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  1. As you can see in my sig, i have been running this same rig for about 2 years now (with a lot of success). I want to bump up my RAM another 1GB (a total of 2GB; 4x512) and get a Opty 165 to replace my aging Winnie. Does anyone else have a similar setup as this, and if so, can you recommend a specific BIOS version and setting for this? If you think a different avenue would be better (possibly replacing all the ram and going 1x1gb) let me know. I don't want to spend a lot of money, so going with more RAM and a new CPU would only run me a total of around 250.00. I appreciate any and all help, this forum has always been a great place for assistance!
  2. hope this helps! i dont have a lot extra to give, but I give what i can!
  3. iv seen most hitting at least 2.4...i really dont think a casual user would notice a huge fps diff from 2.4 to 2.8 or so...the multitasking is alweays nice....and it seems the dual core can sometimes be a little faster (especially if u have a lot of other background processes going)....plus, more games should be coming out that will take advantage of it....
  4. either get a 3000 venice or a 3800 X2.... 3000 venice=2.6-2.7Ghz OC 3800 X2 = 2.4 GHz + dual core.... either is great....
  5. i would want to keep the chipset below 55C if possible....sometimes u can simply remove it, apply AS5 and knock a few degrees off....
  6. Platinum rev 2 is great RAM, you wont regret the purchase!
  7. I am building a new rig for a friend, has the same components as my rig in my signature, but with a Venice core. Is there anything I should change? I havnt OC'd with Venice core yet, so was just curious if much needs to be changed vs. the Winshester core... also, what BIOS build seems to be best for Venice/TCC5? thanks for any and all help!!
  8. I havnt run SLI on my board yet, so I cant comment on that... the zalman 7000cu is a great cooler, while not quite as good as a xp90/xp120 and a panaflo fan, it is much quieter....very recommended! keep the 4400, i dont think (and many would agree) that it would be worth your money to upgrade to a 4800...you could most likely OC it to that speed, or close to without much trouble... the 2x1GB ram would be a good idea, if you were planning to OC...otherwise, you can always give the 4x512MB a try before deciding to get new ram...just make sure to use a divider
  9. it gives more voltage to the RAM, makes it run a little warmer, but helps with stability...
  10. whay did u pay almost 500$ for a 6800GT when you could buy a 7800GT for less than that????
  11. same here, 1.63...thats as HIGH as I will go....but temps are fine...no issues so far (been running like that for 9 months)
  12. lol, not really...we need a Version number, stock can mean a number of different versions....depending on when/where the board was purchased....
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