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  1. Switch the mobo to the second rail?? This is a single rail PSU. Test the PSU like this: Disconnect the PSU from everything (wall, mobo, etc) ...then plug the unit back into the wall socket and connect a couple hard drives to a molex connector to provide a load. Now....with the switch on the back of the PSU in the off position...locate the Dark Green wire in the ATX connector and using a paper clip (or something similar) "jump it" to any of the black wires in the connector....Now flip the switch on the back to On.......the PSU should start up and run. Pictures of the jumpstart are here: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/sh...ead.php?t=34941 Let me know what happens, Thanks
  2. If the motherboard does not allow voltage adjustment, you may not achieve 800 MHZ with the modules. If they do run at 800, it will not be at the rated 4-4-4 timings without that voltage increase, more like 5-5-5 timings.
  3. Quite normal for that board to turn on...count to 25 on the Post code reader, power off, then power back on, but you should get video after the second power on. Try clearing the CMOS and posting with just 1 stick of your ram, test all the sticks to see if any one of them lets you post and get video. Again, it is normal for the board to turn on, turn itself off, then on again. Many Intel boards do this, its the only way to adjust the Northbridge strap.
  4. Pm Sent...actually 2, because I forgot something.
  5. Mr. Praz sir, Since this site does send a fair amount of biz to Newegg. Perhaps contacting this guy: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/member.php?u=24137 and asking him to find his way over here, might do us some good?
  6. I answered you over at the OCZ forums too: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/sh...ead.php?t=33249 Pasted from there: Set 2T and set the timings to 5-4-4-15. You cannot run 1T with 4 sticks and 4-4-4 is very tight with 4GB.
  7. I don't understand the question. If you are talking about the rig in your sig, you probably won't find higher rated DDR1 anymore. DDR2 is really cheap right now, which won't fit that system.
  8. Yes, it will work fine and yes you need the adapter kit for 775. It consists of a pair of rails with hooks to clip the heatsink to. The rails get screwed down through the 4 holes around the CPU socket where the stock cooler goes.
  9. That's DDR2.... This post is about DDR1. There has been no PC3200 Platinum Rev 2 since early 2006.
  10. Weird....I swear I posted in this thread. You won't find any more Plat Rev 2, the IC's were discontinued in Early 2006.
  11. If you have already emailed me, I have nothing. eryderATocztechnology.com that is my email address. What have you been emailing? supportATocztechnolgy.com? That email address does not exist any more. I need to know the problem before I can issue an RMA.
  12. Ace, you should really empty that thing more often
  13. Agreed, Not your fault that the auction was not read properly, at least report it to ebay so you don't have to pay fees. I would also contact those who asked questions, see if they have interest in them still. I would say that you could offer them at up to 10% less than the winning bid (depending on how much of a hit that is) just so you are not stuck with them and out the entire sum.
  14. Hold on, you are saying you have emailed me and I have not answered? It doesn't work like that, either your email is not getting to my inbox or you are not getting my reply. Link in my Sig, send me an email and tell me the problem.
  15. Have you ever emailed me? Describe the problem with your ram.
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