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  1. I am glad you made it... but I can't see how GOD had a hand in it, come on, you've been in the hospital already when you had cardiac arrest. But well, I am agnostic anyway... and I'm still waiting for someones relative to blame GOD if someone doesn't survice something you luckily did.
  2. X2 then, because for PS and Videoediting the X2 is la creme de la creme And for games it's more than good (e.g. the 4400+) and will scream when games support dual core.
  3. As far as I know the PWMIC is supposed to survice 110 C... read it somewhere here And 62 under full load is quite good IMHO. Also I have a X2 4400+, too and I couldn't get above 2.4 Ghz before I removed the IHS, core 0 was holding me back. And now it's core 1 holding me back from getting above 2.64
  4. Yes, but the higher parallelism isn't there because everybody wanted it, but because there was no other way to make huge improvements anymore otherwise.
  5. In the BIOS set the chipset temp for max fan to 65C
  6. Yeah, I sometimes had weird imaginations about a baseball bat and where I would stick it once I arrived at Bulldog headquarters. :angel:
  7. Oh, I didn't disclose anything specifically nor did I confirm anything, did I? It's all hearsay. Are you complaining to The Inquirer, too? And also *I* don't have that hardware, but if I wanted to, I could have a look within minutes. Has it's advantages to work for a games developer, I had an X800Pro in my hands LONG before any X800 was out.
  8. Oh, and I may add that we have a downclocked R520 at work and I haven't tested it, but my 3D-programming colleague said it's faster than the 7800GTX. Downclocked and with beta drivers. But I can't confirm that.
  9. It's also said on the net that it may be clocked at 700 Mhz core... and that would be a huge speed advantage over the 24 pipe 7800 GTX, so 16 pipes at 700 Mhz could indeed be better than the 24 pipes at 430 Mhz for the Geforce. In fact, it could be a LOT faster.
  10. Well, I am IT support and have internet at work and can come as early or leave as late as I want to, so I spent a LOT of my free time at work in the last few weeks. Damn addiction I even took my PC (see sig) into work which made some people drool.
  11. And I couldn't care less if it had 2 pipelines as long as it beats the GeForce 7800 GTX But I suspect that 16 pipelines are enough for that purpose even though the chip itself has more, but deactivated ones, so ATI can react to Nvidia reacting to ATI reacting to Nvidia reacting to.... :nod:
  12. Imagine having 512k DSL, shared with up to 4 others in the same house. Image that an upgrade is not possible because of a bad line. Imagine a company called "Bulldog" which offers you "8 mbit with a new line" and you fall for that offer, because of the "new line" thing. Imagine they send you an email 2 days after ordering, telling you they can't give you 8mbit because of a... bad line (!) and so they tell you they've cancelled the order. Imagine that 1.5 weeks later, your 512k DSL with Nildram stops working and after 2 days of calling here and there, it finally turns out that Nildram cancelled your account, because your phone line isn't with British Telecom anymore, something they require. Imagine that BT then tells you that Bulldog took over your line. Imagine that it takes another 2 days to get someone on the line from Bulldog who actually seems to know what he's talking about - only to get asked to send them an order cancellation in writing. Imagine some shouting and swearing on the phone here Imagine that it takes Bulldog another 2 weeks to flag the line ready for takeover for BT. Imagine that it takes BT another 4 weeks to send an engineer into the house (God knows why) to check the line, the same line bulldog could take over just like that. Imagine that 5 days before the BT guy would be here, you would find out that in contrary to what their page says, your house is in the NTL cable area and you could get cable broadband. Imagine that 2 days after the BT engineer was finally here, you have a fully working 3mbit cable broadband connection - just for yourself, while the others are still waiting for Nildram to reconnect the 512k DSL...
  13. it's /usepmtimer at the end of the line in the boot.ini
  14. There's a way to get more out of it, especially if you can't even get 2400 Mhz, see my sig (the picture) :nod:
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