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  1. hmm......i already tried a large chunk of thoughs timings.....bugger. odd how a lot of expensive high quality memory isnt working right on the dfi NF4 boards though, off to try some more settings then i guess.
  2. im more interested as to why dfi didnt actually put the HSs on the fets
  3. im not talking about OC results in what i said, i stated for that speed, in other words. @ DDR500 the Hynix D5 are amongst the fastest performing chips. google the code, results dont lie
  4. ^^you can still hotflash. hell i might even expose my system to beta testing simply because this memory issue is really bloody annoying so if i get my mits on a beta that fixes it hurrah
  5. while i will not abuse mine or anyone elses system to a beta BIOS, it would be nice to have a thread where users are kept informed of fixes being worked upon so users know if a particular issue they are having is widely known or something is being done that may help their problem. just a though.
  6. do you know the whole memory configuration? such as the row cycle time etc? after further memory exploration ive come to the final conclusion this problem people are having is a BIOS memory compatability problem, ive run my DDR500 modules in single channel even, and even one stick @ DDR500 single channel will not boot, if anyone has any other possibility apart from the conclusion ive come to then please post, many ppl are having this problem.
  7. dpnt worry too much, i have DDR500 and it absolutely refuses to run 250 (rated speed) with its 1:1 divider, current looking into the issues suggests a problem in the boards BIOS - nothing to do with hardware.
  8. as5 needs to work in, give it a few days
  9. heres something you might want to try, instead of having the fans balanced there how about cutting a hole in the top of your case and mounting in a fan? its not too difficult and will drag that heat right out.
  10. heatspreaders are there to make things look nice, they neither raise temps nor do they lower them much (maybe 2c) my advice would be to increase vdimm to 3.6v to hopefully work out all the errors (or simply relax your timings a tad) and find a way to ghetto righ a 60mm fan over the memory modules.
  11. but think what dynamite the boards would be if they were equipped with great HSs and HSFs right off the bandwagon eh? personally i think you got the cooling right on the LP SLI boards, nice mosfet sinks, japanease resistors, and a pretty killer chipset cooler (once its been lapped to remove that horrid pitted machine finish and AS ceramique applied of course :cool: )
  12. ok. lets hope your puter boots at least so from there you can at least mess with it to get things right, but i truely believe this problem is a BIOS issue problem and none other.
  13. I got hynix by luck, thats it. didnt say what chips were being used where i got mine from. if im getting this much trouble with hynix chips id brace yourself for your comp not even booting with the TCCD chips
  14. That sucks man i hate it when stuff is missing from an order its such a pain in the arse. got some more info to report now too, the modules on my DDR500 are Hynix HY5DU56822CT-D5, some of the worlds fastest chips for that speed, if not THE FASTEST and these chips are known to clock to a staggering 275 (DDR550) so its now 100% boneified varified unqestionable that the memory modules are not the problem here.
  15. for any memory problems report them in this link, if we are going to hound the techs because of memory problems lets at least make it easy for them to find
  16. thats not quite the same thing, somewhere in your BIOS (ill go check where exactly in a sec) there is a setting that says "reset configuration data" you want to enable that then save and exit, this rearranges all the IRQs (interrupt requests) with all hardware attached to the system, and is meant to be used as a possible fix in a situation exactly like yours. ED- the setting to reset the configuration data is in pnppci configuration, or whatever the exact name is, its pnp the start of it, sorry doing like a million things at once atm.
  17. Well as some of you know i'm having a hell of a time getting this SOB to run a 1:1 (200) divider with my DDR500 (250x2) now we all know it should be a straightforward process of HTT 4x 1:1 divider and "FSB" set to 250, this, nomatter what, will not work, period. The absolute best I can get with that setup is 215 "FSB" and thats it. As of right now its nothing but a dead end and its more than likely a problem with the SLI-D BIOS, to help lay this to rest I've consulted memtest86+ 1.51 and setting a divider of 56 (166) with this divider HTT ive managed to bump up to 260, so problem solved right? Nope. Consulting memtest solidifies this is not a fix, the DDR is still only running @ DDR434, the same total as with the 1:1 divider. Although this is not a permanent fix it is a nice temporary fix as it will allow you to OC your CPU, in my case up to 2.6GHz (260x10) and you will be able to put some bandwidth in too, itll just only be slightly higher than the 1:1 divider equivilent, on 1:1 expect roughly 6.3GBs @ 215, and @ 5:6 260 expect 6.4GBs As of right now this is the best fix I can come up with, its frustrating to say the least and to be blunt its inexcusable that the most commonly used divider would seemingly have a HUGE bug, or if not the divider a serious memory compatability issue with the BIOS, now i'm NOT putting the blame on any of the DFI BIOS team as they do a great job, and lord knows mistakes do happen, but at the same time it would be nice if they could look into this as I am by far not the only one with this problem. Well hope this helps at least some of you with the same or simalar problem.
  18. try letting the BIOS reset your configuration data, its also worth getting driver cleaner 3.2, uninstalling the ATI drivers in safe mode then running driver cleaner and rebooting, see if that helps.
  19. for a rock solid 1.58v (reads as 1.6v in BIOS though) 1.475v x 110% special control, on that im doing 2.6GHz, time to burn her in a lil then raise that vcore some
  20. sorry couldnt be arsed to read all the posts but, did u try moving the memory modules to the orange DIMM slots?
  21. i dont like SLI for the reasons ive already mentioned, i dont have anything against it as my mobo proves, i just dont think its the way forward either, it uses far too much space.
  22. haha im running uber silky smooth with a x800xl, 6x AA + temporal AA enabled and 16x AF, thought the types of quality settings you like?
  23. the lack of an LPT port is frustrating, i have a quality lazerjet i cant use anymore because of that
  24. wheres the 2x 6800GTs in SLI vs 1x X850XT? i dont see it ed- nvm i see it now
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