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  1. Am stunned to see so many pb linked to DIMMS Got yesterday my DIMM3 & DIMM4 died suddenly Nothing monster clocking 3.2v on 2x UTT from Twinmos Both slots are completely unable to host any DDR , either BH5 or UTT I got in the past some boot pb, problem raise more and more untill teh day they died
  2. Ebola

    Twinmos 1A4T or AA4T??

    Bought 6x UTT 512 MB chips labeled AA4T, a pair raising up to 265MHz at 3.43V with 2-2-2-5 timings where as others can't get higher than 240MHz whatever the voltage is High random on these sticks
  3. No problem, my friend is no more one ... relayed to noob rank But from what i know is AGP x8 max bandwidth is 2.1GB/s where as 1 line of PCI-E is 500MB/s, meaning that x2 is 1GB/s and x8 is 4GB/s (damn i rox in maths), meaning only PCI-E x8 > AGP ... But i ignore : does latest games such as HL² or Doom3 really consumes all the bandwidth of AGP x8 or not ? Is it measurable ?
  4. Well all my system is overclocked and a "reliable" friend told me a noticiable lose of performance in x2 and even in x8 (fewer) What you mean is that PCI-E bandwidth is at least < to AGP one, even at x1 ?
  5. In the doc. both PCI-E seem to be x16 lines, but on the PCB you can't get such configuration. It's either x8/x8 in SLI mode or x16/x2 in DGFX mode What i'd like to do is to get the lower PCI-E x16 slot to be configured as a x16, in order to get much more room to set a waterbloc on the NF4 I don't want to get a x8 sible video board, because i eared that you lose many perofrmance from x16 to x8 Thx