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  1. I can. So finally got the files to extract from the CD by putting the Plextor SATA DVD drive on the nvidia controller then (with no overclock) during install, BSOD after the first reboot, that's with the Nvidia beta RAID drivers hopefully RC1 is friendlier, I give up for now
  2. from OCZTony at this thread over at XS your choice of the eXpert for TCCD was slightly questionable since I do not own TCCD I am sorry that I can't be of more help
  3. no luck getting the files copied and expanded with a Plextor SATA DVD drive you would think a new OS would have SATA drivers all set to go vista installer takes about 15 minutes to start up and then sits and "extracts" install files for hours........... so I need to go get an IDE drive and not use my raid array for vista install to go smoothly.........some upgrade
  4. many people (myself included) think full coverage blocks are a waste of money and flow just get the maze4 or MCW60
  5. check this out no need for bluetooth, you can just use your regular phone and doesn't mess with your phoneline
  6. try it both ways and see.......... a shroud is supposed to be a little better for the "dead spot" thing sealing the fans against the rad is just as important I use pipe wrap insulation tape from home depot
  7. try loading video on weather.com I use real alternative instead of real player so it could be the plugin....................
  8. there are a few sites that Opera will not load correctly it is however the snappiest browser out there, load times just feel faster and once get addicted to mouse gestures you just can't live without them
  9. is your machine stable? like 8 hours of memtest and prime95
  10. you'll probably kill the miny chiller..........
  11. just for $hits and giggles listen to exRoadie and try another PSU since you have a few lying around but first clear the CMOS (a couple of hours battery out) and use only one stick of ram in the far orange slot
  12. if no SLI then you can use the lower slot for the video card but I agree its a waste of $40
  13. @Hojoboba: probably won't make a difference but let us know as I am curious @Trebaruna: take it easy there, you came across a bit harsh, but good point on the 5V or 5VSB jumper
  14. get a $20 powered USB hub..............or use the drives external power source (if it has one) I have no experience with this problem as I do not have a USB drive that is not powered
  15. there is only one sensor for CPU, your monitoring program as mentioned above is mislabeled as long as the centre of the IHS is covered you should be fine a few millimeters here or there makes little difference why not use smartguardian to monitor temps or hack MBM5 as detailed in this thread
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