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  1. Glad that this could be such a help to you people. Report back with what kind of results you guys get too, I'm curious
  2. The DFI chipsets are known for running hot. Running >40C is not a bad thing [obviously, cooler is always better], but it doesn't "drastically reduce your chipset's life". Something like 60C definately will though. At what speed do you have your chipset fan kick in at full? Set it at 50C and see if it makes a difference. For me, here's what I did: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9153 Worked for a lot of people.
  3. Is that first one supposed to say 0506FPBW? I haven't seen a 5 digit date stamp like that before...
  4. GJ with the cutting, very clean, but why 80mm? I take it you don't mind noise? 120mm is a lot quieter, pushes more air with less RPM. Would a fan that size fit there?
  5. Would it make a difference if the new BIOS you switched to used the same RAM tables? Ex: 3/10P and then the new 5/10-3, as they both use the same configs. Was thinking about going up to the new BIOS, but I also have "recipes" saved, so I've also been wondering this myself...
  6. No, it's not necessary, but as with all OC'ing [regardless of if it's 24/7 or not], it will decrease the lifespan of your components. How much is dependent on what kind of OC you run, and how well the components are treated [iE physically handled and/or kept cool and clean]. I run a 24/7 OC of 289x9 with 1.5V on my Winchester, and the only problems that I usually get are user error It's definately possible to run a comp OC'd 24/7, but the only thing that I would worry about with that kind of setup is the VX / Redline RAM. Running that kind of voltage 24/7 can be pretty heavy on the RAM and on the board. They're meant to take the beating, but running it sustained like that can cause problems eventually. Make sure that you put a decent 80MM or larger fan on the RAM, as well as a fan of that size or larger on the MOSFET area, because those suckers will get HOT with that kind of voltage running through it. It's a good idea to cool the MOSFETs, but it's a NECESSITY to actively cool the RAM when running that high voltage. And on a side note, heatspreaders may look pretty, but that's pretty much all they're good for, so don't be fooled by thinking those are enough Another thing that makes a difference is airflow in the case. Which case were you considering? You could have the highest powered fans in the world, but if your airflow sucks [no pun intended], then your cooling is worthless. "Ideal" cooling flow is intake at the bottom/side and exhaust on the back/top. And, just to let you know, although I do run a 24/7 OC, I don't leave it on all the time for several reasons: 1.) All the lights keep me up at night and 2.) My rig easily raises my overall room temperature by a couple degrees F, and I love to sleep when it's freezing, so I usually turn it off unless I'm downloading something. Come on, too easy, what other questions you got? J/K, keep em coming if you want man.
  7. That case has become hugely popular in the modding community now [especially the WC'ing community]. Did you get it from the Egg? Good luck with your mod, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. Remember, exercise cable-fu!
  8. Think about this for a second...why would there be a massive amount of complaints about DFI/OCZ? Well: 1.) That means that OCZ is the memory of choice for people who are OC'ers and/or DFI fans. 2.) This is a support forum, not a praise forum, so pretty much everything that you see on here is a complaint or a request for help. My personal opinion is that the VX 4000 is probably the best RAM that you can get ATM [if *H-5 is your thing], along with the new Mushkin Redline series. I think you had a very good choice to begin with, so don't change it As far as the difference between the SLi and the Ultra-D, there's the ability to run SLi indefinately on the SLi board [obviously], and it has more SATA ports. Also, depending on which SLi model you get [-D, -DR], you also get Front-X and I believe also a LAN party carrying strap thing for your case. If you're careful, there's a way to mod the Ultra-D to use SLi. After that, you'd just have to find an SLi bridge from either a 3rd-party manufacturer or from a friend. Google it or search this forums for how to do that. With A64's, high CPU speeds are key. Due to the on-die memory controller, higher latencies can be had without much of a sacrifice of performance. If you get something like the VX4000 though, you can hit 250 2-2-2-5 right off the bat, so with a 3500 Venice, that is a great combination. The highest multi on the 3500 is x11 [correct me if I'm wrong], so you could drop the multi, kick up the FSB to 250, and be running your RAM 1:1 with your CPU at 250x10 for a nice 2.5GHz chip [granted that yours will be able to hit that]. The biggest reason to get something like VX is if you get a chip with higher multi's. Due to the fact that *H-5 / UTT doesn't always hit high FSB [that's usually a job for TCCD], you can use the higher multi to your benefit by having a lower FSB and running your RAM in sync [1:1]. Hope this helps, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your new rig. You sound like you're getting some quality components, and you've definately chosen a good company for your motherboard
  9. Yes, as high as you can get the clocks, push them. Because of the on-die memory controller on the chip, having dividers or running really loose timings doesn't really hurt it. If you want to run the lowest divider to test the limits of your chip, it may be a good thing to actually leave that way too, since you have value RAM. Post some results, so you can back up our truths
  10. The 3/16 RAM table is the way that the RAM settings were in the 3/16 version BIOS. I've used the 3/10P since I got this board, and the 5/10-3 is based off of that version, which is why I was asking if anybody has tried it. I wanted to stay with the familiar stuff, it was hard enough learning that the first time
  11. I think we someone should start a thread of all your clever puns, because everywhere I look that you've posted, you leave a little nugget of humor. It's great. And I'm being like 100% not sarcastic, they're so cheesy that I can't stop laughing lol.
  12. How are you in Genie Bios Settings and talking to us at the same time... IS THERE SOME OPTION I NEVER SAW? THAT'S AWESOME! J/K, yeah do what he said ^.
  13. :shake: How long did it take you to think of that one....brilliant.
  14. Gah, you can almost piece together a complete WC'ing system for the price of just that block, heh.
  15. That's what I had to do... it's relatively easy to see though, the print is pretty bold. Is there any particular revision that's better than the others?
  16. A_G has said it himself, he usually just recommends like Forton / OCZ / PC P&C cuz there have been issues with Antec and DFi on these forums. Luckily enough, I've been fine with mine, I know my rails are good, I'm just too lazy to go and buy a DMM to test them for exact numbers. Btw, what is it that makes BIOS/software readings so off? And why is it so hard to fix...
  17. There's a sticker underneath the lowest PCI slot, it will say what revision you have. By underneath, I don't mean underneath the motherboard completely [i was confused the first time someone told me this], but on the under-side of the slot. If you have the board laying flat, with the I/O facing away from you, it'd be on the left side of the last PCI slot. So, if it's in your case, it's facing the bottom of the case.
  18. Try doing this... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9153 Worked for me...
  19. It's all about CPU speed. Dividers don't hurt AMD64's because of the on-die memory controller, it's only a negligible amount that it's reduced by. The biggest thing that reduces performance is taking your RAM to 2T. Avoid that at all costs... CPU Speed > RAM freq. on AMD64's.
  20. Lol...include the "deletion"....since when is murder a technology-based act? :nod:
  21. Yah, I'll post pictures when I get home tonight, or maybe tomorrow. [gotta go fix someone's computer after work tonight, bleh]
  22. I did mine in a kind of unconventional way... I bought a CCFL kit and it came with those little double-sided velcro things to mount the lights, but where I was putting them, they required no mounts. So I took 3 of them [maybe 3/4" x 3/4"] and put them on the side of my case right above my RAM, then I went out and bought a big strip of double sided velcro [maybe 1" high by 3" after I cut it], and stuck that to one side of the stock AMD HSF. Stuck the velcro to each other, then used one zip tie to angle the fan a little higher, as it wasn't hanging straight horizontally. Plus, it's a little added security. Now the fan lays perfectly horizontal right above my RAM slots, blowing down on both of them underneath my XP-90.
  23. Good lord this is going to turn out to be a disturbing thread... Stella Williamson (1923-1933) was a 75-year old spinster and recluse from Johnston, Pennsylvania who left a mysterious note behind when she died. The note said for authorities to check a trunk in the attic. In it, the preserved bodies of 5 newborn infants were found. It was assumed that the victims were her own illegitimate children from affairs she had during her younger days, but there has never been an explanation for these crimes. Jane Toppan (1880-1901) was a 26-year old nurse from Boston, Massachusetts who gave lethal injections of morphine to 31 hospital patients, and was suspected of having killed an additional 70 patients over the course of a two-decade career. When apprehended, she said she wanted to kill more people than anyone who has ever lived before, but could only provide details to solve 31 crimes. Her history of suicide attempts helped her win an insanity plea, and she was eventually confined to a state mental hospital for 40 years until she died in custody. I prefer Stella...
  24. Millerdude, what does your NeoPower show as in Windows or any monitoring program? I also have a NeoPower, and haven't tested with a DMM but my windows readings are always extremely low [anywhere from 11.53 -> 11.95]. I've heard a lot of problems happening with Antec PSU's and DFI boards, so maybe adding something else messed with the PSU?
  25. It's very good cooling, but it's very hard to run 24/7. You need a separate PSU most of the time to run the unit, and condensation is a big problem because you're cooling below ambient. You'd need to do a lot of insulation for it and it can be a real pain in the arse. Just get some good water cooling, it will save yourself a lot of trouble. If you've never done WC'ing before, then definately do that first, because it's kind of a logical progression. Air -> Water -> TEC. Get the experience first, then maybe later go to TEC.
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