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  1. Yeah, its recognized in the BIOS, it shows up in the Device Manager within the Computer Management section, but for some reason I can't get it to be recognized as another hard drive. I'm almost convinced that it has something to do w/ formatting, but christ this one is really stumping me. Come on DFI gurus, help me out! :nod:
  2. By the way, I checked the stats of the HD in the C: properties tab of "Hardware", and it says for that particular hard drive these stats: Disk: Disk 1 Type: Basic Status: Online Partition Style: Master Boot Record [MBR] Capacity: 157065 MB Unallocated Space: 157065 MB Reserved Space: 0 MB Any ideas?
  3. Ok, well I got the freakin burner to finally work, turns out that just 2 pins in the very corner weren't in all the way because the cable was being pulled too tight, so I just pushed it as hard as I could and now it works. As for the SATA, after I fixed the drive, windows wouldn't go passed "Verifying DMI pool" because I had the SATA on plugs 1 and 3, since I thought maybe plug 2 was bad because it wasn't recognizing my drive. I've put it back into plugs 1 and 2, and it boots back into windows, but it still doesn't recognize the drive. Do you think there is anything that has to do with formatting? When I installed XP Pro, it had me format the first drive and install on it, but it never asked me something about the second drive. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with that?