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  1. Stone posted over at the OCZ Support forums....simply configuring his bios properly for the ram seems to have taken care of his issues.
  2. Is the SI controller enabled in the bios?
  3. Ok....after a little tinkering. 233 and 250 divider work fine with my Opteron 146, HOWEVER........... CPU-z, Memtest both show the ram running 133 MHz (DDR266) but the bandwidth number is correct for a 250 MHz ram speed. Once in windows...I run Sandra and get over 100% efficiency (131% to be exact) so the divider is working just fine....you just can't see it until you run Sandra. 200 divider and correct CPU-z numbers: 250 Divider and incorrect CPU-z info.....but obviously better score thus divider is working: Did you get it to boot into windows with the FSB at 200 and the 250 divider set?
  4. Hmm...those dividers should be in the 623 bios I believe...the 704-2 is a bios by DFI...Tony just modded it to prevent people from blowing up their CPU's as there is a bug that you cannot use higher than 113% for CPU VID or you will get a serious overvolt condition...so he removed the higher % settings. I personally have not tried any upclock dividers....I will try and play with a few here and get back to you..I have an Opty 146 in at the moment.
  5. Watched the story about this tonight on Inside Edition.... Yes it does stop traffic....every night there is a little traffic jam. He has a whole system setup in the garage and basement to control the lights with a PC of course. Has a low output radio transmitter so that people can hear what music the lights are dancing to by tuning to Station XYZ to hear the music.....thus not offending his neighbors with big speakers. Runs through several different tunes every night....TSO being one of my favorites of course. Very wicked cool IMO
  6. I was referring to the fact that CPU-z displayed the ram at such a low speed.....but Pyr0 posted that his 64bit windows works fine...so now I guess my statement was unnecessary and incorrect. Also....you have the OCZ5002048ELGE-K kit? I thought you had the 1GB gold Rev 1 sticks....based on the part number in your first post (OCZ5001024ELGE) You have the new 2GB gold kit....those will run just fine (as you said you are) so please disregard my comment about them not. It does seem to point to the dividers not working correctly because as you say...200 FSB with a 250 Divider...should simply make the ram run 250 while the CPU run's stock.
  7. Sure do.....settings can be found here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9833 Post #13
  8. Google for that problem...I think its has to do with XP64 and those two proggies....if you have 200 (1:1) set in the bios at the top of the DRAM page...you have to be running 1:1
  9. Hakcenter, Those sticks will not run well in this board at all...they are based on older Hynix chips and you probably won't get them to run at the rated speed of 250FSB. Use the 1:1 ratio (200) and raise the FSB with a lower CPU multi and see how high you can go.
  10. HDnet, Send me an email please....link to this thread so I know who you are....email is in my Sig. Thanks
  11. @ hdnet, Use the 623-2 or the 704-2BT bios (this one is the best IMO) and setup the bios like this: In Genie Bios 200 auto 16 16 auto 100 disable 1.450v 1.300V Above VID 110% 1.30v 1.60v 3.2V Dram Config 166 disable 2.0 02 08 02 10 16 02 03 02 03 1168 auto (this option is not in the 704-2BT) enabled auto 0 Level 8 (or Normal 4 with the 704-2BT bios) level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable
  12. Yes........ thank you oh mighty motherboardmaiminghockeyfanaticwannabeoverclockingguru :shake: :shake: :shake:
  13. That Newegg price isn't much of deal IMO....looks more like a price for the all Copper version...or maybe that was your point and I missed it. ? http://www.frozencpu.com/cpu-tri-13.html Much more attractive
  14. Try and look at ViceVersa Pro
  15. Sorry for double post.....it did not stop at 1000...it started to continue. I stopped it at 12:40 pm EST on Saturday 11/26...so based on my first post...it took 12 hours and 13 minutes to complete 1001 Games. I used Ctrl-C to stop so no log file...here is the best I could get for you.
  16. Its almost done after 12 hours....966 games completed. Just so you know.....nothing stops it...I have pressed every key except Ctrl-C because I wanted the output file for you. I am hoping it will stop at 1000, if not then I am going to have to end it and not have any results for you...I have a new CPU I want to get into the machine
  17. 12:27 am Saturday 11/26 Started 1000 game run on: DFI NF-4 Ultra-D Venice Core CPU running 2.65GHz 2GB OCZ PC4000EB at 265 MHz. Will report back when finished
  18. The new Powerstreams have Blue lights...520 and 600 SLI....only difference is the blue lights and 2 PCI-e connectors
  19. When a bios is written that supports the Opteron (if one is) then I am sure the dividers will be there as they are supposed to be.
  20. The Opteron is not fully supported in a bios yet...this CPU was not released when the last bios was written....not all the dividers work so that is why.....nothing to do with your board...its the bios.
  21. I have looked into it of course....the amount of material (plastic) that needs to be removed...plus relocation of the fan....is kind of prohibitive...not impossible...but just more than I was able to envision at the moment...I am still thinking it can be done...just haven't really sat down and tried to figure a solution. TBH...not sure I will have time to I think the Zalman VF700 will fit with SLI
  22. I have 2 ACS-6 here for my 6600GT's.....and they won't fit I can only run the 1 on the bottom card...where the fan is it kicks away from the card to clear components and it sits dead in the middle of the second PCI-e slot.....You would have to totally mod the whole plastic piece to get one on the top card.
  23. Do this for me using the OCZ sticks only: I will assume that you have kept each Kit (pair) separate and that they are not mixed up. Clear the CMOS on the board Insert 1 kit (2 sticks) into the orange Slots Boot to Memtest (just enable it on the Genie Bios page, then reboot.) Note the timings that are displayed (info on what you should see is here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....698&postcount=6) Now power down the machine Clear the CMOS again and swap sticks (replace with other kit and again put it in the orange slots) Now power up and again boot to memtest. Note the timings....are they the same as the other kit?
  24. @ High Heat, Did you just get the 2nd kit of PC3200 Plats? How long have you had the 1st kit?
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