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  1. I fthey are burned I cant explain why they have no errors at stock timings tweaked to 2,2,2,5 at 2.9V 15 hours p95 0 errors and memtest as well for 12 hours.
  2. my data's were safe, got an advance replacement copied all of em and now I have a new HD :-D
  3. I think at has something to do with our hot tropical climate :-D Lol! Good thing the drive is still working so im able to backup my data.
  4. Well they did on mine.. Welcome to another episode of National Geographic's Creature Feature. The Hunted: Your Hard Drives The Prey: Red Ants. Hehehehe Among my four HDs, the ants just came from just one, I Hope :evil: Removed that single HD already, still observing the others. This happend a long time ago to a lot of our customers with HDs coming from the US, HK and europe. and now theyre back. I think its because of the heat.. Gollee theez aaah RAID AYNTS MAIN! Warranty Claim tom :? BTW, My was turned on when I took this, imagine.. and the HD still works!!! Download short movie clip: http://www.arctech-pc.com/phpBB2/download.php?id=664
  5. After my experience in this post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7043#post107043 I cant seem to overclock as high as 215 anymore :-( SO im now running on stock at 2,2,2,5 without any problems stable with P95 for 13 hours @ 2.8V Why cant I go any higher anymore when I could before?
  6. OK guys problem has been solved! :-D 1.) It was not sata problem or an HD problem. The loss of data was caused by me sa akong ka danghag pag set sa raid config, instead of setting the 2x80 satas for raid I accidentally set the 2x200GB for raid which results in loss of data on the 200GB drive. I have repeatedly did this over and over for testing and same results happen :-D 2.) System crashed was caused by total system instability maybe beacuse I was pushing my mems really high to get the highest super PI score hehehehe :-D 3.) Right now what I noticed on my mems is I have to overclock them and feed them atleast 2.8V to work properely. Another thing I observed is I cant overclock them above 215x10 anymore :-( I amnow using an ANTEC NEO POWER 480. Was suppose to get a silverstone but a customer of hours wanted it so badly I gave it to him :-D Took the oppurtunity to clean up my rig again added UV reactive connectors and UV cable wraps and changed my second lamp to blue instead of green :-D PIC 1 PIC 2
  7. Point well taken :-D Will get an old IDE 40gig 7200RPM and use that instead for OC and disconnect my Data drives :-D Thanks rgone!
  8. 2 days ago, while chatting with my brother through skype and YAHOO, my system turned off. Through thorough tests iv concluded that it wasnt because of my overclocking since my mems ran 8 hours full on memtest at 0(zero) errors. One of my partitions HDs got wiped out, an entire partition. Damn! How could that happen? :-( Couldnt even reinstall windows coz after windows reformat and reinstallation process I get BSOD. Using Corsair XMS XPERT3200 : Installed on stock settings =BSOD Increased ram voltage to 2.8 on stock settings = BSOD Flashed BIOS and repeated both steps above = BSOD Memtest ram 8 hours = no errors Changed Ram today (Gskil RAMs from shop just for testing) = installation succesful Could I have fried my Mems? :confused: Currently I left the Corsairs XMS XPERTS at the shop for further tests. Im also currently recovering my files on the lost partition using "RECOVER MY FILES V2.91" its a great software based recovery tool. Just installed it, chose the unpartitioned drive and surprisingly its even recovering files ive delete from a previous drive, maybe ghosts of those files got transfered to this new drive also. Atlease my files are safe but my question is: Even if I fried or busted my mems, what could have caused my partition to dissapear? It was a whole partition by the way on a single Seagate 200gb sata drive.
  9. Well on my ducting mod(see first post) youll see that I am using a FAN MESH GRILL for filtering dust. You can buy aircon airfilters at true value but I think they would be add too much resistance for the fan. Ive tried experimenting with those long time ago and airflow diminished by about 40% :-(
  10. So thats what you meant by drier :-D hehehhe ok! We use to sell that, the sunbeam OC kit but we ran out :-) I wouldnt like sticking it to the side panel it would be a hassle to remove your side panel :-(
  11. I think ill go for the VGA Silencer Rev 3 instead they say it fits perfectly :-D On the card and on the board.
  12. Hey this is good news, if my friend wont be able to buy this for me ill use the VGA rev3 which is available here already :-D Did you OC your X800XL? And did it fit without anyprobs onyour board?
  13. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ighlight=casing
  14. Test your rig for airflow, if you smoke puff up a cig, blow it into your front fans and see there the smoke goes. This way you will know what your current airflow is and you'll know what to do next :-D
  15. I have the gecube x800 xL, no problem here. ALthough I have asked a friend to buy the sliencer 5 as well. Really trying to fin a way to MOD a good HSF for the NB.. still finding the right HSF to hack and saw :-D
  16. Has anybody tried this case? Me likes the form! :-D http://www.thermaltake.com/images/cases/pr.../Topmain_05.gif http://www.thermaltake.com/xaserCase/armor...a/va8000swa.htm
  17. Definitely. At stock speed 200x10 MY CPU temp has now lowered down to 28C. When before it would just go to 36-38C in an airconditioned room :-D Will test for OC results when my new PSU arrives :-D
  18. My apologies, actually this is the first time youve given me warning for pics since before it was on my sig which I immediately worked on right away. Or maybe you did on some other post of mine but I havent read it. Updated the pic on the link above. Again my sincerest apologies sir. For bigger pic you check this link: http://www.arctech-pc.com/phpBB2/attachmen...pu_fan_duct.jpg OT: question though is that a limit per pic you link offsite? what if you put more than one pic, is the total 600x800 for all pics or for each pic? My TT Fan runs at 4900 already so I think putting a fan on the Side Panel directly above it would really help that much. If it would a stronger fan, the excess air would jsut cause turbulance and bounce the air back. If it would be a slower fan it would just become a bottlekneck for the air coming in. My suggestion would be to put a bigger fan and extend the duct all the way to your VC :-D
  19. My apologies, actually this is the first time youve given me warning for pics since before it was on my sig which I immediately worked on right away. Updated pic: Again my sincerest apologies sir. For bigger pic you check this link: http://www.arctech-pc.com/phpBB2/attachmen...pu_fan_duct.jpg
  20. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10067
  21. I am a beginner at making guides but here goes nothing :-D My apologies, actually this is the first time youve given me warning for pics since before it was on my sig which I immediately worked on right away. :angel: Well here's a short guide to make your own CPU ducting MOD. Your duct can be any size you wish to use. For Sample I used a 80mm Fan. I didnt go in the details anymore hope the pics will explain everything visually. Parts Needed: 1.) Plexi glass 2.) Busted Fan 3.) Turbo Glue or any strong adhesive. 4.) Masking Tape 5.) XMOD ARCtech Fan Filter Tools: 1.) Plexi Cutter or JigSaw 2.) Hole Saw Optinal: 1.) Your favourite color spray paint 2.) Clear Spray paint for topcoat. Steps: 1.) Apply masking tape to side panel plexi or metal to avoid scratching it when making the hole. 2.) Make sure you measure the exact location of the Hole on your side panel by getting the centerpoint of the hole from the edge of the casing (top to centerpoint of the CPU FAN, Left Edge of the casing to the Centerpoint of the CPU FAN) The Centerpoint is the center of which your Hole saw guide will enter. 3.) Write the measurements on the side panel (masking tape) or you can even make a drawing to be sure. 4.) Before cutting any hole, you can drill through your centerpoint first then stick the side panel back to your casing and poke a bb2 stick or anything of that kind to make sure it is hitting the center of your CPU Fan. If it doesnt check your measurements and repeat steps 1-4. You should be done with your side panel after this. 5.) This part is pretty tricky so get youre measurements carfully. The distance between the side panel towards the CPU is very important. Depending on what side panel you have, check on what way or direction you need to remove your side panel and make sure that your DUCT doesnt get caught on anything while removing the side panel. FOR ME, the LIAN LI PC60 moves backwards about half an inch the I have to lift it up about half an inch too. SO it means I cannot make the DUCT go to an exact fit over my CPU FAN because if I do ill drag it a long with me while removing the side panel and this will cause your HSF to move and you could loose contact between your HSF and CPU. Put your side Panel on and measure the distance from the edge of the NEW HOLE you made on your side panel to the edge of your CPU fan. Then take out an allowance of about 2-3MM. 6.) Now that youve got the DEPTH of the DUCT you need to make, you need to measure the width of your DUCT. Obviously its the same width as your FAN because you are going to stick it to the edges of your 80mm fan. NO, its not the easy, make sure the two opposite side should be longer than the other two by about 2mm. THe purpose of this is so that you can stick the two edges together making sure that your MOD doesnt have air gaps in between connections. PLease see pics to understand more. 7.) The rest is pretty easy. Sick it all together and allow to dry for a bout 30 mins. THen attached it to your side panel with the XTRA MOD Fan Filter (Available at ARCtech) of course this is optional, you can put a fan grill or whatver you may have but I prefer the filter to make sure dust doesnt go to my CPU fan and clog it UP. 8.) This step is optional. Befor mounting the DUCT to the side panel, spray it up with the color of our choice, dry it up for a anhour then spray it up again for a second finish. THen dry it up for another hour the top it with your CLEAR paint for top coat shine. Of course I preffer it to be clear :-D Voila! YOu are done! Remember I am not reponsible for whatever your results are or damage take to your body or your CPU while doing this. PLease be extra careful, of you think you can do it? DOnt worry let us do it for you :-D PM me :-D Imagine the different mods you can do with this, Video CARD, North bridge etc..! :-D
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