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  1. at worst this is a BIOS compatability problem for sure, im having problems and its by far safe to say its BIOS issues, remember this is a spanking new chipset, its going to take a while for it to get going properly.
  2. onboard voltage i say, that and im not sure about the ultra boards but my SLI-D has a jumper on the board which gives me further voltage increases from 3.2v all the way up to 4v
  3. either hotflash with another board, or DFI are going to have to update the shipping BIOS on their boards, the latter is obviously easier, and more than probably not difficult for DFI to do.
  4. thats my point. which is why it would be nice to see a review on 2x 6800GTs vs a X850XT. overall i think SLI is a waste of space, by the time you have 2 gigantic VCs in there with their even bigger coolers there is almost NO room to use any of the other slots, its a huge waste, take that into account with the fact most developeres probably wont design games for SLI plus the huge expense of 2 decent VCs in SLI the only time your going to see SLI in use is gonna be in benchmarks :- I have 2 SLI boards just in case, but I dont see SLI being at all viable, taking the approach like volari and gigabyte have done however is a much more viable route 2x GPUs on one PCB.
  5. the MSI board isnt anything so hot, best 2 boards out right now without a shout of a doubt is the DFI LP NF4 series and the Asus A8N SLI Dlx. I know, i own them both and know others who own a few other NF4 boards by different companies
  6. just a though to get a good idea of SLI, wouldnt it be a good idea if somebody was to review 2x 6800GTs in SLI vs a single X850XT? really get to see just HOW good SLI is, ive seen reviews of 2x 6600GTs and to be honest, results havent looked that impressive.
  7. 2.1GBs over the AGP 8x bus is NOT fully consumed by HL2 or D3, its quite the opposite, D3 and HL2 are simple the FIRST games to need AGP 8x as AGP 4x is too limited for it (AGP 4x = 1.066GBs) so in reality D3 and HL2 on the AGP 8x bus are probably using say 1.3GBs of that total 2.1GBs. and should you need it, although 99% of people dont have more than a 5MHz or so margin, you can increase the AGP bus freqency to give a boost to total available bandwidth across the AGP bus, although i havent botherd working out how much extra bandwidth would become available.
  8. yep. that will improve quality a huge amount, if you know what your doing with it you can probably eliminate all the "pops" etc. although missing sounds and so forth are obviously driver problems.
  9. as i said then, just a lot of panic over nothing, and surprise surprise its the inquirer that starts it all....AGAIN.
  10. for the hell of it set things manually to 7-3-3-2.5 @ 1T and manually select 200 and put voltage @ 2.8v. you can also try setting the 166 divider as i have problems with the 200 divider as well, not half as bad as you, but they are there. If all that doesnt work, its certainly not the RAM.
  11. the sound isnt terrible. To get maximum quality out of any sound device you need to know how to work a synthesizer as all sound products default to a "flat" preset in the driver. once you work that synthesizer magic sound quality will improve dramatically, although of course some problems are always going to be driver related that need fixing.
  12. the configuration the diagram shows is correct, its showing you the PCIE slots and what they are capable of doing individually, which is indeed 16x, when you use 2x PCIE graphics cards thats when the bandwidth of the 16x bus is shared in half delivering 8x performance through each PCIE 16x slot. Think of it as 2x AGP 8x slots when in SLI. Hope that cleared things up
  13. because im pretty sure the chipset still needs to understand a thing or 2 of SSE3
  14. somethng is wrong for sure, @ stock speed and vcore my 3200+ reads 32c or so, which given my cooling is about right. tried reseating your cooling and resetting your cmos? prehaps even reflashing? if that doesnt work id assume you have a dodgy temp probe.
  15. this is all rumor spanning from the inquirer largely, i doubt there will be any real problems, only thing that has cause for some concerne is the SSE3 instruction set, that im not sure if the NF4 supports or not, although nvidia tend to plan ahead pretty well so they probably thought about that.
  16. seagate dont make great HDDs, id replace the one your thinking of getting with a western digital or maxtor diamondmax10
  17. it would be inital release i think, where are these betas on DFIs site and what fixes in that beta? pls say more improved memory compatability :nod:
  18. have you checked your HSF is making proper contact with your GPU core? best thing to do is take it off and remount it, if that fails.....yup RMA time really.
  19. have u tried memory sticks in both the orange slots? if not try it. if its where you have a blank bios chip dont bother sending DFI it you can hotflash it yourself, take about 5 mins tops.
  20. im not too sure......i was crazy enough to loosen my timings all the way to 11-5-5-3 and all i got was crazy artifacts lol but ill give it a go and take note of things this time
  21. have you disabled VPU recover? that things a bastard and interferes with just about everything.
  22. i have a lite-on DVDRW SOHW 1653S, its a great drive and burnt a full 4.7GB in around 10 mins it also supports that lovely new R9 media format as well for a spacious 8.5GB of storage
  23. whats that? thats a 19 or 21" isnt it? eitherway if memory serves thats a decent monitor, wish i had one
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