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  1. Ive been looking for aluminium matx cases - but havent had much luck, im looking for a black one, something similar to the SilverStone Temjin Nimitz would be ideal, or the Lian-Li PC42. I have considered looking into getting the lianli adonised black - does anybody know anywhere that can do it in london? Thanks.
  2. I want to replace the fans on the PC-60 i just bought (the front 2) but im not sure how to get the fan out, it seems to be stuck in there pretty tight with those clips, and ideas for getting it out, without breaking the mounting system? [edit] ive worked it out [/edit]
  3. i think ill go for either epoxy or rivets....depends if i have the bottle to drill the glass.
  4. heres what i do, i pick a coluor scheme, colours that arent to "in your face" and arent to hard to read, and then stick to that throughout the site. As i dont have a lot of content, i tend to put everything in a table that is centred on the page, so that it will always look neat and tidy. My Website
  5. you really should learn the basics, perhaps even a better programming language, like C++ or C# (although they are a bit more complex)
  6. hmm, will epoxy glue work with glass.....and can you drill holes in glass to get the rivets though?
  7. Is it possible to mount a window without using the moulding?
  8. A week ago I came across a guide showing the wiring to make some LED's show the CPU or HDD usage...andybody know where it is, i cant remember where i saw it.
  9. make sure youve got the one you want C to be on as the primary master, and not the slave.
  10. This may seem like a bit of s stupid question, but if im making a blowhole for a 120mm fan (2 holes to fit in a ThermoChill 120.2) what is the diameter of the hole i should make?
  11. since making this post ive seen 1 or 2 reviews that showed maze4 kits performing better, so i think ill go for that, only
  12. You know the socket on the psu's that the power lead plugs into, what is it called?
  13. At the moment im leaning towards maze4, any ideas?
  14. hmmm, it seems good to me, but then again, ive never done water cooling before.
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