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  1. i've jus ran Sandra mem bench and a round of 3DMark05 with no BSOD. i'v cut down to 7 for dram drive strebgth and timings are 2.5-4-3-6-7,1:1,2.8V interleave enabled. when i use 2.5-3-3-6 it will crash. btw chennhui are u on stock cooler ? i dun want to be pushing too hard on stock but its an addiction thats hard to put don
  2. Currently have mine at 8 - i will lower it to 7 and see how it goes, thanks.
  3. 240Mhz, 2x512Mb, 2.5-3-3-6, 1:1, 2.8V, Winchester 3200+, DRAM Drive strength 8, interleave enabled. I'm not too sure if it was the major cause, but initially with interleave disabled, it would run fine untill i benched with Sandra for a second time - BSOD. is there any performance hit with interleave enabled/disabled? Also where is the option to tweak the command rate? Must have eluded my eyes, thx
  4. nice i jus got mine today will post my findings after i'm done tweaking and priming. Currently able to boot and type this at 2.3-3-3-6-7,1T, 1:1 ,2.8V, Winchester 3200+, interleave disabled.
  5. damn feeling envious here :drool: we dun get super high end rams to cater to OC freaks like me in Singapore. i only found 1 shop selling Patriot PDP rams. the rest carry the usual Corsair XMS fare. No OCZ dude
  6. Yeah i'm getting 2.4ghz with that voltage. i've tried Andy's suggestion at 1.4v but i don't want to push the temps up too high especially during prime. btw i'm using mbm5 to monitor temps and such. untill i get myw/c up, i guess i'll have to be content with these timings......for now. after reading the link on one of the pages, yeah i feel fsb is teh bomb over HTT.
  7. Hi all...I finally managed to go beyond 2350Mhz by adjusting my vcore to 1.35v x 123% which shows up as 1.63v in MBM5. I had tried 1.35v and 1.4v but i always had BSODs or prime would fail. i'm now at 240x10/2400Mhz and mem is at 2.5-3-3-6/2.9v. I tried to squeeze out tighter timings but it jus wasn't stable at 2.5-2-2-6. Well at least i managed to hit 2.4Ghz on stock cooler Considering that i wasn't able to get at this speed with my AthlonXp 2600+ on stock, I'd say not too shabby. Prime95 stable for 14hours and a whole day running SETI and [email protected] Still saving up and planning to salvage my waterchill set for a new w/c setup.thanks for all the tips guys
  8. hi there sorry to "hijack" ur thread but i can't help noticing in ur sig that ur able to hit ur winnie 3200+ at those timings. i've tried even 245x10 and my mems at 2.3-3-3-7/2.9v but will get BSOD or reboots.currently running 240x10 vcore at 1.35/123% and mem same settings as above. oh btw i'm on stock hsf - saving up for new a64 top ur feed back appreciated
  9. might wanna try out the 5/6 divider setting cos i seem to have hit a roadblock with my current setup - it won't go stable at 240fsb and ive pushed my vcore to 1.57. rest of details in my sig. the 5/6 divider setting is in the menu where u choose fsb ratio for the memory rite? (dumb question i know ) not quite sure yet what kinda memory to get next - only one shop in my country selling PDP memory (Patriot) and another selling the Xpert rams but the non-XL version.
  10. I wanna get my pics up but erm...hehe the UV tubes dun seem to be giving off that strong an effect on my mobo! i have 3 tubes and the glow ain't nowhere near what u guys have. i'm using tubes from Sunbeam. i'll try repositioning one to fit the top so my DIMM slots get a more healthy dose of UV goodness! btw wat make of UV tubes are u guys using?
  11. higher FSB i suppose would be better but at this time i was gunning for speed on the stock cooler. i'll try and relax the mem timings a bit more and try to hit 2.4ghz. so far as i'm typing this post, i haven't run into any problems with my settings at 235HTTx10 and same mem timings of 2.5-3-3-6. vcore is somewhere ard 1.57. will run prime95 in awhile
  12. I'm currently trying out for 240x10 on my Winnie 3200+. seeing as how we both are running on stock cooler and similiar CPUs, thought you'd like to know that i managed to hit 230HTTx10 with mem timings at 2.5-3-3-6 and prime stable at 8hrs plus. details in my sig. i tried 240x10 and even lowered multi to 9 and relaxed the mem timings to 2.5-3-3-3-7 but i got booted out while benching with 3DMark03 and 05. also tried raising voltage to 1.45 and @110%.
  13. Hey welcome aboard VezinasGhost! I'm trying to see how high a stable OC i can get on my Winnie 3200+ with the stock cooler. if u plan on on OCing with the stock cooler do share the results. i think the only thing holding my rig back atm are my rams.
  14. hi there i've had the same problems as you tho mine started as soon as i loaded up the latest nvidia forceware drivers. then i read in these forums that memory also had a part in these random BSODs(for mycase i was damn sure it was my Corsairs). i flashed to the 310 bios and they've immediately gone aince. i ran prime for 8 hrs stable and ran sandra's memory benchmark with no BSODs. maybe you could try and salvage a working cable somewhere and get up and going with the new bios. worked for me jus thought maybe it'll work for ya too mate
  15. well i guess you can't stop a good thing can ya? i used to game till dawn - and ever since i got my first nf2 mobo i been benching till dawn :shake: oh first post here too - this is definitely a great resource pool for DFIers
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