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  1. yep thats the one i have, no go on the ddr360 or ddr400 dividers
  2. ey up folks newbie member :nod: ok well i'll keep it short so theres less to read i got an NF4 SLI-D with some PQI DDR500, the problem im having is that i cant use the dividers for 360ddr or 400ddr and going from there to boost up my RAM, it only works properly when i use the divider for ddr333, from there i can go up but as u can guess this harms my bandwidth only being able to use the divider for ddr333 with ddr500. im using the latest bios, anyone else having the same issue as me or has anyone found how to fix it so i can use the ddr400 divider? cheers :cool:
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