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  1. Wasn't really a fan of Zao...just wasn't diggin it. But yes, Norma Jean rocks. Their new cd is kinda iffy, but they've been through 3 singers so it's kind of understandable. Their first [and best] singer now started another HC band, named The Chariot, they ROCK. Norma Jean with 3 times the power...its great. I just saw their show a couple weeks ago, insane stuff.
  2. Hey komodo...could you post those A64Tweaker settings on the newest version? [0.60 beta]. That's the one I have, and there's different options that aren't shown on 0.50XT and vice versa. If not, it's all gravy.
  3. Wow, no hardcore lovers in the OC'ing scene? Here's some of my favs: Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake Every Time I Die - Hot Damn! Unearth - The Stings Of Conscience Norma Jean - Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child Poison The Well - Tear From The Red Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache As I Lay Dying - The Frail Words Collapse A few less heavy: Thrice - Artist In The Ambulance Thursday - Full Collapse System Of A Down - [self Titled] Lots more hardcore stuff, if anybody's interested
  4. As far as I know all the ones I have in are low current fans... The Panaflo is 92MM M1A model, only 48CFM, so it doesn't draw too much power. Chipset is obviously supposed to be there, so I'm sure that's within the limits. Another is the AMD stock heatsink fan, so that is ok too...the 4th is the stock XP-90 fan that comes w/ the retail package, so that is obviously OK too. The only one I don't know about is the case fan, as it came with the case. 120MM Thermaltake [intake for my Tsunami]. So I guess I'm good...still waiting on those comments from the EE's.
  5. I currently am using all 5 of the fan headers on the Ultra-D, and I was wondering if that would be ok for the board. I've read that certain high-power fans [ie Tornado, Delta] can screw up your system if you have them being powered by the fan header on the mobo, so that made me wonder if I should have something to worry about. Note that none of the fans plugged in are nearly as powerful as those. Here's the list: 1.) CPU Fan 2.) AMD stock heatsink fan [blowing on RAM] 3.) Chipset fan 4.) 120MM exhaust 5.) 92MM stock XP-90 retail fan [blowing on chipset] Thanks in advance :nod:
  6. I don't have a CPU like [3000 Winnie], but I can recommend you some RAM for around $200. I personally use Patriot PC3200 w/ XBL [they're TCCD chips], I spent like $220 on them, and they are GREAT to me. I can take them all the way up to 280MHz with only 2.6V at timings of 2.5-4-3-6 1T. It's a dual channel kit [512x2], and I'm really pleased with them. Not quite as good as the GSkill's, but again, not quite as expensive either. You get what you pay for :nod:
  7. Blah, the other day I shut down my computer at night so I could sleep without a retardedly bright blue LED shining back at me [Thermatake Tsunami], and went to sleep peacefully. Woke up the next morning, turned on the computer, and it wouldn't boot past the XP logo screen. It would memory dump, reboot, repeat. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out. Came on here and a few other forums, but looking through all the posts of people, sending some PM's, and asking a lot of questions, I finally figured it out and now my rig is running like a champ yet again. Brought the OC back up to what it was, and it's running beautifully. I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for all the help, and that this site really is one of the reasons that DFI is great...just thought that you guys would like to see a success story for once instead of a "WHY ISN'T MY 20-PIN PSU WORKING". Cheers :nod:
  8. The CPU is set at 200x9 = 1.8GHz, LDT is set at x5 to give you 1000MHz. Always try and keep it below that [ex: drop to 4 or 3 once you start overclocking to make sure the overall is less than 1000MHz].
  9. 512x2 @ 290MHz | 2.7V 2.5-4-3-6 1T, 1:1 AMD64 3000+ Winnie [CBBHD 0449 MPM] Interleave Enabled One thing that I've noticed is that these chips don't like high voltages. I get less stable when I go up to 2.83-2.9V. I was running 280x9 at only 2.6V with 2.5-4-3-6 1T timings, 1:1.... So I don't know if that's the same thing you guys experienced, but you may want to give it a shot.
  10. I'm having a problem with my rig, and I haven't narrowed it quite down yet, but I think one of the culprits is my RAM. I have PDP w/ XBL, so it's dual channel, but lets say that only one of the sticks is the problem. Do you only return that one stick? Or return both of them since if you want to run dual channel they are supposed to come from the same batch?
  11. 310P Final for me, helps out my PDP w/ XBL...a lot of the newer BIOS, as you said, definately helps out the TCCD chips...got mine to run 300x9, but stable at 290x9 [can't figure out how to hit 300 stable yet...]
  12. Where are you located Rogue? If you're in AZ, you can try it in my rig... I got an X800XL as well, so it's not like it will be that big of a difference :nod:
  13. I also use the XP-90, and at 2.7 w/ 1.55V I'm only at 33C idle. It's a great HS, but as they've all said before, it not really necessary because it won't give you a large enough drop to get you higher speeds. And btw, you can get a chip too cold, if you get a winchester. They hate the cold
  14. So last night I shut my computer off because I felt like sleeping without a million blue LED's shining back at me, and everything was working fine. I woke up in the morning and when I tried to boot up, every time I'd get past the XP boot up screen, it would blue screen and reboot. It was so fast that it took me a couple times to catch what the error was, and eventually I realized it was the "Physical dump of memory" that you get when you try an OC too high w/ ClockGen. So even though my OC has been stable for a while now, I brought it back down to something that I knew was stable, but same thing. Eventually I got upset and just loaded optimized defaults, all to no avail. Then a couple times I started getting another error: "Cannot find / load WINSRV. Please re-install this file to fix this problem." And I got the error code c0000135, I think it was. Did my HD just suddenly corrupt overnight or something? I can still get into XP w/ safe mode enabled, and I've ran system restore to try and fix it, but no go. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :confused: :confused:
  15. So wait, CPUZ, let me get this straight... The chipset temps are rated to go all the way to 110C? I thought the PWMIC was rated to go that high, and the chipset wasn't supposed to even go to like 60C? Hmm...maybe I was just confused?
  16. I agree, awesome RAM. I, as well, have bought this RAM. Here's what mine is run at 24/7: That's at only 2.6V :nod: I've taken it all the way to 300MHz w/ 2.5-4-4-8 1T timings at 2.8V. Could probably do it at 2.7 though. Great choice!
  17. I can hit 300x9 as well [i actually just hit it 2 days ago, you can check this section of the forum for my post :nod: ], it's just not that stable as compared to lower clocks. Plus my memory has to loosen up a lot to get up that high. Currently running at 280x9 @ 1.45V with the RAM running at 2.5-4-3-6 1T @ 280MHz 2.6V. That seems to be this chip's sweet spot. I don't really care if it doesn't like higher clocks, at least its not at 1.8GHz and at least its not the computer I just came from [a P3 550MHz w/ PC100 RAM!!! :shake: ] Yay for overclocking
  18. Congrats :nod: Give it two months and you'll end up being one of the people on here being like "psh, 250x10, that was SO two months ago...n00b!" Lol :shake:
  19. Question 1: Panaflo fans are GREAT. Good price / performance ratio and are some of the quietest fans in their class. The 92MM I have running on my XP-90 is 48CFM @ 30dBA for full RPM. They make from 80MM -> 120MM, pushing all the way up to like 114.7CFM at 45.5dBA for their ultra high speed 120MM. Question 2: You could try using SpeedFan, but usually its best to just get a fan controller. The Vantec Nexus is a popular choice by many for fan controllers. I know FrozenCpu has em, but I'm sure a lot of other places do too.
  20. Ok guys, here are some pics for you. I'll put them in some kind of order... First, here is the picture of the drive cage, where you can see 2 of the 3 zip ties that I put on the fan, and how perfectly it fits under my 2 Hitachi 160GB SATA drives Next, here's a side view to show where the fan is blowing, at what angle, and where I plugged it in. If you check at the bottom of the case, you can see the fan's wire running to "FAN5" header on the mobo right beneath the bottom PCI slot. Another side view, showing a little more of the fan and also the front 120MM that the 92MM takes most of its air from to push harder towards the chipset / GPU. And finally, me pointing to the two main ties that I have keeping the fan steady, with the other black twisty tie in the bottom left of the fan [kind of hard to see], with just enough clearance under the hard drives. If you want the specifics onto which holes I put the ties through, let me know and I'll count what number they are or something :nod: Any other questions or more picture requests, feel free to ask... I'll take any excuse I get to open up the window panel and tinker
  21. Also any BIOS version after 3/10 has resolved a lot of problems people were having w/ TCCD and their DFI boards. Try flashing to one of those. I have Patriot TCCD and I'm using version 3/10P. Works fine for me.
  22. As many of you have seen, there's quite a few posts involving people concerned about their chipset temperatures. I was one of them, as my chipset idled at 46C and hit 51C on load. This was the hottest thing in my rig, as my CPU was 31/40C, PWMIC was a little higher than that, and my HD's were never above 40C. My graphics card obviously got hotter, but that's an exception. So after pondering on how to fix the problem without having to take the fan off and re-apply AS5, I remembered that I got a fan included in my retail package of my XP-90. So, I took the fan and put it to good use... I have a Thermaltake Tsunami case, with 2 HD's in the top two slots of my drive cage. The 92mm fan that I had laying around from Thermalright happened to slip perfectly in the open spot beneath the HD's [about the same clearance as the chipset & the graphics card]. I angled it toward the chipset, used some twistys and zip ties to keep it steady, and booted up the machine. My chipset is now idling at 42C and loads at 46C. I also have an intake 120MM that came w/ the case that's in front of the drive cage, so the new 92MM fan is kind of accelerating the air that that one is bringing in. Yeah I know, it's ghetto, but hey, whatever works. The ghetto mods are the best ones anyways :nod: If anybody wants pics to see what I'm talking about, let me know.
  23. @flexkill: TY :nod: @shaolin: thanks man, I appreciate the hint. I'm at work right now, but I'll try that as soon as I get home. So your RAM likes tRAS at 10? I may have to try that, as well. I figured 6 was good for my daily settings because it was a lower number, but now that I read the post you put up for tRAS I may just change it... Btw, that's an awesome chip to hit 274x10 on stock HSF! I'm jealous
  24. I just wanted to thank all of you guys in these forums that have helped me learned an INCREDIBLE amount of information about OC'ing and the great quality of DFI boards. So without further ado, I can now finally say that I've hit 300x9!! CPU-Z Verified ID: 10694 It's not quite stable, but I think its my RAM holding me back. Here's the specs that I had running: AMD64 3000+ Winnie - 2.7GHz [300*9] 1.58V Patriot PC3200 w/ XBL - 2.5-4-4-8 1T @ 300MHz 2.8V I think if I set a divider, I might be able to push the CPU a little higher, because I haven't even really hit high voltage on the chip yet. Plus I just read that article that someone posted about tRAS values, so maybe I'll change mine up to the recommended value [CAS + tRCD + 2]. Anybody has any advice or other ideas that might help me get a little more out of this chip, it'd be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP GUYS!! :nod: :nod: :nod: :shake: :shake: :shake: :nod: :nod: :nod: ===EDIT=== I had to bring it back down, because it wasn't quite stable, so now I'm running at 280x9 w/ 1.45V and the RAM is back down to 2.5-4-3-6 1T @ 280MHz 2.73V
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