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  1. the fan doesn't need to run at idle with an xp-90 on it... my winnie with a stock hsf and plenty of volts only idles 2-3 degrees warmer than yours without the fan on


    your cpu isn't even remotely warm dont worry about it, but you can buy fans that have manual speed switches that run all the time


    worry about your temps at load not idle

  2. as far as what BIOS settings mean you can go here: http://www.rojakpot.com/ and check out the BIOS opt guide... or you can use other people's results as a starting point


    hd speed can be measured using HDtach... google it, I haven't used that in ages though. HDDs are pretty idiot proof, just set to "auto" and they are usually fine; it's not like you can "overclock" your hdd or anything. ;)

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