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  1. By the way, I checked the stats of the HD in the C: properties tab of "Hardware", and it says for that particular hard drive these stats: Disk: Disk 1 Type: Basic Status: Online Partition Style: Master Boot Record [MBR] Capacity: 157065 MB Unallocated Space: 157065 MB Reserved Space: 0 MB Any ideas?
  2. Ok, well I got the freakin burner to finally work, turns out that just 2 pins in the very corner weren't in all the way because the cable was being pulled too tight, so I just pushed it as hard as I could and now it works. As for the SATA, after I fixed the drive, windows wouldn't go passed "Verifying DMI pool" because I had the SATA on plugs 1 and 3, since I thought maybe plug 2 was bad because it wasn't recognizing my drive. I've put it back into plugs 1 and 2, and it boots back into windows, but it still doesn't recognize the drive. Do you think there is anything that has to do with formatting? When I installed XP Pro, it had me format the first drive and install on it, but it never asked me something about the second drive. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with that?
  3. I just build a new rig about 4 hours ago, specs are in the sig. The HD's that I've decided to get are both Hitachi 160GB SATA drives, and optical drives are a.) Lite-On DVD-ROM and 2.) NEC-3520A DVD-+RW. My Lite-On works just fine, but my NEC doesn't get recognized at all. I've checked the cables and everything is plugged in fine, but it still doesn't add. My first hard drive works and is running XP Pro as we speak [this is what I'm typing this on], and my second hard drive is recognized in the device manager, but doesn't show up in "my computer". Anybody have any ideas on what the reasoning behind this is? Thanks for the help beforehand.
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