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  1. It looks like I've lost my raid array. There came a point in the OS install on the new pata drive when I was asked for raid drivers, and of course I was not creating a new raid array, so why would I need to install the drivers then? I don't understand why this has happened but this seems to be the answer. I'm gonna go check out Angry's Raid Tutorial now, in case it's some setting which has defaulted for some reason, and i am overlooking it FTool won't run either, and the array's boot screen doesn't appear. I am really pissed off now. Why has this happened? I sure hope I can stretch to look at this as a philosophical lesson, because I hate feeling this way.
  2. OK, I've hit the wall :confused: Ran with the guide Ugly PC linked me to. BIOS recognised the drive, no probs there, left bios and got back into Windows on Hitachi's. Disk Management - the 160GB pata already had 2 partitions, so I decided to delete partitions and run a single. Partitioned, long format, no probs there. Couldn't find my copy of slipstreamed xp pro sp2 so went to the original cd, the Windows Disk Management install didn't like it because it was older than that already installed on the Hitachi drives, so went to boot from cd, and do it that way. No probs there, booted, went through the process, quick format, on it went, installed OS no worries. BUT....... When inside the innitial install process, the pata drive was being detected as "C", and my Raid config as "D". Maybe I should have stopped then.......but I didn't The problem is this - * I can't boot from raid array now - it just hangs * I boot from pata ("C Drive") and Windows sees the pata correctly but detects the raid array as 0 MB, and as "D Drive" Yes, hdd boot sequence reads - 1. raid array (hitachi's) 2. secondary ide (pata) Sata 1+2 are still enabled, I changed none of these settings. Raid array menu says the array is healthy. I am going to pull the ide drive and see if array will boot. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks Ug , that looks like what I need. I'll have a go today and see what happens
  4. Here's a thread which might help you see the answer to this question - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=404595
  5. Hey guys :cool: I am currently running my Hitachi 7K80's in a RAID0 config (sata ports 1+2), no problems there. I want to throw in a spare Seagate 160GB pata I have here, but I'm unsure how to set this up. It will have XP Pro sp2 installed and just be used for backup of important data from the raid setup. I know it can't be hard, can I get a specific answer, as I'm pretty hdd newb-like
  6. In Australia we have a little saying - I wonder if you'll catch my drift even though you are from a totally different country....... You are a nob.
  7. I've also found that neither sofware nor bios gives totally accurate readings. Here's a guide to check with a dmm - http://i4memory.com/showthread.php?t=1130
  8. This thread is a brilliant idea, I use it to recommend to new users on a pc hrdware thread frequently. It sure saves alot of typing. Thanks :cool:
  9. Yes, I'm now running the new Infinity BETA 811 bios on my DAGF, with no problems at all. It's better for me, as I can now access all voltage options. I'm currently watercooled @ 2935MHz , 1:1, prime stable. I'll add to the overclocking database before I switch back to the nF4 Ultra-D later this week. I admit that I'm surprised that this budget board clocks so well http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios_download_us.jsp
  10. I found this link, but XS are down right now, so I'll keep looking...... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ight=MULTIMETER
  11. On both 414 and 613 if I apply ANY and ALL of the overvolt options the HTT gets locked at stock. I increase the HTT in BIOS and when I get into Windows it's reported as stock. I attept to use Clockgen in this situation and get a system lockup. I have no probs when I overclock using the Fixed voltage settings.
  12. Also Angry I remember you saying the ntune software gave you accurate temp and voltage readings, whereas others did not. Did you do a DMM test to confirm this? As I find the results I get in bios vary from those reported by ntune. I think I'll invest in a DMM today, to help me feel more confident in recorded voltages. Can you tell me how I can measure my vcore using a DMM?
  13. Thanks Angry, I totally appreciate it I still think I'll do a thread search for user results with this one on XS, as it IS a beta.
  14. I am using my DAGF for the exact same reason Thunda, as a backup, but like you've already experienced it overclocks pretty damn well. Check this thread out here and you'll see that some of us have had some issues with the vcore http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16598 My issue is that when I use the overvolt I get my HTT locked at stock, just like a guy I'm trying to help out here http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...fm?t=370791&p=6 I keep my voltage to Fixed (ie. 1.550, 1.650, 1.750) and I'm cool. But this doesn't give me very m,any voltage options past 1.550. I'm watercooled now, and want control, and the guy at the end of that Whirlpool Forum thread says he's using the Infinity Beta BIOS and it works fine with the DAGF. I'll go check XS now, but I think they were down last night, as I couldn't access them. Am I any clearer now in my question about bios compatatbility? It's not the Splashscreen I'm questioning
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