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  1. I can always do a best-buy free rental :P.


    I'm going to switch the mobo to the second rail and see what happens. A terrible idea to stick to that if it does work?

    Switch the mobo to the second rail??


    This is a single rail PSU.


    Test the PSU like this:


    Disconnect the PSU from everything (wall, mobo, etc) ...then plug the unit back into the wall socket and connect a couple hard drives to a molex connector to provide a load.


    Now....with the switch on the back of the PSU in the off position...locate the Dark Green wire in the ATX connector and using a paper clip (or something similar) "jump it" to any of the black wires in the connector....Now flip the switch on the back to On.......the PSU should start up and run.


    Pictures of the jumpstart are here: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/sh...ead.php?t=34941


    Let me know what happens,



  2. Quite normal for that board to turn on...count to 25 on the Post code reader, power off, then power back on, but you should get video after the second power on.


    Try clearing the CMOS and posting with just 1 stick of your ram, test all the sticks to see if any one of them lets you post and get video.


    Again, it is normal for the board to turn on, turn itself off, then on again. Many Intel boards do this, its the only way to adjust the Northbridge strap.

  3. Agreed,


    Not your fault that the auction was not read properly, at least report it to ebay so you don't have to pay fees.


    I would also contact those who asked questions, see if they have interest in them still. I would say that you could offer them at up to 10% less than the winning bid (depending on how much of a hit that is) just so you are not stuck with them and out the entire sum.

  4. Yes, 4x1GB will work in the board.


    You can try booting with 2 x 1GB in the Orange slots, setting the timings at 3-4-4-8, voltage at 2.7V, Command Rate at 2T

    DRAM Drive at Level 8 and DATA Drive at Level 2.


    Make sure the FSB is set to 200, so no overclocking.


    Then save and exit the bios and add the other 1GB, plus the 256, but I am doubtful of it booting. That 1 stick being so much less dense than the others is causing the issue.

  5. Hello,


    The CAS programming in the SPD of the sticks is probably different, you can test like this:


    I will assume that you have kept each Kit (pair) separate and that they are not mixed up.


    Clear the CMOS on the board

    Insert 1 kit (2 sticks) into the orange Slots

    Go into the bios and set the 4 main timings (CAS-Trcd-Trp-Tras) to Auto then save and exit.

    Boot to Memtest (just enable it on the Genie Bios page, then reboot.)

    Note the timings that are displayed

    (info on what you should see is here:



    Now power down the machine

    Clear the CMOS again and swap sticks (replace with other kit and again put it in the orange slots)

    Go into the bios and set the 4 main timings (CAS-Trcd-Trp-Tras) to Auto then save and exit.

    Boot to memtest.


    Note the timings....are they the same as the other kit?


    If the 2 kits have different CAS timings, you see issues like this with this board.


    Send me an email (link in Sig) and I can fix it so that the bios will see all 4GB of ram.

  6. Perfect...everyone unsubscribed, now I can try :P


    Since when does a plane need a runway to fly? If a plane relied on the ground in order to move, how did any of those test planes that were dropped from the underbelly of another plane ever fly?


    The engines push the aircraft through the air, not drive the wheels.


    The plane would move forward, producing lift, and the plane would fly.

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