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  1. is tehre any way to swap to the windows drivers without a reinstasll of the OS? i'm stuck here as this is a critical work PC...
  2. unfortunately RMA is useless for some of us, as i live in australia its a long process, and they generally just say 'it boots, we ran a stability test so nothing is wrong'
  3. i had the same thing with far cry. took over 2 hours to install, it was so bad the mouse would lag and freeze on me...
  4. (psssst, he already got banned. no sig and double posting prolly wasnt a good idea)
  5. I'm quite sure i found this option in the bios and set it to 105Mhz.....
  6. Umm... i already have the ULI drivers. they dont work. I'm not even in RAID and they dont work, so i need the stock MS drivers... i just dont want to have to format to get them.
  7. is there any way to remove the ULI drivers and go back to the MS ones without a reinstall? thats my current plan, but i cant find the MS ones when i try and manually update it.
  8. I got MASSIVE errors today installing far cry from CD-ROM off my pioneer DVD_RW (secondary master), it was so bad (during the ENTIRE 5CD install) that the mouse and keyboard were often lagging for 2-3 seconds. This error is absolute ., i can accept a bug with RAID, since you can always use the other controller for that, but not being able to use single drives is REALLY irritating me, as i originally bought this mobo for a high-storage system.... (i've moved all my other drives to my second now)
  9. the guy above has a thing for capital letters.... anyway, blinking led often means standby/sleep mode is on.
  10. i had the exact same problem. Try the lower numbers (auto is 0032) i use 0780, something like that, and its stable and as fast as 3120.
  11. try another mouse/keyboard and reinstall the drivers. What you're saying is a problem seems more to do with them itself, not the PC in the background (or ctr-alt-del wouldnt be working either)
  12. you should be fine in the bottom slow, and afaik a 6600GT wont run that hot that your CPU will be a concern. BIOS options i'm sketchy on, but i beleive there is an option that lets you set the speed in the bios, i'd suggest 8x for both slots, that way you can change slot at will
  13. This makes it sound like its do with with your keyboard itself, and possibly its drivers. Uninstall and reinstall the KB drivers, preferably with the latest ones online.
  14. damn, i only use 32 bit OS here, so thats a real bummer about the driver not working.
  15. PLEASE get the 32 bit version! I know it will take a lot of time, but we need it badly. My system for no reason, wont boot of the Sil ports now (driver problem? i went back to an older bios and now they dont work) So i'm stuck with Stutter ahoy... and no, i dont even use raid. (Yes, event log is full of errors) P.S: Yes i said a few weeks ago my errors had been fixed, they came back.
  16. PSU and ram are likely, i cant say for certain because i dont know anything about akasa PSU's. Try resetting the CMOS (there is a sticky here in the forum), running one stick of ram (try each stick in the orange slot closest to the CPU) and if that fails, borrow another PSU. If those cant fix it, you got a problem Edit: Oh and obviously, turn the OC off! Edit #2: I had a similar problem recently, mine was caused by a bad TREF setting in the BIOS (caused the boot issue), a 12V rail that was too high (12.4V, caused crashes) and my crappy accelero x2 dying (swapped to a HR-03)
  17. TREF value in the bios. On my last mobo and even early on when i had it, i used 3120 since auto (0032) is stupidly slow. Now however, the only stable setting for me is 0780 and below, 0780 providing the best performance of the low numbers i stick with it. Give it a shot, and remember memtest is your friend.
  18. Its under advanced chipset somewhere, something about southbridge settings in there. (Although on my system its mis-spelt to "SouthBirdge")
  19. Downside to that, is that it may not power on if you use a card without an external PCI-E power connector. I havent tested it, but i think that may happen. Have your PWM temps gone down at all? mines set to 75W and the PWM area fries a bit with only a mild OC
  20. Its fixed it for me, but admittedly i'm not running RAID. Can others with the issue confirm 1&2 are bad but 3&4 arent? that seems pretty weird.
  21. Thanks for the info on that, no one would have known that otherwise. Great to hear from DFI, and you should get a custom title so people know they can ask you for help (of course, if you want to)
  22. It didnt require one for me. while its only been a few short hours, i can run HD-tach without it erroring on the spot.
  23. sempron 2800+ do not support cool and quiet. Try using another form of fan control, such as a 12->7V adaptor or something, if your controller isnt adjusting the fan speed its obviously set up wrong. As for the video card, just look into a 3rd party cooler for it, those coolers are locked at full speed all the time.
  24. I've done what you said, and its working for me. Granted i dont have RAID, just one sata 1 WD drive and a SATA 2 samsung with NCQ, but the WD did error previously and they arent now.
  25. also, why enable SMART? where did you get that info from?
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