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  1. was going to do what shap did (SS) but was not on the DFI at the time!
  2. its not going to, in essence its looking for a DHCP server and there is not one there. goto network connections, click on the nic your trying to use the crossover with, goto properties. click on internet protocal (TCP/IP) goto properties. click the use the following IP address button for the DFI put for IP and for subnet for the laptop put for IP and for subnet, then put in for gateway and post back up!
  3. If you are using a crossover cable to connect two PC's without a router or some type of ICS set up your going to have to do some manual configuration of the IP address for you PC and your laptop. There is nothing assigning the IP, hence it does not know what to do!
  4. The evga program would not let me do it but you may have better luck
  5. I hate to tell you but it probably is your connection. Unless you are paying major cash, a 700k upload your getting from cable is not going to cut it for a game server. I am sitting about 250 feet from an RT for DSL and there is no way i can run a game server past 4-5 people, home internet connections just dont have the bandwidth
  6. When i installed my seagates i didnt have to do anything special to make SATA2 work. I put them in and checked in device manager and they said they were running at sata2
  7. got that ennermax, Very quiet and seems to have solid rails
  8. one more thing, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!! Make sure you use the correct screws when you put the thermalright cage onto the motherboard.
  9. XP 90 does not interfere with the PCIExpress slots. The cooler does hang over the ram slots but you can still use the slots unless you have some ungodly tall ram. Plus it give you the added benefit of having your cpu fan blow air over your ram
  10. Yeah i just went from 2x512 to 2x1gb mostly for BF2. Honestly for me its like not even playing the same game. COD2 also seems to like 2 gb.
  11. FYI on the maxtor issue I saw on another website that maxtor has released a firmware update today to fix the NF4 issue, however you have to email thier support to get it.
  12. ahh arlight, i was getting a litte messed up about that HTT ratio, thats a new one, the old barton didnt have that bumb the FSB to 250 and put the LTD ratio at 4 and should be good to go.
  13. Alright thanks for the info guys, guess ill do a bit of digging, first thing is first, getting my windows install of the slow butt maxtor and putting it on my sata drive and then setting up my SATAII Raid array.
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