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  1. Hi guys, I have a strange problem. I tried to overclock but it did not work so I set it back to stock. Today I noticed that it is actually running at 2.5 ghz and the settings I specified when it "failed." Yet I had reset everything back to stock. Is there something wrong with the BIOS? The computer is running fine otherwise.
  2. Sorry I am not sure exactly what that is. So should I be concerned? Is there a way I can tweak it?
  3. Well I think that it works (hopefully). I am running at 240x10 after the bios reflash. While running prime95, it says that my temps are 44 degrees for the CPU, 48 degrees for the chipset but 52 degrees for the PWM IC. What is the PWM again? It is in red, so I assume it is less than ideal temperature.
  4. I flsahed the BIOs using the diamond flash image from the website. However, when it was updating it said it was 1/25? Is that correct?
  5. Yeah I think I read that it should be set to 105? I think it was in the sticky I based my settings on. Btw, thanks for the response.
  6. Hello, I am quite new to building computers, so I had a friend help me assemble the system in my sig. However, he is not really familiar with the latest A64. I started reading these forums before buying my system. I had hoped to achieve a modest 2.2 GHz but this is unfortunately not the case. We have read many threads and done many searches but none of it really changed our situation. Basically I am running at 2.16 (240x9). This seems to be a pretty poor overclock as most people can get up to 2.4 GHz. I can increase the FSB to 248 and it will load windows but 3dMark05 will run, and then get some error and crash. Most of my settings are based off the sticky post by Rgone. I have tried to decrease the HTT multiplier from 4x to 3x, but it also does not work. I have played around with all the different voltages such as the LDT but they don’t seem to change anything. I have tried to change the interleaving and some other memory settings but I don't understand any of these aspects at all. Here are my current settings: CPU Vid: 1.450 V CPU Core: 1.60 V CPU Vid Special control: Above vid x 113% LDT Voltage 1.40 V Chipset Voltage 1.80 V DRAM 2.8 V Ram 2.5-4-7-4-7 Refresh=3120 cycles DRAM Bank Interleave Disabled DRAM Strength= level 6 DRAM Data Strength= level 4 So now what I am wondering is if anyone can provide me with some advice? Is it simply because my RAM isn’t good? Or maybe my CPU? Should I update Bios? Also, according to Bios I am idling at around 38 degrees at idle. My system temperature according to the nvidia monitor is 55 degrees. That also seems too high. I have an XP-90 so the temp of the CPU seems too high. I am also unable to determine the temperature of my graphics card. Is there some program that can help me? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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