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  1. But that sounds weird, doesn't it? Like, say that phrase outloud....you always say "that's a whole nother story"....if you say that's a whole another story, that sounds grammatically incorrect, lol. Ah well, whatever. ====EDIT==== Jesus AG, that thing is a monster. Any problems with clearance w/ the chipset fan on NF4?
  2. There's two buttons on the motherboard, bottom right [if the mobo is facing the way it would if mounted in the case]. One is reset, one is power.
  3. OMG I've been wanting to get me a pair of BH-5....tired of playing with this TCCD, lol. I choose 484.
  4. Great job man...gotta love laser printers, I used my work to print out the whole thing Gives me something to read when I don't feel like listening in physics class :
  5. CBBHD 0449 MPM... can hit 300x9 with 1.58V, can't get it stable yet [haven't figured it out]. Run 24/7 289x9 @ 1.5V. Hand picked this chip
  6. Lol, same thing I said on EOCF... it's a memory controller thing, not something you can change. Only by buying a new chip
  7. Wow that looks cool... I may have to try that...I got a couple stock heatsinks from processors laying around [ghetto rigged one to cool my RAM, but that's a whole nother story...] Thanks for that! Btw, is "nother" a word? I couldn't think of how to type whatever the word you use in that context....
  8. What the crap, that is by far the weirdest thing I've ever seen happen...
  9. I wouldn't disable bank interleave....big performance hit. I'd rather run it on a divider with it enabled that no divider with it disabled. Besides, dividers don't really hurt A64's.
  10. Yeap, the PCIe frequencies don't need to be touched, and neither to LDT or chipset. They are fine the way they are. Startup has nothing to do once you're OC'ing, that's what your special VID is for. The startup value goes back to a problem from the XP days when OC'd chips needed a boost of voltages to sort of "kick start" the chip, then the regular VID would take over. It's just the amount of voltage that runs through your chip when you start the comp to get it up and going. I left mine at auto, as well as LDT/chipset/PCIe, and just adjusted the CPU VID and special VID. Works mighty fine for me.
  11. Next upgrade for my rig = Stacker + WCing...probably in a couple months. Or maybe sooner depending on the results of that DDen kit Thanks for all the great pictures guys, really convinced me that that's the case I want to get. Too bad the price is a real kick in the junk.
  12. So I'm guessing its 200x11...so if you want to take it to 2.8, thats gonna be like 255x11, which is the perfect sweet spot for BH-5... as long as you can get a good kit that will hit that [OCZ VX 4000], that system will FLY.
  13. What's the highest multi on that chip? If it's got something decently high, then that's the best way to take advantage of BH-5 or UTT. For instance, if you have a high multiplier, you can keep the FSB around 250-ish and still achieve a high overclock, and 250 is usually the sweet spot for BH-5 and the like. If you plan on dropping the multiplier though, then TCCD would be the way to go because then you can keep the high FSB without worrying about the multiplier. As far as BH-5 goes, the new GSkill BH-5 is good, of course OCZ VX [i think CH-5], and the new Mushkin Redlines that just got released are VERY impressive...TCCD, well GSkill yet again [anything LE], PDP w/ XBL [i like this RAM, it plays nice ], or OCZ Rev 2. Also, that's a good price for that TMSP, I'd recommend picking it up just because you can
  14. Happened to me too, couple days ago. Used to run 289x9 for ever, throw any stability you want at it and it'd laugh in it's face. Cold boot it one morning when I wake up, won't go past the windows logo. Had to revert to stock and now that's what I'm running at [iCKY] because I haven't had the time to eff with it. Tempermental board? Or ram/cpu? Who knows...
  15. WTH did it die already? I just joined and was denied...nobody there :
  16. I guess 826... hope this works, if not, thanks anyways AG and DFI! Oh yeah, and don't you go changing the number either :nod:
  17. Don't be discouraged...since this is a support forum, and not a praise forum, pretty much every post you'll see is a complaint...but what you don't see is the hundreds of thousdands of satisfied customers [like myself] that say how great the product is. Trust me, you've made a good choice
  18. @danny5: Yeah, I hand picked my stepping on this chip... got lucky As far as my ram, I know, me neither... a lot of people who have this XBL have found that though, I've talked to quiet a few of them. Some of the chips LOVE 2.9V [which is high for TCCD], and the other half like 2.6, 2.7V max. @gdogg: I'm using BBA X800XL, so there's no extra power connectors.
  19. I would say either the Tagan or the OCZ, but I'd rather get the PowerStream than the ModStream anyday...
  20. My ram is like that too [XBL w/ TCCD]...it hates higher voltages. The higher voltage I push through it, the more unstable it gets. I hit 300FSB on it with only 2.7V, and I've seen people hit it with stock of 2.6V. Weird how that works Good overclock too!
  21. Modular PSU's aren't what people think...I have a NeoPower, and I still ended up plugging in all the cables, so there's still a million things plugged in that aren't easy to route. The only way you're going to get easy, good wire management, is to get a modular PSU and don't plug any crap in Your rig looks pretty cool, but I would say go for the VX4000 instead of the TCCD chips...divider's on A64's have shown not to hurt performance because of the on-die memory controller, so if you can run around 250-260FSB with some 2-2-2-5...I think that would smoke the TCCD with higher FSB and looser timings. Plus, your board can handle that kind of voltage like its nothing, so go for that! Enjoy your rig
  22. Neal Stephenson - Cryptonomicon JRR Tolkien - [anything] Clive Cussler - [anything, favorite author] Tom Clancy - Net Force [series] Read a ridiculous amount of theoretical physics books..."The Holographic Universe" is one of my favorites. Also have tons of books on WWII, the only history subject that catches my interest. 2600 isn't that bad of a mag too, I catch up on that one too. I don't think there's ever a time where I don't have at least 2 books I'm reading Between all that, and being on the forums 24/7, I give it maybe another 2 years before my eyes decide to just melt out of my skull.
  23. Logitech Elite keyboard, MX700 wireless mouse that I got for 14 bucks when I scammed my manager at my work
  24. Damn, I live in AZ, so we get temps of like 120F...ridiculous. I don't care how hard your AC is blowing, it still gets like 80F in the rooms with temps like that outside, lol. Effin Arizona, I'm from San Diego, so I still love going back to visit
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