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  1. Nice VX man, but that's a really high vCore for 24/7? That's weird, I can hit 2.6GHz with only 1.5V on my 0449MPM...maybe cuz yours is a 3200, I got 3000.
  2. Prior? Or after? I see it in my 3/10p...but then again, I don't have a Venice / SD.
  3. I'm not quite sure there is a such thing called "cheap TCCD", heh. Not like how Value VX is, there's not really a Value TCCD. The average going rate for cheap TCCD is ~$200 USD.
  4. Sushi is my favorite general thing to eat [OMG, I'm friends with a sushi chef, he makes this one roll for me: eel, avocado, crab, celery, eel sauce, spicy red sauce, and shrimp tempura...:dies:] But I'm Arabic and Italian, so there's not much that ISN'T good between those two cuisines
  5. Waldo, did you try the -3? I've been told that the -3 version is a little more forgiving than -1 because it's more of a generic BIOS not geared towards TCCD or BH-5, but actually a little of both. So, knowledge of timings and whatnot doesn't have to be as accurate [not that I'm saying you're not knowledgable]. I'm thinking of trying it just because 3/10p is starting to give me trouble.
  6. I know you said you weren't OC'ing, but I think you and I both know that that's going to change as soon as you get a good rig up and going, lol. Another TCCD I may point out is the OCZ Rev. 2 TCCD...I was talking to someone today that hit 300MHz at 2.5-3-3-6 with only 2.6-7V!! That's very good...may want to look into those too.
  7. Anybody hit up that new beta BIOS? The 510-1 or 510-3 has apparantly had a lot of mixed reviews, some raving about how great it was and others saying it made things worse. I was wondering if any fellow XBL owners were helped / hurt by this? I'm still running 310p and am starting to hit instability, so I'm wondering if I should switch to see if it will help...
  8. TCCD is the kind of chip that's on the RAM...high FSB / loose timings. CPC = Command Per Clock, or easily referred to as 1T and 2T. If enabled, then it's 1T [which is better, lots higher bandwidth]. And, obviously, if disabled, it's 2T. Given that your ram is 3-3-3-8 at 200MHz, it's not TCCD. Most TCCD can do 2-2-2-5 at 200, so yours is probably just regular Crucial value ram. To fix that rounding error for mine, I've found that increasing the vDimm helped out a little. Sometimes slackening the timings can help too, but your timings are already pretty lose, so I wouldn't really touch those if you can help it.
  9. Holy crap, an 89F room... I would be effin dying. My room hits 80, and I'm like OMG IT'S SO HOT. I just moved into a new apartment down by my college, and the utilities bill hasn't kicked in yet, so I've had the AC cranked 24/7....room is at like 68F lol. Gotta love it.
  10. Runs like a charm at 2-2-2-5... when I first booted, it would show up as 2-3-2-5, but a quick change o' the bios, and voila...running as it should. These things OC like mad... I saw someone the other day hit 346MHz with this ram [3-4-4-10], thats ridiculous... I've taken mine to 300MHz at 2.5-4-3-10, but I can't figure out how to get it stable. It's very nice RAM, and I've been very pleased with it. Definately on my "recommend list" for TCCD
  11. :shake: at "un-tested tech". That's good stuff. So I guess this is another one of those "try it yourself" things. Arg, there's always at least one person who has to come in and ruin the rules [:cough: pershoot :cough:]... JK :nod:
  12. As long as it doesn't say P4+, that's a different connector.
  13. If no OC'ing and you want 2-2-2-5, get some TCCD...you can run low volts [don't have to worry about heat from MOSFETs / switching the jumpers] and they're generally the same price as BH-5 ram. GSkill LE's are great, of course any OCZ TCCD is great, [fanboy] the Patriot XBL's are great [/fanboy], and as Senor Demo said, the Ballistix is good too. JUST STAY AWAY FROM CORSAIR!
  14. I'm using the medium on my XP-90, and I can't hear beans...a lot of people get the high or ultra high though, because it's more performance for not that much more noise. What's the need for the x25mm? Why can't you have x38mm?
  15. Yes, mine is overclocked. Check what it's at in my sig...
  16. What the crap, you have 52 idle and you have WATER COOLING? Dude, you did something wrong, my Winchester doesn't even go over 40C [got it as low as 26C idle in a 70F room yesterday ] and I'm on air cooling...
  17. That Patriot is decent, but it isn't their TCCD chips. Those won't OC as high...if you're looking for value, then go with those, but if you want high FSB, get the Patriot w/ XBL...I've seen people take them all the way up to 350 with loose timings [check the database we have here on this forum]. Only problem with them is that there is no reps on any forums that I'm aware of. OCZ has reps everywhere, and VERY high quality RAM. Can never go wrong with a combination like that
  18. Is that true that BH/CH/UTT should be in slots 1 & 3? I have TCCD [XBL] so it doesn't really matter that much ATM, I was just wondering, in case I pick some up soon. Or if I somehow manage to win giveaway #3 :nod: :nudge nudge Andy:
  19. I don't know how well trusted that site is? They don't even have a single review on resellerratings...plus, I think anybody who has a link for "Overclocked CPU combos" for sale seems kinda shady :nod:
  20. Let me guess...a Thermaltake fan? If you take a look at any store that sells their fans, the majority of them say 21 dBA. Thermaltake LIES terribly about their fan ratings. Do yourself a favor, go pick up some Panaflo's. They have fantastic noise/performance ratios, even for higher CFM fans. My 92MM runs 48CFM at 30dBA, it's inaudible compared to the other fans in my case, especially because it's not always running full blast [XP-90 does it's job well ] www.sidewindercomputers.com is a good place to grab those.
  21. Man, as soon as I got my board, it took all of 5 minutes after my XP installed to flash to a new BIOS...lol. Try switching to the 3/10 or 3/10p BIOS, that one has had quite a bit of luck with lots of people. Is that RAM TCCD? If so, either the 3/10 or the 414-3 is grand. And yes, you should get a beefier PSU, regardless of whether your RAM works or not. You need a native 24-pin, MINIMUM OF 480W for this board. DFI no longer carries their warranty through if you cannot abide by those requirements.
  22. Yeap, no worries, mine does the same shizzle. Kind of annoying, having one more icon in your taskbar, lol.
  23. That looks like a loud sucka....lots of little fans [80mm?]. Awesome colors tho dude, GJ
  24. I agree, keep the yellow. Don't yell at DFI to stop the yellow. Yell at the manufacturers to START the yellow! Sweet rig man, very impressive and nice cable fu...you too jeremy.
  25. 1.) CPU - If you have the cash, get a San Diego. Very good OC'ers, with very little increase in voltages. 3700+ seems to be the preferred one, with the 4000+ falling close behind. If those are past your budget, then get a 3200+ Venice, as those have been the best OC'ers out of the Venice class. 2.) Video Card - For PCIe, I would recommend the X800XL...great budget card, and very good performance. If you're an nVidia guy, then a 6600GT or 6800NU is a good choice...I don't know if you can do it with the PCIe, but I know with the 6800NU AGP's, you could sometimes unlock the pipes + 1 vertex shader for a little higher performance. Someone correct me / fill me in if I'm wrong. 3.) HSF - Definately XP-90. XP-120 is a lot bigger, more expensive, and doesn't seem to be that much more of an improvement over the 90. Get the XP-90, some AS5, and a nice Panaflo fan [3 choices: 48CFM @ 30dBA, 56CFM @ 35dBA, or 68CFM @ 43dBA], it will treat you very nicely. At stock speeds, my 3000+ Winchester runs at 28C idle in a 78F room SVC actually has a sale on the XP-90 right now, you can get it for $24.99 with a $5 off coupon....search the forums, A_G posted it I think this morning.
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