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  1. I also have the same problem. I have tried every subsequent BIOS without any luck. I don't know why 3/10 is the only one that sort of works for me. I would RMA mine but with a baby in the house I haven't had much time to remove the mobo.
  2. I have gotten mine as high as 240 but I think in my case it is limited by the CPU not the RAM. I have mine set on CPC enabled-2.5-4-7-4-7-14-5-3-2-5-3120-5. This is the initial recommended settings by RGone. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Tmod. I got my chip with Monday's mail service. Thanks for the quick response and follow through.
  4. LOL you are killing me here. You have the money to get a 3700+ and possibly an Ultra but can't get your hands on another PSU. Borrow one from a friend or take your rig to a shop. FYI: The 4 sec. delay for powering off is a BIOS setting. You can change that to instant which is handy when you have to turn your rig on and off constantly. Your last post made me wonder about your ATX power switch. Have you tried turning on your computer using the onboard switches instead of using your case switch. Again I would urge you to test your system with another PSU to eliminate it as the problem. It is probably best to work out the kinks in your system before you start slapping new hardware in it.
  5. I didn't know DFI BIOS had a boot order when looking for a video card. You know this for a fact or are you making an assumption? Just checked: The setting is indeed for init order as you said Drewski As to solutions, in my case it was to use the 310P BIOS. If it were the battery, it wouldn't matter what BIOS version I used. Additionally alkaline batteries last for years, losing only 1~3% at room temperature. That is why batteries are hardly ever the culprit for mobo failure. The monitor theory seems irrelevant since you can boot without a monitor. The BIOS only looks for CPU, RAM, Video card. The seating theory seems very unlikely as well. If it is not seated correctly, you would get errors all the time and not just when you start up after a period of time. If it is hitting the chipset fan thus preventing it from spinning, the computer would boot up then eventually fail due to overheating of the chipset. This is unlikely as well since the chipset HSF has a guard around the top. The only other theory I can come up with is your PSU has problems with cold starts. I had an Antec which had this issue. This was a well documented issue and I think it had something to with a cap or resistor in the PSU. If you have a multimeter you can check cold starts. Otherwise test it with another PSU and see if the problem persist. I wish I had an easy answer for you but it took me forever to figure out what worked for me. Good luck.
  6. My theory is that your boot problem may be a result of your BIOS settings not sticking. Therefore after you shutdown for the night it resets to defaults and when you start her up in the morning it is looking for a PCI video card instead of your PCIe card. That is why I suggested you check your BIOS settings after this happens to make sure they are correct. Hope this helps ...
  7. I had a similar issue but mine involved BIOS settings not sticking. Make sure your BIOS settings are correct after you reinstall you PCI GFX card. I believe the default is PCI for GFX in BIOS. IF this is your problem, try BIOS version 310P which seems to work for me. You mileage may vary with this one. GL!
  8. I am using an ATI Silencer 5 rev. 2 on a BBA X800XL and the clearance remains the same. The silencer does not extend below the card so clearance does not change. So far the chipset temps remains the same as before so I kinda doubt the silencer is affecting the low CFM chipset fan.
  9. I have a BBA ATI X800XL and it clears by 1-2 mm like MO says. Are you installing this in the case or outside? Outside of the case, the PCI slot tabs will extend below your mobo and cause your card to sit at an angle. This will cause it to hit the fan.
  10. I have been trying old BIOSes and for some reason 310P seems to be making everything work again. All the voltage options are making appropriate results. I guess this means it was weird BIOS issue and not hardware related. Who knows what will happen if I update the BIOS again but for now it seems to be working.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I was trying to draw as much as possible from the community during the weekend when the DFI offices were closed. I guess I am going to have to call DFI and do some sort of an RMA whether it be BIOS chip or mobo. By the way, how do you flash 3 times in a row without rebooting? The DFI awdflash has you pressing F1 after a flash and reboots automatically. I don't recall an option to flash again.
  12. Currently the voltages are stuck for vid control and chipset. No matter what I choose for vid startup, vid control, special control, or chipset voltage, they remain as it was. I can only change the LDT voltage and have it stick. This is extremely frustrating. Please help!
  13. Sorry Mod! I tried to edit my original thread to take out the [resolved] tag to cut down on duplicates but it didn't work so here is what I posted before. Here is the link to original thread. - Part 1 - I was fine tuning my BIOS settings when I noticed my vcore voltage was pegged @1.86V. I was confused since my settings are 1.40V with 123% which has always read as 1.67 in BIOS. I figured there was some BIOS issue, so I followed the official DFI way of clearing the CMOS. (pulled power, battery, cleared jumper for 60 secs, load opt. def., ...) Now none of the voltage controls are working. No matter what I set them to in BIOS, after I save and reboot, the BIOS remains at defaults. Please help! Things I have tried: Cleared CMOS Load optimized defaults Reflash BIOS - Part 2- Basically same as before. Here we are 4 days later and the same problem. I started up my computer this morning and nothing. Over and over it would give me random errors during bootup in Windows or simply restart before it got to windows. Stupid me didn't notice the voltage was not what I set it at until 15 mins into this process. (Hey it was friggin 6:30 what ya want!) So I did the same thing I did last time and pulled the power, battery, and cleared CMOS for 1.5 hours. It works now and I ain't shutting down this thing until I figure out what is going on. I can't be doing this all the time and waste 2 hours every time this happens. At this point I have no idea what is up with the BIOS. I am not sure if it is a faulty BIOS chip or corruption since this happened 4 days later. Please help! Thanks!
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