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  1. Dude, that spreadsheet is turning out dope...keep working on it! It will be a never-ending work in progress, and eventually we can look back and be like "remember the days of a 200x9 chip?"
  2. Heh, check through XS, they have plenty of threads where people are talking about it...
  3. Do you have a host you could upload it to? If you do, put it up there and post it in a link, maybe one of the mods can make it a sticky...
  4. The PWMIC is rated to go all the way to 120C, it has to do with the MOSFET's sending information to the CPU and the RAM...so you shouldn't have anything to worry about those, they are meant to get insanely hot.
  5. Formulas....graphs....colorful titles and headings... :drool:
  6. Lol, touche....let's do this again sometime, completely hijack someone's thread, lol.
  7. I'm going to go curl up in my sock drawer and cry for days now... Wait, who am I kidding, I don't even have a sock drawer. And I don't have internet in there either... EFF THAT.
  8. No problem, good luck on your build
  9. Ok fine, so there was one or two screws involved, but I could use those almost all the way with my fingers cuz it went in so easily...still had to use a screwdriver just for my own consolation... Happy now!? You pegged me as a liar
  10. The chipset's on these new boards are starting to become notorious for running hot. Speedfan and I think even SmartGuardian have it set that >50C will go red, as a warning temperature. A lot of people have their temps running around there, but there's ways to cool it down. One way is to pull the fan and put AS5 on there instead of the thermal pad that's on there, but that can be risky because you can break the pins used to mount it. Another way is to just replace the chipset cooler altogether, but that can be difficult because of its proximity to the main PCIe slot. A third thing possible, which is what I did, is just mount a fan right in front of it. Refer to this thread: Here . That is my setup in my case, and it dropped my chipset temp from 47/52C idle/load, to 41/46C idle/load. Also, make sure that in the BIOS, you have it set for that fan to turn full on anywhere in between 25-35C. I have it set like that on mine, so immediately upon turning on the PC, it's already running at full RPM. Not that loud either, so it's not a big deal.
  11. Yeah, definately man, I'd love to see some of those graphs that you've made. Nice to see there's more than a couple organized people on the OC scene, lol. Plus, if we get enough of them, maybe we could make a sticky of them...I say post whatever you want and we'll sift through them [or just PM me with them and I'll sift through them to see them]. Thanks again dude!
  12. Yeah, my case is completely toolless, which was a BREEZE for installation...it's also all aluminum, so it was only 12.4lbs, which was EXTREMELY light. Makes moving my case or taking it anywhere very easy. I completely agree with that case comment. TCCD is good for the high FSB, but since he's kind of just starting to OC, I don't know how high he would be taking his OC, so that's why I said it would be ok to get some BH-5 like that...keep the low multiplier on the processer, keep the FSB moderately high but tight timings... should be good for a first rig.
  13. I use mine for OC'ing and gaming...definately those are top priority. Dip into photoshop occasionally, or put a movie through it so I can still watch on TV w/ my video card, but use my PC's 5.1 surround :nod:
  14. Everything there seems pretty good for your mid-range system. The only thing I would change would be the PSU....go for the PowerStream instead of the ModStream, if that's at all an option. Also, I would also say go for the 1GB of ram [512x2], 2GB is too much, and 512 can sometimes be not enough. If not, good luck, welcome, and enjoy your new rig!
  15. LOL poor guy...all he tried to do is help, and he got more flak then if he was a total n00b...ah well, I still give you props for trying!
  16. Good job on the research! And good job on spending time around here first, now you definately know what you're getting into :nod: AWESOME choice on the memory...cheap TCCD, but it clocks like a mofo. I can get mine to 300FSB 1:1....I only run it at 289 though, timings of 2.5-4-3-6 1T at 2.7V. I could take it to 280 with only 2.6V. Sweetness Post some pics of your rig when you're done, and good luck!
  17. lol I'm at 1.4 @ 110%, I just felt like joining the cool crowd and giving him a hard time too... although it would be nice to have an XLS so I could print it out here at work...
  18. I've never heard it put better...that brings a tear to my eye...
  19. Well, if I had 3g to build a box, here's what I'd throw in there: Mobo - DFI LanParty SLI-DR [just for the sake of having the best] CPU - AMD64 FX-57 [whee] RAM - 1GB [512x2] OCZ VX 4000 GFX - ATI X850XT PE HSF - Thermalright XP-90 w/ Panaflo Ultra High 92MM PSU - PC P&C 510 [insert model #] DVD - NEC-3520A [yes, I know there's faster, but effin DVD-DL is $30 for 3 discs....] I don't know how much that is, lets see... chip is probably $1100, RAM is around $260, GFX is $750, HSF is $50, mobo is around $200, PSU is around $250, burner is around $70....that comes out to $2680. That gives you some leniency on certain things, like if one part is more expensive, or you want to get a few more things. Yeah, that's just a rough sketch, I didn't really do any price searching, so don't quote me. Any more questions, I'd be more than happy to help :nod: Oh, and also to keep your case dust free... you can buy cheap little fan filters that you can put on your case to keep the dust out. They are actually pretty effective [i have a couple in my case], but they can restrict airflow, so make sure you have everything set up where enough air will circulate.
  20. Damn, what do you do for a living? Heh... Well the GSkill LE is better RAM, usually clocks higher and keeps a little bit better timings, but pretty much any GSkill is good [cripes, even their value ram is good]. Just as long as you don't get Corsair RAM, they are having LOADS of trouble with the DFI boards, but DFI is working to resolve that. To be honest with you, if you don't game too much, you don't need SLi, heh. That's kind of a waste of money, you could get that ATi card that a couple of us mentioned for a couple hundred bucks less and still get phenomenal performance for when you want to game. Out of the three power supplies you mentioned, I personally would go with the OCZ. Their Powerstream's are rock solid on the rails, not to mention changable [you can adjust the power running through each one]. OCZ and PC P&C are the two best companies for PSU's, in my opinion. Other than that, that sounds like a pretty sweet rig. Got a case picked out yet? Fans / controllers? Cooling system? Anything else we can help you bring up to $3000? :nod:
  21. Jesus christ... 3 grand :drool: Well here's what I would pick: PSU - OCZ PowerStream 600W or PC Power & Cooling 510 [pick a version] RAM - GSkill LE 1GB [512x2] or OCZ VX 4000 GFX - X850XT PE, or if you want SLi, 6800GT/Ultra x2 Sound Card - Audigy 2 ZS is pretty standard, top quality = Audigy 4 HD's - Anything Hitachi, AWESOME drives, extremely quiet DVD - NEC-3520A burner, best out there Did I forget anything? Forgive me if I did, I'm so jealous I can't think straight :nod:
  22. Geez, tough crowd... Nice spreadsheet Demon, definately helpful. But yeah, no 300? And no 1.375 vCore? Come on! What are you thinking? :nod:
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