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  1. You should never adjust the rails on any PSU unless you have it hooked up to a multimeter. You can jumpstart a PSU (this works on most every PSU, not just OCZ) without having it connected to your system so you can check voltages, just hook up a couple fans or a hard drive to it: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5577 Measuring Voltages on a PSU is outlined here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7069
  2. That is quite common with ram, you have 1 weak and 1 strong stick. The motherboard also has a strong and weak slot...so you need to put the strong stick in the weak slot and vice versa. Test each stick of your ram individually in the farthest orange slot from the CPU, 1 stick will probably clock higher than the other at a given voltage (use 3.0V for example and 2-2-2 timings) Whichever stick clocks the highest is the strong one. Now put the strong stick in the farthest orange (the weak slot) and the weak stick in the orange closest to the CPU (strong slot) This should give you the best results in your overclocking
  3. No they do not.....the only 1/2 LDT multi's are the ones that you see now.
  4. APC 1200VX UPS Unit (late 80's model) APC Smart-UPS 1000 V/S APC Smart-UPS 1250 Rackmount APC Back-UPS 800 Gotta love $50,000 connected equipment insurance
  5. Send me an email with a link to this thread, email is in my Sig.
  6. Level 6 = Normal 3 Use Level 2 for DATA Drive Strength.
  7. Yes, there is some performance to be had in Dual channel though.
  8. My Expert board will not boot with 2 EB sticks in. You should be using the Orange slots, place 1 dimm in the farthest orange slot from the CPU, go into the bios and set the DRAM Drive to Level 10, then save and exit and power down, now add the other stick and it should boot. Just like here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18106
  9. Your email is a hotmail account correct? [email protected] com? I am sending it again right now.. 8:45pm EDT.
  10. @ Jazzie, I have emailed you the required information to get an RMA for your ram. Have you not received it? Let me know. Thanks
  11. Hello, Leave the PSU disconnected from everything (wall, mobo, etc) for at least 3 hours...then plug the unit back into the wall socket and connect a couple fans or a hard drive to a molex connector to provide a load. Now....with the switch on the back of the PSU in the off position...locate the Dark Green wire in the ATX connector and using a paper clip (or something similar) "jump it" to any of the black wires in the connector....Now flip the switch on the back to On.......the PSU should start up and run....Now remove the paperclip and it should shut off.....try this 2-3 times.........does it start every time? Pictures of the jumpstart are here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5577 Let me know what happens, You can email me directly with the link in my Sig. Thanks
  12. Yes, I know that is not your email address...I replied to your jazzie email. My other post is to the user 6 posts up that said he had an RMA number but wasn't going to use it because he didn't think it would do any good
  13. Jazzie, I just replied to your email @Thejakeyl88, This ram and this board work just fine, if you have an RMA number, send in for a new kit.
  14. Unexpected, I have answered all my emails, did you get my answer?
  15. But either of the 2 sticks does boot, correct? Try this: Clear the CMOS on the board Insert 1 stick into the farthest orange slot from CPU Boot to Memtest (just enable it on the Genie Bios page, then reboot.) Note the timings that are displayed (info on what you should see is here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....698&postcount=6) Now power down the machine Clear the CMOS again and swap sticks (replace with other stick and again put it in the orange slot farthest from CPU) Now power up and again boot to memtest. Note the timings....are they the same as the other stick?
  16. Hello, I don't exactly understand what you are talking about. If you clear the CMOS and put 1 stick in the farthest orange slot from the CPU does each stick boot the board? If you put both sticks in the orange slots and clear the CMOS...does the board boot?
  17. PC4400 Gold.....we haven't produced that recently....the packaging was changed long ago
  18. I would fire my server back up....but I don't have a big enough pipe for you guys to play well. More than 4 of you and you would hate it Damn DSL and their 512 up :mad:
  19. @Magel, Stop reading the post screen and boot into windows, open CPU-z, click on the memory tab and your memory frequency will be displayed. As everyone here is trying to tell you, the post screen always says DDR400... every A64 and Intel board I have here says DDR400 on the post screen when you have the 1:1 divider set, because as far as the board is concerned the FSB is only ever set to 200 because no motherboard made to date "knows" you are overclocking it, so to speak. Even when I have my ram running 300 (DDR600) the post screen still says DDR400 because I am running 1:1. Do you follow? Thanks
  20. The first post here has a link to your ram. Just use the 9 multi instead of whatever is shown in the post for your kit so the CPU run's stock. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17269
  21. Setup the bios as shown here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....546&postcount=6
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