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  1. I've tried an Enermax Liberty, two 12 v rails w/ 22A each. Made absolutely no difference, unfortunately. But thanks for the replies so far guys.
  2. My CPU (E3 Venice, I don't know exact stepping) is kicking at 260mHz x 10 @ 1.568v, which is a relatively very high voltage for such a 'low' overclock. 270mHz requires ~1.7v, and even though I'm on watercooling I'm going to stay away from that. My Ultra-D is stable up to about ~340Mhz, that was the highest I got on a quick-run on a 5x CPU multiplier, so I think I can safely rule that out. I've tried dropping my RAM divider further, it's not the RAMS fault, I've also tried other kinds, I've raised and lowered LDT and HT voltage, I've tried 4x and 3x HT multiplier. My temps are about 41C under load and about 34C idle. I've also tested with a 500w Enermax Liberty, absolutely no difference there. Any ideas on how to improve on this OC? A good BIOS for my situation perhaps? Or did I just get a lemon of a CPU?
  3. Hey all, I'm currently on OCZTony's recently modded BIOS, working good so far (I found it requires almost no extra LDT or HT voltage for stability. Only problem is, I can't drop the voltage lower than 1.2v (i'm using +113% VID) I'm wondering if there is a similar BIOS that doesn't have this 'bug'. Or if you have a BIOS recommendation, I'm open to all suggestions
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