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  1. please read the faq before u post here and most importantly do include a signature detailing your system specs and current setups i.e bios settings and such.

    right now most of us wouldn't really know how to best give you advice cos we dun have enuff details dude :rolleyes:

  2. RiZZo, remember to active cool the RAM when running 3.0v. It can heat up quite a bits. :nod:



    hehe no worries :) although 80mm fans would be great to cool the RAM, I think i'll be ok using these.


    haven't tested Prime yet cos i'm still waiting for my radiator and reservoir bracket and only when i Prime will it reach 60-62 deg Celcius :drool: so far tested OCCT at this current 248x10 settings.

  3. yes... Weak CBBID winchester... Anyway just replaced to Venice...


    nice bro...i'm still stuck at 2480mhz with this Winchester! and wats more is that now my memory will not run at 2.8v or even 2.9v without crashing or BSOD.

    ever since i started experimenting with 3.0v, it jus won't do 2.9v at this timing/FSB.

    also i saw somewhere in this forum that someone with tccd rams having similiar problem as me---ever since running at 3.0v and pushing for higher clocks, the rams jus won't run at CAS 2.5 anymore. only time it'll do that is at stock settings. :confused:

  4. danny5 i must say i think the thread u posted made a helluva a difference in lower ing the vcore for my chip. initially i was not able to prime beyond the first set of tests at all with 1.35x123%(1.62v). think less than ten minutes. after running cpu burn i could prime it no prob--i exited prime at 40 mins cos i dun wanna waste my whole sunday not able to game haha. i'll see if i can finally hit 280x9 @ 1.62V or even 1.55v (long shot heh).

  5. hey danny5 i've been having no luck getting stability with my Winnie at 280x9 either. sorry i didnt check my cpu info before i installed it so i dun really know what week. one thing's for sure is my stable settings are on the spot to yours. at 275x9 and mem running at 3-4-4-8. well rest of the mem settings i got some help from chennhui but i'm still tweaking (and a coupla cmos clearing as well :rolleyes: )


    apparently i can prime 7 hrs stable but always seem to fail memtest #8. anyways its prime stable and no probs during gaming. jus thought of sharing this input. damn...when is the price of fx55 gonna fall here hehe

  6. man u guys on water are making twitch with jealousy heh! its too bad my asetek waterchill which i had can't be used with my 3200+...well it did initially but i had it modded to fit my then AthlonXP 2600+ :rolleyes:


    anyways i'm game stable but stil not able to pass memtest's 8th test. but thanks for the input anyhow chennhui. off-topic - i got this 3200+ by mistake when i asked and paid for a 3000+ but the guy made a boo boo and gave me this 3200+ instead. haha maybe i shoulda returned back and gotten the 3000+ instead. u guys seem to get better results with the 3000

  7. Did you try



    LDT 1.3v, Chipset 1.6v, DRAM 2.9v, CPU VID 1.4v X 1.23

    LDT/FBS 3


    I could this winnie at 283 at those parameters. But I wouldn't run it cos the VID is nearly 1.66v (ITE).




    ok i tried your timings and it seemed fine while i was gaming--even tried online gaming like FFXI and i didn't get any BSOD or anything but, it still did not pass after test 4 of prime and had errors flooding my screen in test #8 of memtest. heh could say it isn;t a legit OC but i've thrown all kindsa games at it and runs great so far. i managed to run it at 3-4-8-4 and 1.375v x 123%. still the 60plus temps in prime got me worried a lil

  8. haha u from singapore too bro? anyway i'm still trying to get this damn Winnie run stable at 280x9. could be the instability is due in adequate cooling but then again ur on stock too. maybe jus my luck or i'll jus have to live with 270x9 :confused:

  9. RiZZo you studmeister you :)


    No pics to share of the rig and L.I.S. ? :nod:


    Sure wish some more folks would post screenshots of their dashboards (hint, hint) so maybe we could get a handle on the Chipset temp dealy thingamabober with the NF2.


    Anyone have any idea on how much their chipset temps go up when using an Arctic Silencer on the NF4? I know the GPU/GPU ENV temps go down.



    down with a mild fever today dude but i most definitely post some pics once i'm feeling better :) i'm thinking of removing the acrylic panel of the VFD display as it's reflections tend to be a wee bit distracting.

  10. hey all...seems like i'm stuck with a similiar problem - i can't get 250x10 or 280x9 stable without running Vcore/VID at 1.66v. like those guys who've read Andy's thread on winnie3200+ o/clocking issues, i've tried all kindsa vcore settings but seem to only get stable running 1.35/123% or 1.4/123% if i wanna hit 280x9. for ram settings i can run stable with 2.5-3-3-6 at 240x10. but for 250x10 and 280x9 i run at 2.5-4-4-8/2.9v. i have interleave enabled and set Drive strength at 7. seem to be hitting a roadblock but i probabaly have not explored enuff.


    Oh one more thing...i've jus added a L.I.S Blue eye VFD and an active memory cooler, and while i was expecting the temps to be somewhere near what i was getting when idling (38-40C), instead they jumped to an average of 42-45C! erm u reckon adding that VFD display coulda added to the temp increase??

  11. Worst case scenario?? haha you guys should try my room...bloody furnace in here since the air conditioning went kaput years ago. from singapore here so yeah weather is quite hot...under prime95 my load temps can hit up to 60degC. i hope i'll be able to set up water cooling soon. jus need the damn block :rolleyes:


    chenhui where ya from? sounds like ur temps are near my whereabouts hehe

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