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  1. a great PSU without the need of a human sacrafice is the hiper r type 480w, has dual 12v rails @ 34A. ive tested all sorts of PSUs but im particularly fond of this PSU, its just rock solid running system in sig.
  2. yea i jus read in another thread, wish dfi would make up their minds, lets hope the slots dont change again
  3. i would get some g-skill over the ocz, as for dvd burners, i like the lite-on SOHW-1653s
  4. for crap an giggles, u put em in the yellow slots just to see if it boots?
  5. k this is just weird, "dividing" memory slots depending on the IC. if it adds more stability then its all gud i spose
  6. All that potential......to be suddenly and savagely ripped away by that X300SE....I think im gonna cry
  7. Just a question, do the orange dimm slots do anything differently to the yellow slots? just in dual channel with the orange slots the best timings i can get are 7-2-2-2.5 but dual channel with the yellow slots the timings i can get are 8-2-2-2, probably even 5-2-2-1.5
  8. in all honesty, i think memory compatability sucks with DFI boards, although they have made it better than it was. ive got some G-Skill with TCCD chips arriving in a few days and if it doesnt work as it should, by god is this DFI board resigning to the bin and ill scold DFI till hell freezes over as G-skill is supposed to work perfectly with the board and is listed as being 100% compatible. hear that DFI? Perfectly
  9. *cough* what? allow me to indulge the readers with just a few examples http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/archiv...hp/t-64189.html http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2005/06/0...0_el_dfi/2.html notice the words bios issue used rather a lot? unacceptable that DFI still cant sort these problems out when every other manufacturer gets along just fine with modules from makes such as corsair, does DFI just skip module testing all together now? certainly looks like it, i mean how many bios revisions have there been now? 20+? and thats just what i can find in a quick scan. come on sort this out, this compatability issue is wearing thin with everybody.
  10. how about DFI just make it work like every other manufacturer manages to do with no problem?
  11. im not arguing that. im arguing the fact a stock user is technically forced to void their warrenty just to get the desired compatability fix to solve their problem, this is wrong and also has the convenience for DFI as being a get-out clause for RMAing because the user was forced to use a beta where DFI wont release an official
  12. dont question dodge, he main beef here is the fact that users, operating stock or otherwise, are forced to use beta bioses because the last official is pretty crap, all other manufacturers manage to release official bioses fixing the relevant problems, why cant DFI? this is somewhat of an unfair deal on the stock user who just needs to get compatability is it not?
  13. i'll agree with that, DFI SHOULD release much more frequent official BIOSes, other manufacturers seem to have no problem doing this....*cough* ASUS, MSI, EPOX etc *cough*
  14. well look at that......14 years in PCs and i just picked something up, goes to show you learn something new every day. i've never heard anywhere and i even frequent a crapload of forums, i'll try setting catalyst AI to minimal, dont think there is a direct "off" ability with the omega drivers i use.
  15. dont worry about it you just got a jacked up CPU temp sensor, if it bothers you that much take the board back and tell them the CPU temp sensor doesnt work.
  16. Wheres that new bios for dual core A64s at? im reviewing one shortly. Probably the 4800+
  17. your fine, just set the chipset fan so it runs full speed, for some reason DFI think its fine for the chipset to reach 55c before the fan kicks to full speed :-S
  18. mmmmmm........BH-5 compatability being removed from BIOSes newer than 310.......thats not a smart move DFI.
  19. no its not UT04, runs fine on any other system, and its not just that map, from that map onward all ingame music loops in the same way. :-S
  20. you have put a FAT on the HDD right? (file allocation table)
  21. you using the 310 BIOS? anything before that isnt really so hot.
  22. if they are BH-5 250 @ 3.6v is doable with tight timings.
  23. its not hidden :-S its right there with all the other stuff like vdimm and the special voltage control for the cpu or whatever it is, i forget its exact name.
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