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  1. I'm contemplating selling my 2 x ASUS 7800GTX's (currently in SLi mode)... they're snappy little buggers and still sell for $330+ online (new), and $220 + shipping on eBay... If I sell these for $190 each + shipping, or $350 for both + shipping, would anyone be interested?? [OBO Thoughts Welcomed!! ] I don't have any pictures at the moment, but I have most of the accessories for them... I'm a computer technician by day, and a hardcore gamer by night... please reply to this topic if interested... thanks! - Me
  2. I'm getting the matrox triplehead2go tomorrow (ordering online tomorrow, i mean)... I have 3 18.3" flat panels, with optimal resolutions at 1280x1024, so they should be perfect... I'll let you guys know how it goes erm.. i just hope my 7600GS can handle it... if not, i'll buy the radeon x1950 whatchacallit for AGP... THEN i'll tell you guys how it goes
  3. lol i'm just a lowly computer tech with 13 years experience... I tackled the inverter problem after 5 minutes of research and a prayer that the problem i was experiencing was the same problem everyone else seemed to be having... once i got the part in, it literally took about 10 minutes to disassemble the monitor, pull out the old inverter, pop in the new one, and close it up again... 10 minutes per monitor... that was it no soldering required, just screws and pullin cables out :nod:
  4. all 4 (I say right now because one is black, which I will use for my workbench) were given to me by various people, all with the same problem (burned out inverters)... each inverter cost me $39.95 on ebay and shipping was always free... so essentially, I got for 18.3" Flat Panel monitors for $160 :nod: now THAT'S how you ROCK ON :cool:
  5. GoW was announced long ago as the first game that would be published to utilize the Unreal3 Engine... But if you think GoW won't get daddy'd by UT2K7 on any platform, I think you're mistaken... that's just my opinion though as for me and my next rig (I always build a new rig based on the recommended specs of the next Unreal Tournament :cool: ) I'm thinkin Quad-Core Core2Extreme, and DFI's 680i SLI-based board, which I'm hoping will be out by the time nVidia works out all the bugs... two 8800GTX's a matrox TripleHead2Go for the ultimate surround view experience (3 18.3" identical flat panels... my 3rd one just got here about 10 minutes ago... each one cost me only $40 :eek2: ) hehehehe sweeeeet
  6. *sigh* alright, one time I was at Circuit City showing off my rig to my co-workers on my off-day... I took down a demo display that customer's frequented a lot just to show off my hotness... it was when I was using my ECS 755-A board (while my DFI LanParty UT nf3 250Gb mobo was on the way, of course... haha)... so my friends are all gawking at my air-cooled case (Antec Super LAN Boy) and my mini-cooper radiator of a CPU heatsink (Thermalright XP-120)... I felt that I had goo'd my CPU with too much Arctic Silver 5 (I was a thermal paste noob... i used about a marble's worth instead of a smaller, more appropriate pea-sized gob) I worried that it was affecting the temperature of my CPU, so I decided to take it out there in the store and fix the problem (since i keep my silver-5 inside the toolbox of my case) discconected the power, opened up the case, took off the 120mm panaflo fan, disconnected the clips of the XP-120 from the mobo, gave it a good twist and slight tug... nothin... "oh boy...." gave it another twist... a little harder tug.... still nothin... "..... crap...... this is gonna suck" I proceed to take a flathead screwdriver to attempt to pry it off... no dice... ".... man i'm so screwed...." I had that fan sitting on a 3200+ Newcastle (2 years ago when this happened, that was top of the line *wink wink*) so i decide to try again... (mind you, the silver-5 was already warm from about 2 hours of playing UT2K4 haha)... twist, pull, nothin twist, yank, nothin twist, tug, twist, yank pull *click* .. **falls back** "....... YES!!! I GOT IT!!!! *looks at processor slot on mother board...* what the... where'd it go? @#&$!!!!!!" it was glued to the bottom of my XP-120... worse yet, an entire outter row of pins was laying at 65 degree angles away from the center of the processor... (yea, ouch) I cried like a baby for about five minutes (i had only had the processor for about 4 months) took a credit card, pushed all the pins back into place, pin 1 was bent at a different angle, took a mechanical pencil, pushed the graphite back into it, bent pin 1 back into place, looked it over, over and over again... dropped it back into the motherboard (which went in perfectly) added a small amount of silver-5 to the top of the heatspreader, then secured my XP-120 back over it... we had silent prayer for about 5 minutes... then i pressed the power button... my heart sank i pressed it again... my heart sank again... plugged in the power cord, pressed it again, POST, Windows, FRAGGING TIME it's been working (now in my DFI LanParty UT) ever since HAHAHAHA!!! w00t w00t
  7. NO! make it support dual channel ;[ aaah shucks... thanks anyway
  8. Hey guys, I'm so proud to own a DFI board... from the board itself to the support I get from the guys (travis and ogie) I have renewed faith in DFI!!! w00t... (see why I almost lost all faith here After letting it sit in it's box for over 4 months, I finally decided to install DFI LANParty UT nF3 board #4 (the other 3 died on me, so I wound up writing a very concerning letter to DFI when I RMA'd #3 back... support is always great, though, so no complaints there) along with the board, I was sent a nifty LANParty decal for my case, a case badge, and some nifty ez-pull jumpers... I stuck the board in my computer, fired it up and HOLY CRUD! I have an ultra board?! AMD64 Socket 754 NF3 250 GB/Ultra what's that mean? what's the difference between the original and the ultra? I notice at the top of the computer's POST, it says: "Memory information: DDR 400 CL: 3 Single Channel, 64-bit Tcl: 3 Trcd: 3 Tras: 8 Trp: 3 (1t Timing) I haven't jacked around with any of the overclocking capabilities, but does my board support dual-channel memory now? the bios info at the bottom of the POST says: 04/15/2005-nForce-CK8S-6A61CD49C-00 can someone please explain this to me? thanx! - RAD-Raze2K5 PS - I searched the forums for "nf3 ultra 754" and returned next to no results... none with info for what I was looking for, so any help would be appreciated! thanx! cheers! - RAD
  9. i installed my psu in a benchmark area (amd athlon xp 1800+, 512 MB DDR333, geforce 2 ti, 2 20GB WD Caviar HDs, 1 DVD-ROM, 1 CD Burner) and checked the voltages of my off-brand PSU myself with a voltmeter... warmup voltages were slightly low, and 10-minute run-time was averaging a 7-19% underachievement in what they should be (3.3, +5, -5, +12, -12... was more like 2.7, +4.14, -4.23, +10.28, -10.36) yea I know not the best, and not exactly what they were, but i didn't bring my info with me... my point is, the voltages were kind of "oh-not-enough-power" low, not "oh-component-damaging" high... my point is: 3rd time was NOT the charm! X{ *sob* ... this is the third time my DFI board has gone bye-bye... recap: 1st board lost USB after 2 weeks, then a week later lost the ability to display anything on my monitor immediately followed by a loss of the ability to power on at all... conclusion: bad capacitors somewhere 2nd board lost ability to display anything on my monitor immediately followed by a loss of the ability to power on at all... conclusion: bad capacitors somewhere 3rd time... this board has also lost the ability to display anything to the monitor, but it powers on like it did normally... I cleared cmos at least (no joke) 20 times during this endeavor... same result everytime (rapidly blinking power LED on front of case)... I tried different ram, different ram in different slots, same ram in different slots, tried a different video card, different PSU's, took the CPU out and inspected it (which is NOT an easy task to do with a Thermalright XP-120... that thing practically death-grips the CPU once you mount it...) CPU looked fine... cleaned the pins with some isopropyl alcohol and a brand new soft-bristled tooth brush just in case... tried again... no go... so after 4 hours of failed attempts, broken brainstorms, 2 bathroom breaks, some ramon noodles, and a 15 speech to my girlfriend about how i always seem to end up having a computer failure for no apparent reason (i treat my computer like i'm married to it... daily defrag, weekly antivirus [and i don't even have internet anymore, using public library], monthly component inspection, seasonal dust-busting, semi-annual reformat ) ARG!!! after all my spent time, I hooked up my other mobo (ECS 755-A2) to a benchmarking station i set up for the sole purpose of testing hardware... threw in the same stick of ram, the same cpu, the same video card, the same power supply... BAM! instant POST... CONCLUSION: *GOD DOESN'T WANT ME TO BE WITH MY DFI!* this endeavor occured after 2 power supplies popped on me... prior to, angry_games suggested that once i get my 3rd board in (first 2 RMA's from GameVE.com, last RMA from DFI directly), that if it popped again, i suspect bad power supply... well, apparently the power supply wasn't the problem -_-... lightning has decided to strike me three times... you know, if I could afford it, i'd sell my 3200 newcastle and 4th RMA dfi board (once i actually get it back... haven't sent in for it yet) and order a DFI board with an nF4 chipset and 939 processor (*drool man, drool*)... but no, i spend half my time and energy on trying to fix teh old gear... i just want my computer to work... flawlessly... I love the performance i get out of my DFI board (when it works right)... it doesn't hitch like my low-budget ECS board does... but this cycle is old... I can only go through so much before I lose faith in something... if it weren't for angry_games' advice, and help, and enthusiasm in his job as a tech, and HIS faith in DFI (not mine... mine's almost gone...), i'da replaced my DFI LANParty UT nF3 with an MSI Neo Platinum a LONG time ago... I've installed 3 of them in other people's machines and they have more game-time than I have up-time... the only reason i'm so stressed about this is becuase I sold my ECS 755-A2 to a friend of mine last year... but i still have it because of this crap... i want my computer to run stable with my DFI board for 6 weeks before I sell it... and that hasn't happened yet... longest up time was 4 weeks... then *BAM* ... no worky... *bangs*...*head*...*on*...*desk*...*over*...*and*...*over*...*and*...*over*...*and*...*over* :'( *cry* if anyone has any suggestion... other than "buy a new power supply" (which I'm going to do, mind you, as soon as I get some money) than feel free to let me know... THANX!! my time on this terminal has expired... BBI 24 HOURS!!! BYEBYE!!
  10. oh lord buying it was a mistake and a half... i think i already know where this is leading... i give specs, research is done, rails are discovered to be unstable, conclusions are made that I fried my CPU! booo... i have another motherboard at home, a old ECS 755-A2 which i was going to sell to my friend... since i don't have another processor, i'll just try it, and if it works, then it's the mobo, RMA back to DFI... if it doesn't work, it's the processor *tear* and i can't RMA it because of the strict rules of AMD... plus I don't have the original HS/Fan that it came with because my friend bought a processor OEM not knowing that it didn't come with HS/Fan so I gave him mine, since I was using Thermalright XP-120 and Panaflo darn me and my caring ways *sob* any other suggestions? I know the powersupply was a bad idea, and i shouldn't have skimped on power, but A.) it was all that was available in this town, and B.) it was supposed to be a quick and temporary fix... *sigh* suggestions? hints? personal experiences?
  11. I was playing a game of Age of Mythology: The Titans, when my girlfriend demanded i get off the computer and watch Charmed with her... so I shut down, no problems... computer auto-off'd like it normally does, we watched charmed and I went to bed, thinking about how to crush a titan rush ai with my slow yet strong defenses... anywhoo... i woke up the next morning ready to tear a hole in my opposition when I pressed the power button and it started up... ... the power led and dram led's were on, the fans were whirring, the harddrives were spinning, but my monitor still said "no RGB input signal, check connections" so I'm like "wtf... ok, whatever... try again" so I power off, power on, same deal... no beeps from the speaker, no post on the screen... I'm upset... I try it again, power off, power on, and then i notice that the power LED is blinking 3-4 times a second as long as it's on... "wtf.." i think to myself... so i open the case, flash the bios using this procedure: disconnect power from psu, turn off psu power switch, disconnect all devices from mobo, take out battery, clear CMOS jumper 2-3 for 30 seconds, switch to normal for 30 seconds, clear CMOS 30 seconds again, back to normal, battery back in, reconnect all devices, psu switch back on, power back to PSU... try to power on, same problem... no beeps, no post... new observation: when I plug the power in, the mobo power led (at the bottom) and the dram led (at the top) are both on... after pressing the power button, the dram led turns off... doesn't come back on until i unplug the power and replug the power back in... i've tried barebones diagnostic testing (1 stick ram, video card, cpu) no avail... i even took the video card out just to see what would happen to the power led light (front of the case) and the results didn't change... I tried without video card, ram, or cpu, and the power led light didn't come on (front of case) I tried without video card or cpu, and the power led light didn't come on (front of case) i tried with no video card, only cpu and ram and the light (front of case) started blinking again... this is the 3rd dfi lanparty ut nf3 board I've had with problems, the first two wouldn't even power on after a while (blown capacitors) I've tried 2 different PSU's, same results (flashing power led light front of case) I'll try different ram and different ram slots when i get home... i pray it's my board and not my local CPU, the store I bought my CPU from has since gone out of business, though i still talk to the guys that ran it, they also think it's either cpu or motherboard... i don't know if I could RMA my cpu back to AMD... when i had my problems with my other boards before, i RMA'd 1st one back to GameVE.com (now merged with another company) and I RMA'd the board that came back to DFI directly (care of DFI, and Travis, which referred me to this website, which i love, THANX TRAVIS , can you help me now? good ) please help me out here... thanx... - Mark oh ya I don't use my ultra x-connect PSU anymore, it popped out and I'm RMAing it back to Ulta :-X I heard they're not that good though so as soon as I get some money in (money's tight at the moment, hence why I pray it's the mobo and not the CPU) i use some A-Power p.o.s that was a temporary solution for my daily gaming addiction fix... just thought i should mention that... thanx - Mark
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