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  1. Thanks for the edit, guess I better read the link in your sig
  2. Well, it seems you already know about my suggestion
  3. It can be set to the default home page for Internet Explorer
  4. AG, if you have a thread like this already, add this post or point me to it. I did a search and didn't come up with one. Hi Guys, There are threads like this at several forums and I could point you to them but we might as well have one here Post your system specs that have been stable for you, so that the people who aren't stable can have access to some good solid info. Not a lot of prime run on this config for me, but it has been folding for the last 36 hours with 0 errors or early unit ends. A64 3500+ Socket 939 ADA3500DEP4AS CAAZC 0440MPMW Y931384B51153 DFI NF4 Ultra-D (SLI modded) 2 x MSI 6600GT 2 x 512MB PC3200 Plat Rev 2 OCZ Modstream 520W CPU: 1.325V + 123% = 1.629V LDT: 1.3V Chipset: 1.7V RAM: 2.9V [bIMG]http://dragoncc.sytes.net/pics/dfiscreenie2.jpg[/bIMG] (images to 800x600 to keep the screen from scrolling)
  5. Nst6563, Do you know the stepping code and date on your winnie? I have a suggestion to try and maybe you won't need so many volts
  6. Can you get into the bios? Do you have the P4 (not the P4+) plugged into the 4pin connector next to the ATX connector? Did you leave all 24pins of the ATX connector together?
  7. Are you using SATA drives flybye? If so you need to load both drivers. If your not using SATA, you don't need to load anything. Not sure if that helps, but I am making assumptions from your intial post
  8. Some motherboards call it 400 for 1:1, some use 200, but yes its just a reference as Jadawin put it. 200 MHz is the stock FSB for all the NF3/NF4 mobos so when you set the ram to 200 you are running the same as the FSB
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