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  1. ITE Smartguardian will read all the temps. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/ITE_SG_050123.zip
  2. Over time CRTs loose their focus. TFTs look much sharper and consume less power. They also cause less eye strain. CRT screen reaction times are almost instant, a moving image may appear to move smoother with less tearing/juddering. TFTs have a delay in milliseconds before the screen can actually react. But do not be put off by this, TFTs are now at 2ms response times and this is incredibly fast. furthermore you can use a DVI connection which results in a better image than a CRT screen. Plus they are light, smaller and look better. If you are going to buy a monitor, get 2ms or something with less than 8ms delay. Dont bother with a CRT. TFT is a type of LCD. More info. http://www.practical-home-theater-guide.co...-vs-lcd-TV.html http://www.pentranic-displays.co.uk/news-plasma-vs-lcd.htm Go for a TFT
  3. Is this a clean windows installation done on the BloodIron or something from an older PC? I assume that is it a clean install due to the RAID 0 array. Clear the CMOS and see what happens, and what OS are you using? Is the Audio detected in device manager (with a yellow exclamation mark?) Enabled in the BIOS?
  4. Hello, Bottom PCI slot there should be a sticker on it stating the model. Or when you turn the board on it should say at the POST screen (press DEL) Can you list everything else that you are using with the board (be as specific as you can). - CPU, eg 3500+ Winchester core or Venice core - Power supply, brand/model and wattage - Memory, 2x1GB or 2x512MB? (both purchased at the same time or a kit?) - Gfx card - Drives Do you have all 4 power connectors plugged into the board? - 24pin ATX - 4pin +12v P4 connector - Molex on top the chipset fan - Small molex under the CPU socket. Use the orange slots and try these timings. GENIE BIOS Setting >DRAM Configuration DRAM Frequency Set (MHZ).............200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) Command per clock (CPC)..............Disabled Cas latency (tCL)....................3 RAS to CAS delay (tRCD)..............3 Min RAS active time (tRAS)...........8 Row precharge time (tRP).............3 Row cycle time (tRC).................11 Row refresh cycle time(tRFC).........14 Row to Row delay (tRRD)..............3 Write recovery time (tWR)............2 Write to read delay (tWTR)...........AUTO Read to write delay (tRWT)...........AUTO Refresh period (tREF)................AUTO Write CAS latency (tWCL).............1 or not in BIOS DRAM Bank Interleave.................Enabled DQS Skew Control.....................AUTO DQS Skew Value.......................0 DRAM Drive Strength..................Level 8 DRAM Data Drive Strength.............Level 3 Max Async Latency....................6ns Dram Response........................Normal Read Preamble Time...................5ns Idle Cycle Limit.....................AUTO Dynamic Counter......................AUTO R/W Queue Bypass.....................AUTO Bypass Max...........................AUTO 32 Byte Granularity..................AUTO
  5. Hello, "I went to the setup and it claims the CPU is not running hot" How hot, and what about the PWM and chipset temps. You may have multiple issues. Is the PC Virus free?
  6. Hello OldFilmFan. Pick the right one for your OS. http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...3&GetDown=false And see what happens.
  7. Hello, Run memtest for a few hours and see what happens. Could be the board, PSU failing or memory.
  8. I have these, currently running at 800Mhz. Looks nice too
  9. Hello, Your old kit, you mentioned that 1 stick is dead. How did you confirm this. (EG, Do both sticks work on their own?)
  10. Sorry to hear about your troubles. If you get another board with a NF4 chipset you may be able to recover the RAID array. Do you have a PS/2 keyboard? - Use 1 memory module in the top orange slot. - Remove everything that is not required to power the PC. (Remove all PSU power connectors from these devices too.) Hold the insert key down on the key board and keep it held down. Power the PC with the insert key held down and wait. If you see something on screen let go enter the BIOS/change settings. "I tried reducing the clock to 266 (or maybe 250)" What setting did you change? "I set the voltage to 1.70." Was this the memory voltage, 2.7v? Also if the above does not work, what happens if you power the board without a gfx card? (LEDs change or still the same)
  11. Hello, I take it you are using the nvidia SATA ports. When you check the configuration utility does it show the RAID array as healthy. And is it definitely a Striped array. In the RAID setup utility clear all DATA on the array. Does you XP CD have SP2 slipstreamed to it? Try these drivers for the F6 floppy disk. Copy the 11 files to a blank disk. Drivers And once you press F6 and it asks you to specify the drivers, choose both parts.
  12. Here is the one I used. Link
  13. I had the same issue once. On my ultra-d when I did the mirror array it worked fine, I then tried a striped array and it BSOD. I then tried the nvidia drivers, not quite sure which one I used to get it to work but it was either the sataraid or pataraid folder. I'll see if i can find the one I used.
  14. Try the sataraid folder instead. C:NVIDIAnForceWin2KXP6.66IDEWinXPsataraid If that does not work The DVD drive doesn't need anything.
  15. Power without a gfx card and listen to the beeps. Also unplugged every on the board that is not required to turn on. Clear the CMOS for 10 minutes. Insert only one memory module Make sure the CMOS jumper is back in the save position. Use the 7800GT do not plug the PCI-E power connector into it. Power the PC, what happens?
  16. And you must only do that with the PC off. By powering the PC with the CMOS jumper in the clear position you can destroy the BIOS. So with the PC off, move the jumper to the clear position and wait 10 minutes. Then after 10mins move the jumper back to the save posistion and power the PC.
  17. Download this. http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...2_amd_6.66.html Run the setup file and once it has finished extracting all the files cancel the setup. Then go to the C:NVIDIAnForceWin2KXP6.66IDEWinXPpataraid, folder. Copy the 11 files to a blank floppy disk. Now when you install Windows use this disk at the F6 bit. Make sure you specify both of these. - NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER (required) - NVIDIA nForce Storage Controller (required) See if this helps.
  18. Which drivers are you referring to, the F6 bit during the windows setup? If so, what drivers are you using. - Ones on the original floppy disk or new ones that you have downloaded.
  19. It does have the screw holes and can only be fitted one way (exhaust only on a case). Does your current fan have the black plastic push clips? May fit but if the UFO fan thickness is to thin it may hang with a gap. Look at these photos http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...age_scroll_id=0
  20. I have been looking for a decent fan controller, something fairly flat and black. So it will look nice in my ThermalTake Armour JR. :cool: But looking around there seems to be quite a range of different designs. Aerocool have some dual 5.25" bay LCD controllers but they come with extra features (USB/eSATA/memory card reader etc...) Zalman and Akasa have some good designs but they have dials. Coolermaster came to mind but nothing of interest but I remember a while back (years ago) they came out with the Aerogate 3 controller. This was a decent size and came in silver or black but looking for some nice reviews proved to be quite difficult. It doesn't look very good in this review. http://www.extrememhz.com/aerogate3-p1.shtml Better photos. http://www.xoxide.com/cooler-master-aerogate-black.html Then I managed to find a place in the UK selling one for £10. Looks so much better than the photos, very slim and the build quality is superb. (Aluminium finish, plastic buttons) Front Side view PCB/circuit Thermal probes and fan headers. Power connector, sticky tape for sensors and screws Reflection shot. It can control 4 fans and monitor 4 temperature probes. Just need to make it fit (screwless design) in my ThermalTake Armour JR. More photos to come when it's installed. If anyone has a fan controller that they wish to show me/everyone please feel free to post some pictures here and if you feeling special write a mini review.
  21. Not quite sure what else there is to try other than the format.
  22. Hello, Maybe something else is at fault and causing a short? Only way to test is to unplug everything that is not required. Just have the hard drive (with windows), and board/cpu/memory/gfx card. Remove all PCI cards If it still shuts down it could be the gfx card. Is the case shorting out in any way? (USB headers?)
  23. The CPU has the memory controller, is this CPU second hand? (Previously been overclocked by someone else?)
  24. I you decided to sell another item just edit this thread and PM a moderator with your new thread title.
  25. Thanks for the info tasr, its a step in the right direction.
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