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  1. it should do, memory compatability is one of thoughs things that can make or break a mobo.
  2. you might need to remove any PCI cards you have, but they will fit. outta curiosity tho, why 2x 6800Us? thats mega overkill! mainly in the price, how comes you decided against getting a 6800GT and flashing them with a modded 6800GT bios that would make it OC the same as the ultras? ive got various custom bioses ive made like that if your interested, the site is down atm where they live though. if your interested in 3rd part cooling to conserve space the arctic cooling VAG silencer for the 6800 series works great.
  3. trust me the DFI LP NF4 is lightyears ahead with power consumption at least compared to the A8N, on my A8N my PSU 12v rail is drained to 11.77v, but on my LP NF4 its a healthy happy 12.02, and this is a PSU with 34A on dual 12v rails ive got here.
  4. lol yeah 55c is nuts, any suggestions to the techs to lower that limit? a mobo chipset is important to me so i got that puppy spinning up to full when the chipset reaches past 30c, mainly because looking at where the NF4 chipset is placed, the VC covers it, and if you have a AC X800 series cooler on the VC like i do.......restricts the chipsets airflow even more. @ 1.7v the chipset stay fairly cool with max fan speed though and my trusty AS ceramique applied instead of that nasty yellow crappy thermal padfoamy stuffpastewhatever it it lol
  5. Tagan 480w, ive tested these babies and omg are they stable and reliable, the ones i tested had the joy of being tortured on a dual xeon system with a 6800ultra and an audigy 2 ZS and its rails still reported just over the respecting values, and should you need it the tagan has adjustable potentiometers coupled with a respectable 28A on the 12v rail, its not the highest amperage, but my god its solid, you really dont need anything else, these tagans have been built and engineeired by the best PSU minds in the industry.
  6. my sapphire XL works great, you should download the new catalyst drivers though, prior to cats 5.1 i think it is the drivers are lacking proper support for the XL.
  7. set your chipset fan so it spins to full speed in the bios, for some reason DFI think its perfectly fine to let the chipset reach 55c before the fan spins right up :-S
  8. is your patriot memory the 6-2-3-2 stuff? thats great memory and i cant see any reasons why it would give problems, you could try setting the divider CPC and memory timings manually, it may not be 110% stable but it should get you to windows.
  9. is your WD the only drive on the channel? have you check the BIOS recognises your HDD? if worst comes to the worst try inputting the drive specs manually.
  10. try 7-3-3-3 timings, CAS latency ive found to be the biggest problem for memory instability and ironically it doesnt affect memory performance that much, at least not for me.
  11. i know the feeling, nothing like getting all ur puter parts, i was like a big kid wating for my stuff then i drooled a lot when i got it all no doubt this issue DFI will fix, either by finding the exact timings needed for the PQI modules and this board of fixing the divider properly, im voting on the latter. dont worry dfi techs are really helpful i got 2 responses to a query i asked, one a followup of a few additional things to try from another tech, thumbs up to dfi for support. only other manufacturer ive come across that are that helpful are gigabyte.
  12. to kill the message put the sticks in both the orange DIMM sockets. should let it run fine, dual channel an all.
  13. no itll run the 200 divider, it just wont like you bumping up your DDR500 to its rated speed, absolute best i got stable was 215, using the 333 divider im now at 260, although as u can guess the 333 divider hurts bandwidth quite a bit with DDR500, i estimate i should be getting 7GBs roughly, probably a lot more, while running 250 with a DDR400 divider, as it stands running the 333 divider with DDR500 im at 6.3GBs running 260
  14. sounds like a board problem, whoa im surprised at the amount of NF4 mobo issues ppl are having mine works great apart from the ddr360 and ddr400 divider, but that is a memory compatability issue that must need addressing, im using PQI PC4000 Turbomemory, expensive, high quality stuff, but still memory issues. im having to use a ddr333 divider thats as good as it gets atm so as u can guess my bandwidth is crippled having to use a 333 divider on DDR500, im desperate for that DDR400 divider.
  15. its all NF4 boards i think, got an A8N SLI Dlx an thats having the same problem too. remember this is a spanking new chipset, give her a few BIOS revisions
  16. you now in the same boat as me my friend i have the SLI-D though, the PQI memory is fantastic and id advise flashing to the new BIOS for max compatability, you wont run a 200 divider though, the board just doesnt like it same goes for the 180 divider, however the 333 divider works fine, 6.3GBs here @ 260HTT, although as you can guess, bandwidth is hurt by the ddr400 divider seemingly not working with PQI PC4000 memory atm. come on dfi fix this then the board will be perfect
  17. my LP SLI-D was perfect, not even any scars on the anti bag although seeing it packed like it was did worry me, when you look at it, DFI could easily put that audio on the board before its shipped, its only the connection and 2 plastic push pins holding it on, the box even closer proper still after i clicked it on, although it would be an idea to make the box a bit deeper and add a bit of padding on top to make sure the audio PCB bit doesnt get smashed
  18. the divider for DDR333 works for me, id like to get the divider for ddr400 going though as ive got ddr500. i want my bandwidth back
  19. i have nothing against the LP NF4 SLI-D mobo, deff flash to the latest bios if you get one though thats a must, after that only argument i have is it would seem the 180 and 200 FSB dividers dont really work, im having to run my DDR500 with a DDR333 divider, yes a DDR333 divider, so bandwidth for me is somewhat crippled atm
  20. i vote winchester 3200+, got mine @ 2.6Gs 260HTT so far
  21. if not that, try adjusting your HTT multi and raising FSB higher.
  22. check the card is seated properly in its slot, nad i think some 6600GT cards require an extra connection for them so check that too.
  23. i got that too, i noticed it though before i did any messing around so it wasnt a thang for me i like that built in memtest thing though - very useful imo.
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