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  1. Holy crap vista, your room is freezing...mine is usually around 78-80F.
  2. What stepping is the CPU? It could quite possibly be the mem controller...although that does seem a little low for it to crap out on.
  3. 414-1 and 414-3 are the newest ones that are leaning towards help with TCCD... I use the 3/10p BIOS, which also helps w/ TCCD...AFAIK, those are the two best you can use for that kind of memory. Try flashing to those to see if it helps...
  4. Check this site out...widely considered to be the "Holy Grail of RAM" http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=320351 I've printed it out and read it many times, interesting & informative read.
  5. Haha, nice, I started a revolution... I'm the one who posted that fan on the chipset mod...ghetto, yet effective...drops my temps by 7C on both idle + load
  6. For you guys running >2.8V on your PDP...active cooling? If so, how are you doing it? I'm tempted to try one more time to push some power through these guys to see if I can get em stable higher, especially with what a few of you have shown for timings and speeds @ 2.9V. From what I've tried so far, mine still don't like anything higher than 2.7V :
  7. I'd flash the 3/10 as well.. I did it immediately following my setup on my rig, helped my TCCD work wonders. I'm using 3/10p, but I've heard that 4/14-1 and 4/14-3 are pretty good for TCCD as well [have the newer Memtest in them too, 3/10 has 1.51, 4/14 has 1.55]
  8. Yeah, I bought the PDP's and I'm extremely happy with em...only cost me $220 when I bought, instead of like $275 for the OCZ at the time... Can take mine all the way to DDR600 at 2.5-4-3-7 1T
  9. It's a pretty well known fact that Thermaltake lies about their fan specs...yes it may push that much air, but its nowhere NEAR that quiet. They take their readings of the dBA pretty far away, unlike other companies which take theirs closer and as such have a higher noise rating. They may be good fans, but they're not that quiet.
  10. I use the Panaflo 92mm M1A, 30dBA @ 48CFM... 31C/40C idle/load. Of course, if you want ultimate cooling, get a rheobus and buy the Tornado...ridiculously loud, but only crank it when you need it unless you can withstand the noise. Anything <48CFM is generally not good for the XP-90 if you're doing moderate-to-high OC'ing. Cheers.
  11. The NF4's are becoming notorious for running hot on these boards...there's a few easy ways to cool them down though. Check out my thread http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...t=Fixed+chipset, that's how I fixed mine. 60C is hot, I'd recommend a little lower if at all possible, but it can still run that way.
  12. NeoPower doesn't go low on the 12V, but it reads low on it in software programs. Mine constantly varies with programs, but the actual voltage is always above 12V. With Everest, it shows as low as 11.53V, and BIOS shows 11.96...still a rock solid PSU though. I really like it, I'd either choose that or the PowerStream, wouldn't get the ModStream.
  13. Try manually setting the LDT lower? Like to 4x or even 3x? Instead of the auto setting that's on there...
  14. I'd say the Patriot, just cuz I'm a proud owner, but I'd recommend the OCZ too because a.) They OC pretty well, b.) they're popular, so you can find plenty of people to ask questions to, and c.) their support rocks, they have people in quite a few forums [bleedin edge, DFI street, xtreme systems].... So yeah, Patriot or OCZ...
  15. Damn...that's so old school, lol Props to them for sticking around in the game for so long.
  16. Thanks for following up...I'll probably get it now
  17. Was thinking about getting the Rev.2 for my X800XL....but it's already so close to the chipset fan, didn't know if the after market cooler would go. Any ideas / pics? Thanks in advance
  18. No, the Silencer 5 rev. 2 is the one that's supposed to be used for the XL...I almost bought that one [the 4] until I realized it didn't fit... Maybe with some good modding skills you could make it fit, but not normally... Do the Artic Silencer's even fit on the new NF4 boards w/ the chipset being so close to the card?
  19. Try checking out this thread... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9499 Hope this can help
  20. Chennhui, I've found the same thing to be true with my PDP XBL... I had mine stable at 2.6V @ 280MHz, but then I couldn't go any higher with that voltage, had to up it to 2.7V to hit 289x9...but still, works like a charm, if I take it any higher I get all sorts of crashes. Love this ram though
  21. XP-90, no doubt. I use it, keeps my 3000+ Winnie OC'd from 1.8 -> 2.6, for 24/7 use, at 31C/40C idle & load...the fan I chose for it was the Panaflo 92mm M1A. 48CFM w/ only 30dBA. Can't hear it over the other fans and components in my case. Bought it from Jab-tech [the retail version], with the fan and a tube of AS5, all for $48 shipped. I've hardly heard, if ever, a complaint about that HSF. As far as I'm concerned, its the best air cooling you can buy...
  22. Max OC: 3000+ 0449 CBBHD (9x300) 1.58v (1.4 x 113%) vCore LDT = 1.2, chipset = 1.6 [stock for both I think] Stable OC: (289x9) 1.5V (no sVid) vCore LDT = 1.2, chipset = 1.6 [stock for both I think] SAFROUT: 2400GHz, aye? Nice chip you got there...
  23. I agree with the Tsunami Dream... I have the silver edition. I only have maybe 1 or 2 complaints... The 2nd door [the plastic one] is kind of flimsy, but the heavy aluminum door makes up for it. The top USB / input thing sucks from the inside of the case because that component is so big, hard to tuck wires up top with that thing there. And of course, that stupid "THERMALTAKE cool all your life" BS. Other than that, I really enjoy that case. Stylish but not overdone, and still very functional.
  24. Why don't you just go for the XP-90? It's smaller, fits better / easier, you don't have to lose anything, and it has a smaller deadspot than the XP-120, so it can actually help cool better in some cases. Cheaper too
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