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  1. google "fdisk /mbr" and try repairing your "Master Boot Record"
  2. Don't use "optimized defaults" for initial build, use the sticky guide... Also, when I boot off the CD, it seemed to take an extra long time before the setup started, be patient.
  3. you could try it... My system recently started exhibiting boot problems for no reason and I just hit ESC during POST and manually select the drive I want to boot off of. My problem started occurring when I moved a SATA drive to another port. Even when I moved it back the problem didn't go away so I just use the boot menu as a workaround. I'm too lazy/busy to mess with it further.
  4. have you installed any new patches recently? spyware/antiv probs? maybe you just finally ran your processor into the ground after OC'ing it for so long
  5. my setup is very similar and have no issues, strange...
  6. I have some old monitors/flat panels that are really slow to respond when the computer is turned on and you have blindly push buttons to get into the BIOS... it's annoying. Try another (newer maybe) monitor and see if you can duplicate the problem.
  7. my wallet hurts just looking at it... I am very happy with my SLI-DR board btw, and the OCZ memory... it just took some work to get it going initially. The FAQs here are spot-on and keep getting better, much better than when I first built my rig. carry on...
  8. Just bought myself a little Opteron 170... :nod: My, um... DV encoding needed a boost, yeah. Can't wait to run it into the ground... :angel:
  9. http://www.memtest86.com/memtest86-3.2.iso.zip Here is the zipped ISO image, burn it with Nero, then boot off of it and run the test
  10. When I first got my OCZ EL memory they would throw errors at stock in memtest. I left them alone for a while and just ignored them/used my computer w/out overclocking for some time and then started working on them again and found they now run clean when overclocked. I also found that my particular chips liked the divider+tight timings rather than just pushing the FSB with "loose" timings. It seems like some chips just have a personality that needs to be figured out I guess.
  11. did you download the ISO image? close the stupid nero wizard thingy that opens up and use the "burn from image" (or whatever it's called in Nero) it's in one of the middle menus (I'm not at home or I'd give better directions, sorry)
  12. I have a 6600GT SLI rig and there are no "tearing issues" that I am aware of, at least in the games I play. The 6800GS "should" do SLI, at least it has the connectors on the top of the card. I had to remove all my nF/nV drivers and reinstall before SLI worked properly. Not a big deal since a new version showed up right after I bought my second card. I don't use ATI cards so I can't comment about those.
  13. Sorry, I meant that instead of using a lot of "auto" settings that you might benefit from "hard coding" some of the other BIOS settings so that you know exactly what your board is doing and how each setting affects stability as you crank down timings, i.e. you create a stable baseline to start from and revert to incase you have issues. Of course there always is a chance you have gimpy RAM chips. Good luck. :angel:
  14. instead of using "optimized defaults" have you read the stickys? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...75&postcount=15
  15. I also had to uninstall/clean/reinstall all my nForce/nVidia drivers before SLI started working properly. YMMV.
  16. Yeah, I get ~6750 with my 6600GT SLI setup... I'm still tweaking timings and such though.
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