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  1. ahh.. didnt see u had to select "other carrier"
  2. tried to order from there but it says there not shipping to the UK :0(
  3. Hi am trying to locate one of the above fans to replace the Northbridge fan on my Ultra-d mobo,,, (its at 55 c idle atm.. ) but cant for the life of me find anywhere in the UK that sells them,,,, Only thing i can find is the VC-RD which is 5 ml wider (and dont think its copper?) so i dont know if it would fit strait on like the VC RE does anyone know please? thnx
  4. Hi.. im considering upgrading my ram to 2 x 1gig sticks but am unsure what works well in my Ultra-d mobo... Atm im using 2x512 Corsair XLPT sticks dual channel with no probs, but i do happen to have another set of 2x512 ram here... some of the twinmos stuff with the Mtec chips on it... could i mix the 2? or is it going to cause problems? I have the 3.10 bios installed on the mobo if that has any effect on using all 4 ram slots ? and if there may be probs.. can anyone reccomend whats a good cheap(ish) set of 2x1gig sticks in the UK if possible? im not really into overclocking with A64... mainly cuz i cant work the bugger out!!! to many variables!! thnx in advance for any advice,,,,,, cheers
  5. um.. according to that list,,, my mobo doestnt support ANY 1 gig sticks from OCZ , Crucial , corsair, Gskill.... in fact according to that theres only 2 sticks on the planet that work... for 1gig... ;/ buffalo 2700 and nanya pc3200 ! :confused:
  6. gonna go for 2 gig ram soon i think.... but am worried what with all the problems people are having with compatibility issues... can anyone reccomend a good set of ram thats knowsn to work ok with the NF4 ultra-d mobo please? thnx
  7. Hi all.. i have a nf4 ultra-d mobo.... and atm im using some corsair platinum PC3200 XLPT 2x512 twined sticks...... but i have a spare set of that winbond speed premium UTT 2 x 512 stuff thats meant to hit great speeds.... ive not used it as of yet though.... would it be ok to use all 4 sticks? and if so what bios would i be better off using? thnx.. im using 310 bios atm..
  8. is it just me or is all the chipsets on the Ultra-d NF4 boards run so hot?.... Atm my room temp is 22 C and even at Max speed my chipset i reading 47 c in smartguardian :0(.... the PWMIC isnt much better ... reading 45 c atm also.. Both at max speeds... dunno what else im supposed to do.... already got 4 case ans going full guns... is tis usual or is it just me mobo that seems intent on meltdown ..
  9. hmmmm... would the CPU HSF have any bearing on the other 2 temps other than the CPU itself?.... yesterday i was using the Stock HSF that came with the CPU... just fitted a XP-90 and tbh its made a bit of a differnce to all 3 temps :/ room temp is 22c atm and im getting 41c CPU / 41c PWMIC and 43 Chipset at idle speeds.... that better?
  10. after seeing some of the temps ppl have been reporting im not happy with mine at all..... Ive just checked mine after leaving my PC on through the nite in a closed room with the window open.... the ambient temp in the room is down to 19 c..... and i have the side of the PC off to make sure the cool air gets to everything... and STILL my Chipset and Pwmic readings in smartguardian are both around 45c idle... Other ppl seem to be getting readings into the 30`s... .... Bar submerging my whole case intop a vat of dry ice.... i dont know what else to do....... but these temps are definalty higher than they should be??.. especialy in a freeezing cold room like it is this morning :0(
  11. i had something similer with the SVChost doing the same... till i stopped the bugger from connecting to the internet.... that soon stopped it messing me about,,,, pretty sure theres some kind of virus or sumthin there
  12. ok,,, just installed new bios! *wipes brow* and its let me boot into wondows with optimised settings.... ( i just upped the ram voltage to 2.8 is all) All seems ok atm... gonna run a few progs and stuff and see how she holds up
  13. um.. how can i uninstal my USB 2.0 drivers? and then get SP2 to re install them... ive already downloaded the SP2 ... ? in devices i have 2 universaal serial bus controlers listed.. in the first set i have.. Standard OpenHCD USB host controller USB mass storage device USB root hub in the second i have... PCI class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller USB 2.0 Root Hub Device which should i uninstall... and how to get the SP2 ones installed? thnx for your patience
  14. thnx for that tip.... will defo try that .... it seems stable all the time if im just browsing and stuff..its just when i play HL2 atm and i got BSOD when i tried running at optimised settings....... atm though my mems at 2.5 , 4 , 4, 7 :0(..... nowhere near what its rated at.. oh and as for flashing to 310 bios.. is winflash ok or should i really use a disk from ods,,,, and is it possible to use a cdr and how would u go about making a cdr disc for flashing bios?... becasue i pretty much sure i got no floppys anywhere ;/ thnx again thnx for u help
  15. ok i ran memtest for an hour.. went through 2 tests with no errors at all..... I am already running at all the settings that are listed in the getting up and running thread.... and its a new instal of XP...and my HDD doesent need defraging I dont know if my Graphx card has any temp sensors... do X800XL cards usualy have them? thnx for replying..
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