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  1. Ok this isnt a joke anymore, 2nd time ive had to RMA a dfi board where its randomly died for no reason (1st was a NF2 infinity) and then the server on DFIs main site mysteriously stopped working, now its happend this RMA as well, nomatter if i select to go to their global site, US site or UK site, they realise when an RMA request is clicked on or something and they just think "bloody hell not another one" and block the IP or what? when is dfi going to get some decent servers for their main site? anyway im not happy nor impressed i had this damn thing sincue january and its already died :mad: anyone have an email address i can use instead of hopelessly using their poxy RMA request form?

  2. Ok thought I'd write up a detailed analysis;


    my SLI-D sufferd a SDS, everything is fine as i tested it in my spare AN8 Fatal1ty SLI, kicker is I JUST got it running smoothly without problems, the thing gets stuck at DRAM detectedVGA detected stages of POST, only thing I havent tried is a new BIOS chip, though I have hotflashed its current BIOS chip, before I RMA and potentially get a board with a substatially worse chipset (mind does 320MHz HTT with no signs of wanting to stop there @ 1:1) who thinks I should nab a new BIOS chip, flash it with a SLI-D BIOS and put it in just on the off-chance its as simple as the BIOS chip has died?

  3. Hi Guys, I'm new to the DFI Forums, so here's what I'm doing for my new system because 478 and AGP are being phased out. :angel:


    DFI Lanparty Nforce4 Ultra-D

    AMD Opteron Socket 939 148 (2.2 Ghz)

    Sapphire ATI X800GTO2 (Unlocks to an X850XTPE)


    Using my OCZ Powerstream 520, Dell OEM RAM, and WD hard drive. I plan on upgrading my hard drive to a Hitachi Deskstar SATAII 160GB, and my RAM to something...Suggest me some!


    Anyway, good to meet you all, and I hope to help out here a lot!



    Heh, wassup dude? if i said "Ket" that should give u a hint to who i am :D

  4. Title explains it all, my SLI-D has sufferd a SDS (sudden death syndrome) it gets stuck at dram detectedvga detected, tested the components in a an8 fatality sli, and the board is most deffinately dead :(


    posting here because i cant find RMA services on DFIs main site :confused:

  5. You need to unconditional format your drive (setting it back to all 0s) to do this the easy thing to is grab hold of a win98 bootdisk, making sure it has fdisk and format.com files on it, let the disk load and when prompted press shift+f5 to enter dos prompt, from there type fdisk, delete your hard drive partition and recreate it, exit fdisk and type the following command; FORMAT C: /U wait for the format to complete and your drive will then be set back to all 0s. As things like linux seem to work fine i wouldnt think your cpu or mobo is buggerd.

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