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  1. Yeah, I was talking about Gears Naa...I haven't even tried solo anything. It's just not any fun
  2. and my head is about to explode #1 With sister's bf in Hardcore to unlock Insane #2 With sister's bf in Insane #3 With friend in Insane #4 With cousin's son in Hardcore (He's only 9yrs old) #5 With other friend in Insane Enough!!! LOL :drool: Give me my UT07...errr...UT08...errr...UTIII!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As long as parts of the Autobahn still have no speed limits, I will always love Germany Hmm...it's almost time for me to visit again
  4. Flybye

    Test Drive Unlimited

    I almost bought it today. Then I looked in the back and saw it was only 1 player with online multiplayer play. WTF :confused: Sure, it's fun playing online against people you don't know, but to eliminate the capability of having a buddy next to you going at it neck-n-neck? Kinda defeats the purpose of a console IMHO. I didn't get it.
  5. Flybye

    Test Drive Unlimited

    I originally bought my 360 just so that I can play Co-Op in Insane mode with my sister's BF. But if some of these driving games are as good as they look, I might just end up keeping it. I love the GT series, but am more than willing to try anything else with a large variety of tracks. Did Forza have regular tracks AND city tracks?
  6. Hmm...perhaps thats what it is. But I DID like GoW, though. But I had no choice considering I wanted to see the UE3 at full speed Well you guys let me know when all the bugs are out and I might try it
  7. Flybye

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Burnout IS a lot of fun, but the driving enthusiast in me usually seeks a driving "Simulator" But I hate real life type FPSs cuz I like Sci-fi so much. So I guess I'm just a big weirdo :tooth:
  8. Flybye

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Yeah nice to finally see a racing game again without rice in it. Hmm....360 or PC....
  9. I played it on the 360 and found it rather boring. Could it be because I'm a big Sci-fi Junkie?
  10. So lets say I have my FSB running at 300+mhz, but am maintaining the ram at around 200mhz (to be on the safe side for now) using the dividers, and I continue to raise the FSB. Am I supposed to also raise the Ram voltage to try to keep up with the higher FSB and higher CPU speed even though the ram's mhz is so low? Because in some instances, this is what I have been doing because I noticed an increase in stability with my old 512x4 sticks, but am wondering if I shouldn't be doing it with my new ram and instead should just try to tweak it.
  11. I know this was just an Xbox360 vs PS3 thread, but since everything has sprouted up: HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray I think Blu-Ray will win. Simply because of the much higher storage capacities. Anything in the electronic world that is able to hold more storage capacity is usually the clear winner. And look at them both. They are the exact same physical dimensions. One holds 30gigs the other 50gigs. Hmm.... I'm sick and tired of games being so damn short. We have moved from cartridges to CDs to DVDs...next stop...who holds more of my game? If MS wanted to, you know they could release a Blu-Ray reader for the 360. 360 vs PS3 It's kinda sad Sony has to make things more complicated for developers. From what I have read, I need to give MS points in this department. Speed and performance doesn't exactly need to be more complicated. PC vs Console The mouse: You will never get the precision from a thumb pointer that you get from a mouse. Period. What happens when 360 adopts mouse? Well we are all used to playing consoles on the floor, couch, or chair. Is everyone going to move over a table just to have a flat surface for their mouse and keyboard? Should I begin marketing of the "Gaming Flatboard" for console mouse users? There is no doubt in my mind that a mouse console user will be deadlier than a controller user. The keyboard: The ability to program any key to do anything around your hand as opposed to being limited to only a few buttons on a controller? So then why don't I stop playing on my PC and switch over to console? Simple. The PC is my central hub of info and far more convenient. I play competitively. We get clear and clean voice transmissions from Ventrilo. I can quickly minimize my game to look for an IP of a server. I can look for a friend on Xfire while still in game. I can even communicate to friends through xfire while still in game. I can even communicate to OTHER teams in the same Ventrilo server or even switch Ventrilo to another server to look for someone. I can be in a game and minimize to see what time our match starts in our forums and the maps we are playing. I can minimize my game to look at a map strat, etc etc etc. And more below. Game Server: Console server: Yeah, console server setup takes 2 seconds. PC server: More complicated, but that's how I like it. I have setup my UT04 server with FAR more options than ever possibly imaginable on a console server, and that server paid off when I have 10+ people connected to it at the baby Lan parties I have had at my house. Tons of custom maps, custom hitscan options (a.k.a UTCOMP & TAM) and lots of other goodies. Things you would simply not be able to do in a console. TAM addon (Team Arean Master for Death Match maps) is basically a game type that allows EVERY player to start out with ALL the UT weapons. No hunting of weapons. It comes down to a game of skill. And every player has brightskinds enabled. No one has the disadvantage/advantage of a larger or small, dark or bright skin model. IMHO, the console would have to turn into a full pledged PC in order to have some of the additional flexibilities as I mentioned above. But not everyone is hardcore, and that's where consoles come in. You turn it on and you are in a game. They both have their markets. For the hardcores like I, PC is the way to go.
  12. The last one I played and have for the PS2 is NFS: Hot Pursuit. Since then, they have catered to the riced out ghetto crowd. Gone are the days of good racing mixed mixed with Techno style music. But, I suppose, eventually EA we will once again have a great racing game that doesn't deal with how many points your car gets depending on what stickers are on it BTW, burning out and loosing the rear end in a high horsepower vehicle is actually very possible. But if you tell me the rear tires are smokin on a FWD car, then lame LOL.
  13. You damn electricians and your sorcery
  14. Wasn't impressed with the Demo. Neither was my friend. It just seems too bland.
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