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  1. Thanks guys for the responses. Any more ideas. I was leaning towards the ModStream for a long time but I can always upgrade the power supply if I have ANY problems and give the Antec to my brother on his next build since he probably won't have the power requirements that I have. I don't mind spending money as long as I am not wasting it. I also believe it is ok to pay A LITTLE BIT more for something if the company has good customer service. Anyways the watts calculator page is useful. Anybody use the NeoPower on the nF4 board in single video card configuration. 6800 GT (not ultra) I have one negative and one postive as far as this goes. Another thing off my original topic since I am thinking about it. Where would I get filters to put over the 80mm and 92mm fan intakes on the case I want to get. (Picture on first post.) No foam please as that restricts airflow too much. I was thinking of using nylon window screen material but not sure how to mount it. I would rather just buy the filters as it would take less time and probably look better. Thanks.
  2. Haven't actually got the drive yet but this is the one I want for sure. I find these forums very helpful to identify issues with hardware so I know what to do if something does happen. I am still waiting on the Athlon 64 Venice core. That is the only thing holding me back. I want to buy everything at once because of how prices drop so fast. Does Maxtor have a link to the firmware on their site?
  3. Can you flash the drive with an nforce board or just strictly intel. I guess the sata controller has a lot to do with it. Is this for IDE maxtor drives also?
  4. Does it have that rating at that temperature listed on the label. And do all companies list output at this temperature?
  5. I was going to get the 1080AMG from Antec and put a TruePower 2.0 550 Watt PS in it instead of the stock one. What can I say, I like the case. That was going to run me about $130 for the case and $112 for the power supply. If you look at the picture of the Antec TX1088AMG on the first post, you will see that it has some stupid looking vent thing for a 92mm fan over the processor blowing in because of Intel's hot processors. I really don't care for this side panel. AMD doesn't NEED a special cold air intake for their processors. I just can't see myself putting out $242 for a case and power supply. I can always upgrade the power supply when I get another video card. I was just wondering if should work for the rig I have in my sig. (((Oh and because this case has a 120mm fan on the back, now I have to see if the audio module hits it. If it does I buy a sound card and lose the module. Probly better to get sound card anyways.))) So far it is a definite maybe.
  6. Do you think this would work for SLI with 2 6800 GT not ULTRA, not overclocked. Any people running SLI with NeoPower 480 Watt PSU.
  7. Now if only games like BF2 or Desert Combat would shows stats and maps on one monitor and action on the other. That would be cool.
  8. What CPUZ said. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. He posted while I was editing my last post.
  9. Sorry if I wasn't quite clear. Only two nVidia cards with the SLI feature will work for SLI. Two ATI cards WILL NOT run in SLI mode. No connector for SLI bridge anyways on ATI cards. Two ATI cards will PROBABLY work on the board independent of each other. Like I said before though. I wouldn't mix ATI and NVIDIA. The drivers sometimes don't get along. You can switch the jumpers on the board to SLI mode which only really changes the lane assignments to 8 lanes per PCI Express x 16 slot. The SLI jumpers shouldn't really be called that IMO but it is easier for people to understand then Lane Allocation Jumpers or whatever. You have to buy two identical SLI nvidia cards to get sli to work and change the jumpers to give both cards 8 lanes a piece.
  10. It looks like it may be an experimental test thrown in to be tested by people for bugs possibly. Not sure if it is a stable feature of Memtest. I know there is a newer version of memtest but the test might not be reliable yet. Enhancements in v1.50 : Added support for Intel i945P/G (Lakeport) Added support for Intel i915PM/GM (Alviso) Added support for Intel E7520 (Lindenhurst) Added support for Intel E7520 (Lindenhurst-VS) Added support for P4 6xx serie Rewrite all Athlon 64 detection code (for 90nm) An uncached test is back in Menu 1 (Experimental) Fix Dual DDR-I not detected on i915P/G Fix DDR333/400 ratio error on i915P/G Fix i855 & DDR333 not detected Correct Celeron M Dothan not detected Other minor bug fixes
  11. I wouldn't mix ATI with NVIDIA necessarily. It may be possible. Stick to either ATI or NVIDIA and it SHOULD work. Changing the jumpers on the SLI motherboard to SLI mode really only changes the PCI Express lanes allocated to the second PCI Express slot to 8 instead of 2, I believe. The jumpers just change the lane assignments. As far as 2 video cards operating seperatly. I've read multiple places where this has worked. But I would stick to either ATI or NVIDIA because I've seen their drivers not agree with each other. So one manufacuter for both cards SHOULD work. Identical cards for SLI.
  12. Memtest has 10 tests listed 0 - 9 I think. So are you talking about the BitFade test?
  13. Newegg has a 450 watt power supply listed in the specs of this case. But I am pretty sure it is the 480 watt because I got this picture under the cases pictures at newegg. It does have the 24 pin. I was more concerned with the amperage on the rails. It lists 18 and 18 but a combined total of 33 amps so I just was wondering if this seemed like enough.
  14. The TruePower 2.0 480 Watt power supply is the PSU that comes with the Antec TX1088AMG. It is available from Newegg right now for $139. Is this solution good enough for my rig under its current configuration at stock speeds? The specs make it look as good as the NeoPower and I think that people have been using these successfully with these nF4 boards. Correct me if I am wrong.