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  1. My Opty 170 CCBBE 0610DPMW that I just got from newegg two days ago does 2910mhz at 1.475 and was prime stabe for the 8 hours that I tested it. I just cannot get it to go any higher. Even at 1.5v it still will not finish prime 95 at 3000mhz. The computer seems fine at that speed but Prime is not. Currently idle is 33-34C and load is 42-44C. I think I might just keep it at this speed. It appears to be the maximum reasonable overclock for this cpu.
  2. I tried 300x10 and even put the ram at 5/6. I had to raise the vcore to 1.5v and then it booted fine but prime 95 failed in less than a minute. I am reinstalling windows now just in case. I had some sort of mpeg audio issue anyway that would shut down my tv tuner when i tried to record something.
  3. Here are the settings that I am using
  4. I have tried the ram at a lower divider but i get the same result. Maybe it is another setting. I am running the vcore at 1.475 on this dual core and it is prime stable. Only the first day of testing though. I have the ram at 2.70v. The only difference that I see is that my dual core chip needs 1.457 and the single core needed 1.45. After 12 hours of prime 95 the core temp was 43-44C. Idle temp is around 33-34C. Is there something else stability wise that could be holding me back?
  5. I have the computer below in my specs. It is prime stable. I just got an opteron 170 0610 and it overclocks to the same speed? Do you find it odd that I get the same speed out of it? I wonder if there is something that could possibly be holding me back. I can go higher but prime errors after about 5 mins. This is the same as my single core opteron. Thanks!!!
  6. Sorry I forgot to list that. I have 2x1gb of G. Skill pc 4000 DDR
  7. I was looking at either the 165 or the 170 at newegg. Basically same overclocking potential. It just appears that everyone who bought the 170 got a a good stepping and almost all who bought the 165 got a good stepping. The difference is about $30.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. It sounds like an upgrade to a new 6600 would not be the best choice. Also, for gaming i am not sure a dual core would be the best. I wonder how the 8800gts performs with the single core amd cpu compared to the dual core amd cpu.
  9. I have my system in the signature. It would real easy and a lot cheaper to get a dual core 939 opteron and overclock it. The alternative would be a core duo 6600, new ram, and a new motherboard. Do you think the upgrade to an intel based system would be worth it or not?
  10. I checked the boot priority and it is cdrom then hard drive 0. I think I will delete the partition and reformat again. Maybe the partition is not active.
  11. I have a DFI Ultra II motherboard and Corsair ram. I am trying to install Windows but I have a problem. The computer boots to the Windows XP cd, formats the drive, loads temp files and then reboots as it should. For some reason this is where everything stops. It just hangs at the screen where it says boot from cd. What could cause this? Thanks!!! This is a Athlon 32 bit system. It is not the one in my signature.
  12. Thanks guys! I appreciate all of your opinions. I think I will stay with this bios for now. I really have not issues other than being at 2910mhz and wanting 3000mhz. It is a guy think I guess. I know it makes no real difference.
  13. I still have the 6/23 bios. Should I update it? It runs great at 2910mhz but I did not know if there are some features that I am missing or if it could help my overclock. Thanks!!!
  14. My opty 148 does 2910 at 165fsb and 1.45v. 3000ghz and prime fails after about 2 hours.
  15. I have a 148 opteron. I am running at 3ghz @ 1.5v. Prime locks up after about 2 hours. I think it is heat. From what i can tell the cpu is at 36C at idle and 48-49C at load. This is according to smart guardian which may be 1-3C off. Other than prime failing after 2 hours there are no problems gaming or anything else. I can run at 2910 at 1.45v and temps are about 5-6C less at idle and load. I wonder if the difference is really worth the extra stress on the system. The way it works out with the dividers my ram is running a little slower when the system is at 3ghz compared to 2.91ghz. I think the memory is at 250mhz now compared to 262mhz at 2.91ghz. I have a SI0120 cooling my cpu.
  16. CPU: Opteron 148 Stepping: CABYE 0540FPMW Overclocked speed: 2910 mhz CPU voltage: 1.45v Idle temp: 33C Load temp: 44C HTT: 306 G. Skill 2 x 1gb: 263mhz I can get in to Windows at 3ghz with no problem at all and everything looks fine. Unfortunately prime will usually error after 2 mins or so. One time it went for 2 hours but that was the most. Maybe i should see if 3dmark 2005 will run or how long it will run in a loop..... I have tried lowering the ram speed and the htt. I also upped the voltage to 15. and 1.525 but nothing helps. As a matter of fact it did worse then. I guess there is no real difference between 3ghz and 2.91ghz. I just really wanted 3ghz.
  17. I got my new system up and running. Here are the stats: opteron 148 @ 273x11=2930mhz (1.45v) G. Skill 2x1gbhz DDR500 @ 273mhz (1:1) 3-4-4-8 This ultra board and G. Skill ram rock!!! I used the settings that the G. Skill tech provided on the xtreme systems forum.
  18. Thanks - I did not know if this was the program of choice or not. My opteron is at 2.4ghz idling at 31C. Will overclock more later. I just got it together.
  19. I put my ultra board on the following for initial overclock: cpu VUD 1.425 cpu VID special control 110% I have seen people recommend 110%. According to smart guardian my cpu voltage was 1.52v. Does that mean it is at that voltage all the time? I thought it was only when needed. I am back down to 1.40 because i put the special control on auto. What is the difference betwen the above to things? Thanks!!! BTW I did read this: PU VID Control This is your vcore which is your CPU’s voltage setting .. CPU VID Special Control This may be named different depending on the motherboard but it normally has options that look like this.. 104%, 110%, 113%, 123%, 126%, 133%, 136% What this does is let you add more vcore to your CPU when your regular vcore options are not enough.. What you do is multiply your CPU VID Control with your CPU VID Special Control to get your actual vcore. Here is an example of using the VID Special.. CPU VID Control = 1.50 CPU VID Special = 110% 1.50 x 110% = 1.65v So with this setting your giving your CPU 1.65 vcore.
  20. What program do most of you use to monitor cpu temp on the DFI Ultra nF4 board? Thanks!
  21. In that price range or I would go for the 6800gs. I think there is a $20 rebate to bring it down to that. Or at least there was one.
  22. It will probably be fine. I plan on getting this ram after a suggestion from Sharp: G Skill
  23. I am in the market for a board. I have an opteron 148 already. I was looking at the nF4 ultra, SLI-DR and the Expert. Is there any reason to pick one over the other besides the fact that the Ultra doese not have sli? I am a little gun shy of the expert. It seems people are having trouble getting as high of an overclock as they did on their ultra or DR board. Not many people seem to get higher overclocks on the Expert board either. Maybe I am missing something that has been posted. Thanks for your time!!!
  24. I want a good modular power supply that will give me enough power for overclocking an opteron on a dfi board.
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