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  1. Send exactly what the rebate form tells you, minus the UPC code.
  2. The rebate house has been instructed to honor rebates without UPC's on the GXS PSU's, send it in without it.
  3. :eek: That's Freakin hilarious...hahahahahahahahahahaha At least you were honest...
  4. 6 posts up http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...3&postcount=219
  5. Until you check with a Multimeter, you can't say you are underpowering your rig. Software is never right...high, low...its not right. Voltage's of +/- 5% are acceptable....so that means: 12V = 11.4 - 12.6 5V = 4.75 - 5.25 3.3V = 3.135 - 3.465 All those above would be measured with a Digital Multimeter of course, not displayed in Software.
  6. If you go to the Display Properties (right click the desktop and choose properties) Then Choose the Settings Tab > Advanced in the lower right corner > Then choose the 7900GT tab in the Upper right corner....now a list should appear on the left and 1 of the things is SLI Multi GPU...click that and in the right pane.....is the "Enable SLI" check box checked?
  7. s10man, Smartguardian always reads low...bios is closer...but you need a DMM to determine the actual voltage. You can check the voltage as shown here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7069
  8. Gak, You can also jumpstart the PSU while it is out of the case like this and just measure the 3.3V rail in the ATX connector itself. Plug the unit into the wall socket and connect a couple fans or a hard drive to a molex connector to provide a load. Now....with the switch on the back of the PSU in the off position...locate the Dark Green wire in the ATX connector and using a paper clip (or something similar) "jump it" to any of the black wires in the connector....Now flip the switch on the back to On.......the PSU should start up and run. Pictures of the jumpstart are here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5577
  9. The website and the sticker match and it is noted that the maximum is shown on the website.
  10. Actually that is straight out of my head after a good conversation with Tony.
  11. Some clarification regarding the sticker's on the side of PSU's. The sticker's list the maximum amperage for everything...and the maximum wattage as well. This is not to be confused with the actual rated output of the PSU. The PSU is going to be rated at 600W or 700W or 950W...whatever. As ExRoadie pointed out....if you add up all the numbers...it totals 755W on the 600W unit....again that is if everything is maxed out. But, you can't max everything out because the total output of the PSU is only 600W...do you follow me here? Everyone is getting confused on what is being said about the amperage...again the sticker lists the Max...not the rated. The sticker is correct as to the Maximum output of each line before the line is shut down due to OCP (Over Current Protection) Total rated output for the 600W is 600W....You can arrive at that number however you want, within the limits set forth on the sticker. Meaning if you fully load the 3.3V line...you won't be able to full load the 5V line, etc, etc. Now..you can't get 580W out of the 12V line either...because that leaves you 20W total for the -12V, 5V, 3.3V and 5VSB rails which every board needs to run...if you try to use 580W for 12V power...the system is not going to run and the PSU is going to shutdown. Example: if we use 75W total for the -12V, 5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB rails..we have 525W left for the 12V rail total...or...43.75 amps. You can spread that load just about any way over the 4 rails...as long as you do not exceed 18A on 1 of the rails or the OCP will engage and shutdown the PSU.
  12. I am trying to prevent the spread of misinformation any more than it has already been spread. You want me to say I messed up? Fine.....I messed up...I quoted information I was given from the Manufacturer. As I said...when I get this all sorted out and find out what happened...I will post here and at BE with an official statement. Thanks
  13. They will get an earful !! Brand new 700W OCZ GXS....each card has its own 12V rail. SLI Runs great through 03 and 05....37K+ at 2.9GHz on 03....really good score I think (for stock Vid clocks) I got to Deep freeze in 06 and all hell broke loose....I was not happy....thought maybe it was the OC on the CPU...but nope.
  14. Some of you have seen my thread "New Toys" This system has 2 x 7900 GTX's in it.....I had them in SLI and they ran 3D03 fine....in 3D06, they freeze up at about 30 sec's or so into Deep Freeze. I took out 1 card and just ran Deep Freeze....it froze.....swapped card's....it went all the way through. Sound familiar to anyone? Should I RMA to the Egg or call EVGA? Opinions? Thanks
  15. Yes....BT and cards are all stock...84.21 drivers....haven't bothered for the newest yet....Its running stability tests now until Sunday night (Rosetta crunching )
  16. Ugh !!! I did not make him pay for the drives for goodness sake...I just put them in the Pic First benchmark with the system, not going to set the world on fire....but not bad
  17. This is not a "friend" thing....he is a client....I build computers for people who ask me too, buddy and I do some business this way. I am not doing this pro bono....this is business
  18. The other 2 are for me
  19. No window and not possible...the drive bays go all the way to the other side of the case...there is like 1/2" between the drive and metal...no cabling going there...but nice idea...I will keep in mind for cases with similar "drive cage" setups
  20. Yes I did use the same links...because the file names are the same, I uploaded resized versions with the same file names. I have updated the first post again...with the same links....the pics are 800 x 600 unless my eyes aren't working
  21. Sorry....copied and pasted the posts from the other 2 forums....forgot about a size limit.
  22. Took a break for a few, while I see how the ram clocks Here is the case, Thermaltake swing or something...He didn't want a window or anything fancy, pretty nice construction, no tools required for any of the drives or anything...but it wouldn't suit me for my stuff.....Cost $60.00 with no PSU. Here it is with the mobo in...easy to be neat at this stage Now...once you get here....not as easy (for me, plus I don't want it to take ALL day) to be neat....these GXS PSU's have so much cabling, these small cases are hard to keep as clean as I would like it. This guy isn't going to care I don't think....he told me he probably won't even open the case...I said you damn well better every month and clean the dust out !!. Here we have everything installed (except ram) Man are those cards beasts !!! Later on tonight after OS installed.................BENCHIES
  23. A Client of mine wants a Gaming system....A Bad Azz fast one as he told me. So I hope I am not going to disappoint: Since we need CPU speed...I am going to overclock it for him...but nothing too aggressive, since he is not into all this stuff and I don't want to hear from him every other day saying..."this thing is crashing". I would have made him buy an FX, so I didn't have to OC...but this already was a pretty steep setup...I told him the "bang for the buck" thing to do was to OC. Before you ask me...its a CCB1E 0609FPBW...straight off the shelf at the Egg...didn't ask for anything....just ordered it. If I have time...I think I will run a few benchies with it
  24. I like it Travis....these templates aren't too bad...maybe not exactly what you wanted...but still.....Nice work...I am sure you didn't have a good time...I know Mik over at BE has a lot of custom stuff and upgrades can be a pain in the %^#@[email protected]#% E
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