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  1. Which is the newest beta bios? The one on the DFI beta website or this one, the 11.03? Side note, I can't seem to get my sig to show up. Any ideas why, I have that option ticked under profile options (sorry for the noob question).
  2. This ver issue is why I RMA's my Expert and promptly sold it. I'm really thinking of taking the Venus plunge (money not an issue, just like to try new hardware!), but worry that I'll see the same SLI/stability issues.
  3. I use the latest official drivers off of the NVidia website and have been for two years now. I have not had a single ide-related issues since the 5.xx series of drivers came out. The "safely remove hardware" icon in your systray is normal when the sw ide drivers are installed. The sw drivers are not just for raid, whoever stated that is way off. The sw drivers are for pata and sata ide devices, as well as raid devices. If you do not install the NVidia sw ide drivers and opt for the default microsoft ones, you actually will not have some of the functionality of sata hard drives, such as command queing support. Shawn
  4. I had the exact same issue around Christmas time with the Expert board. I tried everything to fix it. Swapping the Expert back out for the SLI-DR is the only thing that fixed it. Hopefully you can find a fix for it, other than replacing the board. I was not that lucky, though. Shawn
  5. Should be on the side of one of your pci slots. It will also be on the white sticker on the outside of the motherboard box itself. Shawn
  6. Yes, I was trying to help. I am not bitter at all about having a bad experience with the Expert board. I do understand that buying the newest of the new sometimes brings on extra work. My way of helping him was to say that: #1 I had the same issues he is having. RMA'ing the board was the only thing that solved it. 1 stick didn't, stripping the board bare of all other components didn't either. #2 By not just telling him the reason it isn't working is because he must be doing something wrong. I agree with the advice that he should take all of his components out and see what happens, hopefully isolate the issue and add them back in, one by one. But come on, should that really be necessary? No, it shouldn't. Telling people that had problems with the board to get a f***ing dell or gateway is the worst thing that this "support" forum could ever do. This board has issues (for some users). This is a statement of fact, not opinion. What is wrong with letting him know that the fault might, just might, lie with the Expert and not the rest of his hardware? The only problem I see with that is offending people who are DFI employees or stock holders. If that offends them, then I am truly sorry, but I will not appologize for it. I will not get a dell or a gateway, either. I like what I have, I just didn't like the instability of the Expert when I had it. edit: Yes, this is a support forum, so mostly problems get reported, with this I agree. There is an ongoing poll at another suport forum, one that some of the users here bash, but the numbers don't lie. 20% of the users polled who owned the Expert had problems with their Expert. 20%! I voted in that poll too early, it took my board a week to have it's issues. There were several of the "I wish I could change my vote because my board has just failed" posts. Add those in and the numbers are very, very concerning. Has DFI since corrected these stability issues, it is very possible. But still, numbers don't lie. Shawn Offtopic, where in Ames, technovandan? My parents live just north of Story City.
  7. Again, wow. Thank you for the narrow-minded "mine works so go screw yourself" reply. You make this a very helpful place. Is it really too much for him to expect ? He has a video card, ram, sound card and hard drives hooked up, that's it. And it won't even get into the bios. His fans stop spinning. Yep must be the sound card, wait no the hard drive. Hmm. All of it worked with the SLI-DR. Hmmm... must be anything but the Expert. Right. Wake up and offer some help, not you need to work harder at getting this flakey (your word) motherboard to work properly. Hell, I sold mine because it didn't work right, this is very true. You know why? Because I shouldn't have to put up with not having a computer for weeks at a time while yet another RMA is being processed. I really like DFI, the SLI-DR has been one of the most stable motherboards I have ever used, so this is not DFI bashing at all. Shame on me, right, go get a dell because I felt it necessary to use my computer over the Christmas holiday season. No, I wanted something that worked right and didn't require a week worth of troubleshooting to be able to access the bios screen. But come on man, get a grip. Even bring up the possibility that it could be the Expert motherboard at fault and people like you flip out and start throwing around insults. I'm very glad that you have had yours running for three weeks with no problems. Good for you. But guess what? There a some people around here that haven't been so lucky and this is your way of helping out?
  8. Wow, blame everything but the Expert. It couldn't possibly be that board, right? Still soo many people here are in denial about issues with the Expert. Did you guys read his post? It all worked with the SLI-DR, but not with the Expert. They are esentially the same board, at least hardware-wise, just different layout and power regulation. How could that equate to him being expected to strip his entire system bare just to get it to boot? If the board runs like crap, then it probably is crap. I went through the exact same problem in December. After a week of playing the game of stripping down my system, I had to RMA the board, discovering at that point that it was faulty. Also, I do believe that people pay money to have their hardware work the first time, and very good money at that. To say that the hardware (mainly the Expert mobo) shouldn't be expected to work when it is intitialy installed is one very narrow-minded and distrubing statement. Think about that statement, do you really stand by it? I know I damn well expect that if I pay that much for a board I would very much expect it to boot into the bios, at the very least, no matter what the hell was connected to it! Shawn
  9. Even though I had the same problems and rma'd the board, then promptly sold it, I still really like DFI. I understand that buying the Expert as soon as it came out was a risk, that using the latest "cutting edge" stuff can lead to possible issues. I took a chance and lost. Usually i have great luck with this kind of thing. Not this time. The SLI-DR that I'm still using is the most stable board I've ever owned and it will be very difficult for me to ever give it up! I'm not as patient as you are, I guess it is a sort of "character" flaw that I've always had. I also don't like being without my primary gaming rig for weeks at a time, just because it is unstable due to it being "cutting edge". Shawn
  10. I had the same issue a month ago. After trying different ram, video cards, hd's, psu's and cpu's, the only fix was to rma the motherboard. I reinstalled my SLI-DR and stability returned. I sold the Expert the second it came back from RMA and have never looked back. Shawn
  11. You definately HAVE to load the chipset drivers for SLI to work. The NVidia website has the 6.70's, which is the newest version. http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...2_amd_6.70.html (link to the 6.70's at NVidia) Shawn edit: Unzip and delete the two audio folders fom the install package before you install them. I'm not sure if you have to do this to make sure the audio portion does not get installed, but better safe than sorry.
  12. I completely agree with you. I brought up in another thread that I had to RMA my board due to stability and crashing issues and was completely flamed for being an idiot, that it could never be a DFI board that was at fault. This place does not like to hear anything negative about anything DFI, not that having an issue is even a negative thing, necessarily. Like you said, sometimes . happens.
  13. Gee, 10% doesn't seem random to me. And yes, these kind of posts usually will at least get flamed, if not removed. Because don't you know, it must be user error? (sarcasm)
  14. Nope, just that bios setting. Make sure you install the 6.70 NForce drivers and the latest Forceware's (81.94 or 81.95's) and it should work. Shawn
  15. No, they don't. But it is their board that has the SLI slots, now isn't it? Plus all the wire traces and the bios functions that controls the SLI function, but maybe I'm way off here. 99% of people are satisfied? Well, you need to check your math and do another search as well. You are saying, and I do understand that you are estimating, that "about over 400" people have this board. So only 4 people have issues? Holy ., you are way off! Check out this thread: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=82319 There are 21 people there that have had issues with this board, not counting myself. I voted too early when i thought things were ok. Bitching? No, just trying to help out someone who is having issues and letting him know that it could possibly be something other than his video cards. Sorry if that offends you, but it is a possibility. Oh, btw, I have searched around, which is why I am able to post this with facts, not some made-up numbers. 99% satisified? Very funny and very untrue. Get your facts straight, I did. And no, I don't have a stick up my butt, just sick of people who refuse to see the remote possibility that a DFI board may actual be faulty.
  16. Sata hard drives typically do not have master/slave jumpers, since they can no longer share cables. That advice would be useful if JustinSane was using an IDE hard drive, but he is using a SATA hard drive. So the answer to the jumper question is that it does not apply to sata hard drives. Your boot order in the bios is what controls what XP boots from. Check that section and ensure you have it set to the hard drive. It is also entirely possible that something happened physically to your hard drive, or maybe the boot.ini file for your XP install has been corrupted somehow. Shawn
  17. Wow. Have your blinders on? This board is not fine. There are some serious issues with it, just use your search function on this forum and several others from around the net. If I was the only person that had to RMA it because it didn't work correctly, than you might be OK, but come on! I'm soo very tired of hearing how it must be operator error with this board. What was the 12/07 bios for then? Is it operator error when poeple who are not overclocking just happen to lose cpu's? No. It must be the user's fault. It must be XFX's faults. But, gee, it could never be DFI's fault, could it? Wake up and research this issue a little bit. This board had major problems. Again, I'll ask. What Forceware revision are you attempting to use to enable SLI?
  18. The problem he is seeing is DRIVER related. I am personally using two different vendors with my 6600gt's in my second SLI rig, so I can say from personnal experience, that it does work. You do realize that different vendor's cards have different bios' , right? So how could it be bios related? Why would he need to have the bios flashed on his same-vendor video cards? If he is using older Forceware that does not have this mixed vendor support, he will get that specific error in windows, period. I can speak from first-hand experience that this feature of the newest Forceware releases does indeed work. Let's get the facts on which driver release he is working with first before everyone screams "Send it back! Flash the bios!" Also, let's consider the fact that the Expert is not the most stable board out there right now. It's still in my sig only because I have to update it, the board is back at DFI due to it sucks (actually, unstable in games, no mixed-vendor support issues, either. 2 identical XFX 7800gtx's). Shawn
  19. Read the release notes for the 81.95 set: http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone2_rel80.html It talks about mixed vendor support. Shawn
  20. That's crap, the newest NForce drivers support mixed vendors for SLI. There is no longer a need to have the exact same manufacturer and video card bios. Ensure that you are using the latest Forceware release, or at least the 81.94's, which work well for me. In my second rig at home, I have two completely seperate types of 6600gt's in SLI with no issues (one XFX and the other Gigabyte).
  21. Happened to me, too, before I rma'd the Expert. I just rebooted and when back into XP, reenabled SLI. It was very wierd, but the reboot solved it. Actually, kinda glad to see that it wasn't just me, thought maybe a video card was going, or something horrible like that. Shawn
  22. Really glad to hear you got it running. Tell him to have fun with it and enjoy! Shawn
  23. I had the sames issues with 3dmark 2001 and 2003. I could never complete full runs. Games, too, would eventually crash, but always at random times. I did discover that I had a faulty board, by way of troubleshooting (and the fact that putting the SLI-DR back in fixed it), so I RMA'd it. Your issues could be related to runnig 4 gigs of ram. Try to take out two of the sticks and see if you can run it stable then. Shawn I also tried mine with it enabled and disabled, made no difference.
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