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  1. i take it your using the nvidia audio driver then? installed DX9c? checked the onboard audio is enabled in your BIOS?
  2. Ok heres the jig, playing UT04, when, and ONLY when you get to the map on the oil rig, the in-game music starts to loop and play the same part several times over before going on, this happens when i try to listen to music of my own while playing UT04 as well, this doesnt happen in Doom3 or max payne2 or just when im watching DVDs or listening to music normally, best guess i have right now is maybe the PCI latency with the NF4 is a little tighter than on other boards? Anyway heres what i've done to try and remedy it; 1. unconditional format 2. put copper HS on the via IC for the PCI bus 3. tried using the onboard audio instead of my sonicfury 4. reflashed bios with 310 just for the hell of it 5. done the general, defragging, registry cleaningoptimisation, virus check and even spyware check just in case also using the latest NF4 chipsetsound drivers. so......erm.....ideas? If its not where PCI latency n the NF4 is a little tighter than other chipsets seriously the only other thing i can think of it might be is my HDD :-S but that is an extreme shot in the dark. Oh and my HDD is on SATA1, although as far as i know that doesnt matter as NF4 has locks for all sata ports.
  3. i know, i wouldnt be so pissed off if memory compatability tables were easily and readily available, i looked for a good hour on the DFI site and still didnt find that compatability table and google turned up nothing as well.
  4. dont you dare get all bitchy at me, you actually botherd to read the various threads i made you would of read i tried and did everything and then some and the modules still wont run, Hynix D5 modules are as widely used as any other, and to be blunt, should of been tested for compatability, and at the extreme least a memory compatability list should be easily and readily available for any board.
  5. 2 driver sets 6.37s are good not heard anybody complaining of problems with them, the others a newly out, 6.53s, both sets can be downloaded from guru3d. im on 6.37s, too lazy to uninstall an test new chipset drivers atm
  6. thanx that will prolly help a good deal of ppl but, omg, is it really so much to ask of the memory to just work when its banged in the slots nowadays? im not blaming the memory manufacturers because its rare something their end goes wrong, im saying board manufacturers should take tme to TEST what memory will WORK in the board from the major manufacturers, i remember my old K6-2 setup, even an unknown brand PC133 module ppl could just bang in back then and the thing would run like a champ still, i mean come on, memory testing is important uknow.
  7. thats not a big list for campatible PC4000 modules.......and considering ppl are using either PC4000 or PC3200 in the boards and haviing problems where there should be none....only spells "investigation" no doubt the board is good, but these memory problems are.....err....problematic and have to be sorted so the board can stretch its legs
  8. Thats the stuff!, as DFI seem to not have a memory compatability list I figured somebody had to do something, these memory problems are beyond a joke now.
  9. As the title says, any memory ppl are having with 0% compatability problems and running 1:1 list the manufacturer and memory type here. Just taking a detailed look around i'm seeing problems with memory on these boards from all the big manufacturers, OCZ, Corsair, GeIL, HyperX, Patriot, PQI, you name it. So it'd be nice to see just what memory IS compatible with this board to save as many ppl hassle as possible.
  10. Not TCCD but a memory problem none the less thats only existent on my DFI SLI-D, PQI Turbomemory PC4000, Hynix D5 chips, capable of 275MHz+, 480w PSU - +12v 34A, board rev A02
  11. whats wrong with just hotflashing? quick to do. i find it faster than the bios savior, that is when a flash does go bad and thats very, very rare. works for me mainly because ive got another comp with the same bios socket type so i just boot it with a DOS disk, flip the chip out and replace with the duff one, wipe the ROM chip then reflash it, never fails :cool:
  12. I did a simalar test when trying to find a fix with my PC4000 and SLI-D board and had results falling in with what your getting, running a crappy 166 divider the memory topped out @ 260HTT (actual 216) and required an unusually high 3.1v to be totally error free, this is most deffinately a board problem, never in all my 10 years working with computers have I seen such terrible memory compatability, ive run every possible test hardware configuration and "reliable" (aka timings that should work to boot to windows @ 1:1) and absolutely nothing has worked. So for a lot of ppl its a case of sitting back and waiting for the fixes, preferably fixes that come much sooner rather than later.
  13. ive never had any problems with onboard devices, all i can suggest for you is to try the nforce 6.37s if audio is still dodgy......looks like an RMA if u wanna use the onboard audio.
  14. look out, even with that VX memory ive heard stories of it not working right on these boards, hopefully by the time you get your comp tho a bios will be out enhancing memory compatability.
  15. being cheap that will factor in it, but take a look around, these boards are plauged with memory issues right now nomatter how expensive, i purposely spent £195 on some decent memory, for all the good it did me i may as well of spent £10 on it. bout all u can do is but ludicrusly priced memory and hope or sit back and wait for the fixes.
  16. right ok just finished the last few possabilities and even switched to an IDE drive, still no go. so its unquestionable now that its a divider andor memory compatability problem. over to u DFI ive got just about all the info i can. *bows out*
  17. thats odd.....i bought my board about a week ago and mine is reported as A3, all i can out your problem down to is memory incompatability, your not the only one just abot everybody has it right now, dfi are working on it
  18. bang goes me considering buying some OCZ VX as my PQI turbomemory wont work on this DFI board. i also have a A8N but havent tested it yet. i think its time to sit back and let both asus and dfi bios teams battle it out, first one to get my PQI turbomemory going wins my vote (and high praise) if its of any help here are some threads ive seen of manufacturers memory not to get if you have a DFI NF4 mobo; http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7546 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7296 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7420 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/sho...71124#post71124 and mine http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7508
  19. im thinking of getting some OCZ VX, but given the £195 i paid for perfectly good PQI memory that isnt working im not a fan of spending another £208, especially as all major memory brands are having problems on this board it would seem atm. almost makes me glad i got the A8N as well with the intentions of testing which board worked better. but anyway untill someone gives me CONCREAT 200% guarantee if i get VX it will work 110% on this board im not spending another penny. even after that ill still be -£195, nots not like a retailer is going to take back memory that works just because it wont work with a particular board that has no memory compatability list to cross reference, anybody interested in buying my PQI PC4000 turbomemory? ill let it go for £180 inc p&p.
  20. bump because its gone seemingly unnoticed when its a significant thing.
  21. im not talking about answering anyone, i simply mean having a sticky where any big issues are posted by the mods as being fixedlooked at.
  22. ok the table isnt complete but here are some timings that almost-but-not-quite work 1:1 CPC on Row cycle time 12 refresh cycle time 14 read to write delay 2 write CAS 1 drive str 7 date drv str 2 async latency 8 preamble time 4 thoughs are the only timings ive done atm.
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