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  1. OCZ is at CeBit again this year and is showing off some new gear More info here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?p=155642
  2. Have you been able to install windows? If the last light is going out..then it should boot to your window's CD....do you have the boot order setup to boot from the CD first?
  3. @ Rob, You can boot any machine with Tmod's CD....The menu should come up etc, just power down or there is a selection to boot from the Hard drive. He has other tools on there which I find very handy when I need to test a hard drive etc for a client. Try booting on one of your other machines....its does not have to be a DFI.
  4. Thanks Ski, Its on my end that the issue exists....I don't use Paypal really often and this is my 5th transaction in 3 days...so I think Paypal has made an instant transfer unavailable for me. I did the E-Check to you Infinity...It will probably clear in a day or 2
  5. Inifnity.....Clear your PM box!! :shake: :nod: :shake: EDIT: Might wait a day for Paypal to verify your account....it won't accept instant transfer
  6. Torch gave you the bios Rev's which seem to be the best for what you asked about. Other's will have different opinions...but I agree with Torch
  7. You are using the Orange slots yes? Test each stick alone at Tony's settings in the farthest orange from the CPU. Does only 1 show errors. Make sure your CPU is at stocks speeds....not sure if Tony's is overclocked or not.
  8. Johnsmith, Check Post #7 out here...PC4000 Gold on the Expert: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15934
  9. Bump for a good seller I purchased his other router and the third party firmware is very nice....several versions of it: http://www.dd-wrt.com/ I haven't played with VPN...but I sure like all the other features.
  10. Sorry A_G I have to correct you. The 520W Powerstreams do NOT have dual 12V rails. The new 520W SLI PSU's have dual PCI-e connectors....but not dual rails.
  11. Hello Ryan, The Titanium will run fine.....cheaper alternative would be the PC3200 Platinum 2GB kit....both kits perform about the same...the titanium just has an advanced replacement warranty. And a better address would be mine or Andy's.....the email addy given previously is Tony's....he does not do support 100% of the time like Andy and I do
  12. Ok....but......you said you still can't boot with the old sticks in the orange slots....that is highly unusual...might want to have AG or Rgone take a look here. The old sticks have matching SPD's so they should boot just fine in the orange slots. Send me an email about that new kit....link to this thread....email is in my Sig. Thanks
  13. Do this for me: Clear the CMOS on the board Insert 1 stick into the orange Slot farthest from CPU Boot to Memtest (just enable it on the Genie Bios page, then reboot.) (info on what you should see is here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....698&postcount=6) Note the timings of that stick Now power down the machine Clear the CMOS again and swap sticks (replace with other stick and again put it in the orange slot farthest from CPU) Now power up and again boot to memtest. Note the timings are they the same? Repeat this for all 4 sticks. Thanks
  14. Clear the CMOS.....put the old kit in the orange slots and power up.....nothing but beeps? Repeat with new kit. Thanks
  15. Looks perfectly fine here too :confused:
  16. Both kits work fine by themselves? Old kit in yellow or orange...no issues....new kit in yellow or orange no issues. Is that right?
  17. You are not going to run high Vcore to do the tests so it doesn't matter how high at this time...I want you to run these tests on basically stock Vcore settings and CPU speeds...we need to test the ram...not the CPU. But.... 1.55 + 113% = 1.7515 V for Vcore...plus it normally is higher than that under load....the board overvolts under load.
  18. Steelballz, Running 352 HTT on a divider is not the same as running 1:1....the load on the mem controller is much larger at 1:1...you cannot compare running 352 HTT with a 166 or whatever divider to running 300*10 1:1...they are totally different animals. Please run memtest with the settings I gave you over at BE.....both sticks in the orange slots.....let it run for at least 2-3 hours....tell me if there are any errors and where the errors are......use my settings exactly...no variation. Also....704-2BT bios is IMO and several others...the best bios for the board....please try it out. Thank you.
  19. If you have more examples of this other than the 1 thread at XS...I would appreciate knowing about it.......We do not use UCCC on the EB. Thanks
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