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    noob question

    the fan doesn't need to run at idle with an xp-90 on it... my winnie with a stock hsf and plenty of volts only idles 2-3 degrees warmer than yours without the fan on your cpu isn't even remotely warm dont worry about it, but you can buy fans that have manual speed switches that run all the time worry about your temps at load not idle
  2. I was bored and flashed mine to the beta version and haven't noticed any glaring differences (yet)
  3. no you don't have to reformat or reinstall to swap or upgrade modules... that said, some pre-built computers have goofy memory requirement (older Compaqs come to mind) and are really fussy about what you try and stick in there...
  4. mattjw916

    Cant boot into BIOS

    roffle :shake:
  5. mattjw916

    PC posts but will not boot

    You can't "upgrade" a computer's motherboard to another model without reinstalling Windows. There are ways to do it, but it is a PITA and not worth the hassle IMHO...
  6. I would if mine would ever #()@$ing show up!!!
  7. spending good money on a system and sticking a cheap power supply in there just doesn't make any sense IMHO... get a decent PSU, esp since DFI boards can be kinda fussy
  8. no, you don't have to reinstall windows when you swap RAM by any means... you will have to resize your page file though since you will be increasing your total installed ram
  9. mattjw916

    Modding My DFI Rig

    althought the blow hole might be "short-circuiting" your airflow, that's a pretty clean setup... nice job
  10. mattjw916

    2x512MB versus 1GB

    it can, with dual channel enabled...
  11. mattjw916

    Opteron 165 (hard to find anything)

    what video card are you going with will make a big difference in a gaming rig too... cpu only scales it so far then it's up to the video card to do all that sexy antialiasing and anisotrphic filtering
  12. mattjw916

    Opteron 165 (hard to find anything)

    oops... http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...pteron+cold+bug
  13. mattjw916

    DFI virgin

    as far as what BIOS settings mean you can go here: http://www.rojakpot.com/ and check out the BIOS opt guide... or you can use other people's results as a starting point hd speed can be measured using HDtach... google it, I haven't used that in ages though. HDDs are pretty idiot proof, just set to "auto" and they are usually fine; it's not like you can "overclock" your hdd or anything.
  14. mattjw916

    RAM issues

    orange w00t!
  15. send it to me, i'll "test" it for you I bought an opty 170 also, I guess I will find out monday what I get...
  16. 2005/06/23 is the latest official bios for you board... update it and try again.
  17. mattjw916

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    Actually read the stickys, most initial build questions are answered in there...
  18. mattjw916

    poor game performance

    Q4 is optimized for dual core, Doom 3 not so much... I read that somewhere, probably hardocp
  19. mattjw916

    poor game performance

    Tried the dual core fix yet? http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=983781
  20. underclocking the cpu didn't work to get it up and running so you can flash later?
  21. negative, that wouldn't affect a Fedora install... bad cdrom drive maybe or system is fux0rd due to processor damage...
  22. mattjw916

    Need Bios Update

    have you tried any non-beta ones?
  23. mattjw916

    random reboots

    considering a bunch of patches have come out recently, I'd think about installing them... Anyway, start testing your system, RAM etc and see if you can isolate the cause. You might have just run your CPU into the ground.
  24. mattjw916

    Need Bios Update

    you are trying this BIOS? http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=NA Make sure your download isn't corrupt or try the floppy method perhaps...
  25. It is possible to move NTLDR et all to a new drive to make it bootable. I haven't done that in a while so hit the MS knowledge base or your fav MS tech site for a decent explanation.