. I thought maybe my DVD drive was whacked out, but I put in a seperate drive and the same problems happen. Does anyone have ANY suggestions, I'm desperate. I need this fixed ASAP!!!!
  6. well, I think I figured it out. I updated my BIOS to 623-3 and everything magically worked.
  7. intersting... I've tried every 64-bit CAT driver they have, including the beta's. It doesn't seem to make a difference, BSOD every time :confused: . I guess I'll just forget about 64-bit computing for the time being. So much for Far Cry 64.
  8. I'm not exactly sure where to post this so direct me elsewhere if this isn't the place. I finally installed XP x64 as a dual boot and got the NF4 64bit drivers working great. However, anytime I install that graphics drivers I get a BSOD. I would have to fix it all in safe-mode with Driver Cleaner 3 and then try to reinstall. I tried every CAT and Beta driver ATI offered with no luck. Does anyone know of or have seen this problem with DFI or NF4 boards in general? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I don't know if that's the problem. I can get it to boot to the CD-ROM to begin installing the the OS. After it installs the first set of files, it reboots and then goes into 32bit windows without any other options. I'll try it and see what happens.
  10. I'm trying to install Windows XP x64 and it is giving my problems. I already have a 32-bit XP installed and I want XP x64 as a dual boot option. I created a new partition and formatted it through the Windows Setup tool on the x64 disc. After installing the first set of files, the computer reboots and then just boots into the 32bit install. It never gives me the option to set up a boot loader or finish the install of x64. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  11. My NB is usually around 45c but can get up to 50c when under load. Should I worry about this?
  12. Are you sure the BIOS chip in your saviour is compatible with your nF3 board? I'm not 100% certain, but there are like 3 different versions of the BIOS chip available. The only difference is size.
  13. Whoops, my bad, I read your post wrong, SADtherobot is correct, you only need it for a RAID. I only confused the situation by saying SATA drivers. Sorry. You should be fine.
  14. http://indabasement.com/DFINF4/bios/N4D623-3.zip Is that the "Official" One you are referring too? If so, thanks for your speedy response.
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